MPHGK Chapter 33

【33】 The “Book of Dragons” could always calm a soul. Grieve let out a long sigh of relief, shook off those strange thoughts, and picked up that broken blade. 「I had tried many times 」, he said, 「But none have been successful.」 「Oh, so that’s what you want to talk about.」 Slair rolled on the … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 33

MPHGK Chapter 32

After the Millist Empire annexed Klein and Abby, Robert quickly fawned on some noblemen. He successfully became the Lord of Klein’s old capital- Perle, the city of pearls. Henry became the Lord of the neighboring city, Gaim. Roberts had ambitions. He was not satisfied with his current position on the ladder. However, people here respected … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 32

MPHGK Chapter 31

『Ahem,』His Majesty the Dragon Emperor walked over in his human form and patted Alex and Rhett on the shoulders, 『I have a few more words to say.』 He placed a runestone into Alex's hand. 『This is...』 『Since you will stay, you must not forget the existence of The Wild Human Protection Law. If you violate … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 31

MPGHK Chapter 30

Two dragons. David and Della were both surprised and happy. They invited the dragons into the house with trepidation. Although Grieve was mentally prepared, he still couldn't control his excitement. As for Jim, he had been petrified outside the door —— Just now! HE! Sit on two dragons (hidden barrels)! Both of them! 『Slair——』Rhett couldn't … Continue reading MPGHK Chapter 30

MPHGK Chapter 29

❤Happy Halloween! No ghost here, only love! ❤ Della and David stared at Miffy—the wig she was holding. 「Sister, is this human hair?」 「It is indeed human hair...」Della replied in horror,「Miffy, what have you done? Whose hair is this?」 David gathered up his courage and took the wig off Miffy:「Let’s hang it by the door … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 29

MPHGK Chapter 27.5

【Dragon Emperor Side Story】 Blood everywhere. Blood of soldiers. Cracked bows, shredded arrows, and broken bodies. Only one person was standing, and it was their leader, Vane. His chin-length brown hair was soaked in blood. He knelt on the wet ground, propped his body with a sword. 「WHY!」He yelled,「All you need to do is cast … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 27.5

MPHGK Chapter 27

The unidentified structure floating above Joru was Yig's mini base. As a common criminal, Yig knew the style of the patrol team well. Before he headed down, he had planned his way back. However, after he moved forward for a while, he found something is wrong with the patrol routes. They changed. At present, he … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 27

MPHGK Chapter 25

「Those two men,」Della recalled. 「They were dressed like decent people. They were tall and strong. They didn't carry any weapons or mounts. They were obviously foreigners, but they didn't even have a bag on them. One of them is blond, with light blue eyes, looks like the sky, and speaks with a weird accent. The … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 25