MPHGK Chapter 44

Alex found an old tree in the nearby forest and placed the carriage on a branch. His healing magic was not as good as the dragon doctors from the pet’s hospital, but it was good enough to treat Grieve’s and phile bird’s wounds. 「What happened?」 The loud noises woke Slair up. He forced himself to … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 44

MPHGK Chapter 43

The phile bird turned slightly sideways, and the light bomb shaved through its wings and missed the carriage. However, the phile bird’s wings were injured, and it could not maintain its balance. The light bomb quickly exploded in mid-air. Its flames were more gorgeous and fabulous than Grieve’s flame sword. In addition, Robert’s appearance looked … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 43

MPHGK Chapter 37.5 【Who is Sunny Sama?】

Dragon forums -> Novel Creations -> Recommendation and Discussions 【Discussion】 Any dragons want to talk about Author「My Tail Shining like the Sun」Sama? I thought he wrote entertaining novels for pet humans, and today my friend “Amway”(recommend) me the draconic version. Man... It’s magical. I can’t stop reading them. №.0☆☆☆==☆☆☆ Welcome a new dragon into da … Continue reading MPHGK Chapter 37.5 【Who is Sunny Sama?】