LMT Chapter 1

Shit, he actually slept with the stupid Lin Qi. Xu Yi woke up, feeling weight on his waist. Lin Qi slept next to him, laying on his side, and hugging him from behind, His hands on his waist under a quilt. Xu Yi gently took away Lin Qi's hand, making sure that he was not … Continue reading LMT Chapter 1

Large Milk Tea with No ice and Extra Sugar

This novel has MPREG and ABO elements. Top: Lin QiBottom:by: Xu Yi AO Love. A couple of childhood friends with 100% pheromone fit but disliked each other since they were kids and accidentally slept together. After a series of chaotic and funny stories, Xu Yi found himself pregnant. It contains: I envious myself, escape with … Continue reading Large Milk Tea with No ice and Extra Sugar