My Pet Human Got Kidnapped by a Wild Human

Description My roommate blamed me for playing a wild human documentaryRhett the Red Dragon Humans on this continent worship and believe in Dragons, and view the Dragons as Gods. For Dragons... 『I got my Human Cultivation Permit! I want to raise the cutest human being! 』 Humans are the most popular pets among the Dragons! … Continue reading My Pet Human Got Kidnapped by a Wild Human

MPHGK Chpater 40

The silver dragon took Alex and Rhett to his office. He packed up his own records first. When he opened the cabinet, those previously neatly arranged files were a mess. (Dragons used runestones for recording). 「Halla」, those stones fell and almost buried him. On the recording).「Halla」, the stones fell and almost buried him. A giant … Continue reading MPHGK Chpater 40

MPHGK Chapter 37.5 【Who is Sunny Sama?】

Dragon forums -> Novel Creations -> Recommendation and Discussions 【Discussion】 Any dragons want to talk about Author「My Tail Shining like the Sun」Sama? I thought he wrote entertaining novels for pet humans, and today my friend “Amway”(recommend) me the draconic version. Man... It’s magical. I can’t stop reading them. №.0☆☆☆==☆☆☆ Welcome a new dragon into da … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 37.5 【Who is Sunny Sama?】

MPHGK Chapter 35

【35】 Grieve was sitting alone on top of the carriage, imagining Slair surrounded by beauties in Forest city. Phile bird stepped on Grieve’s head as it got out of the birdhouse. Soon, Alex and Rhett came out of the carriage too. They were planning to catch some monsters in the forest as breakfast. 「Hello,human」Alex greeted … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 35

MPHGK Chapter 33

【33】 The “Book of Dragons” could always calm a soul. Grieve let out a long sigh of relief, shook off those strange thoughts, and picked up that broken blade. 「I had tried many times 」, he said, 「But none have been successful.」 「Oh, so that’s what you want to talk about.」 Slair rolled on the … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 33

MPHGK Chapter 32

After the Millist Empire annexed Klein and Abby, Robert quickly fawned on some noblemen. He successfully became the Lord of Klein’s old capital- Perle, the city of pearls. Henry became the Lord of the neighboring city, Gaim. Roberts had ambitions. He was not satisfied with his current position on the ladder. However, people here respected … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 32