MPHGK Chapter 44

Alex found an old tree in the nearby forest and placed the carriage on a branch. His healing magic was not as good as the dragon doctors from the pet’s hospital, but it was good enough to treat Grieve’s and phile bird’s wounds.

「What happened?」 The loud noises woke Slair up. He forced himself to sit up, then he was surprised by Alex’s and Rhett’s return.

『Dad, Daddy!』

The two dragons noticed that Slair sounded weak. They crowded around him worriedly: 『Slair, our baby, what happened to you? Are you not feeling well?』

『I…』 Slair lowered his head and tried to change the subject.『Where’s Grieve?』

『He goes for a shower and should be back shortly.』

『Shower now? At this time of the day?』

Alex held Slair’s hands. He frowned and worried: 『Slair baby, What happened that day in the Forest City? What have you done?』

『Slair. What’s going on?』 Rhett held Slair in his arms and carefully touched his forehead 『Hey…I almost can’t feel any magic from you …』

『Must be a magic overdraft.』 Alex said,『That day, the golden arrow dissipated quickly, and the magical wave was fragile– Slair, that disintegration magic was from you, right? You are showing symptoms of the magic overdraft because you used dragonic magic that day!』

Slair nodded: 『I was so anxious about you, I was afraid that you would be taken away without a fair investigation… If they were convicted that you broke the rules, Slair would never see you again… Daddy, what will happen to me?』

『You need to get some rest. Everything will get better. The speed of your recovery is depended on whether you cooperate with the treatments.』 Alex flicked Slair’s forehead with a smile.


With the blue dragon’s assurance, Slair was finally happy. At this time, Grieve wiped his hair and walked in: 「Slair!」

Thanks to the blue dragon’s treatment, only a few scars were left on his chest and thighs, which were not covered by clothing. However, Slair noticed the slight difference from Grieve– something was wrong. Why was Grieve’s face looked a little paler than before?

Grieve did not give Slair time to think. He picked up the lotus seed that the phile bird brought back, sat on the head of the bed, took one out under Slair’s terrified gaze, and firmly handed it to Slair’s mouth:「I remember what you said. You told me the lotus seeds are rich in magic. Thus, I went to find a priest and asked for some. Grandpa priest was very kind and handed me a BIG bag of lotus seeds! Slair, you have to eat them all up!」

Alex picked up a lotus seed, looked at it, then nodded in agreement:「Yes, this is good. You can eat it.」

With the blue dragon’s approval, Rhett joined the feeding party. Slair tried to move back, but he was sitting on the bed with the wall behind him. There was no place for him to move back. The two dragons and a human fed the bitter lotus seeds into his mouth. The unpleasant bitterness continued to stack up. Slair felt that his tongue was like a crap thrown ashore, roasted by fire, then before its death, a sprinkle of water would bring it back to life, and then devastation continued. But those lotus seeds did help him gain back some strength. When he found out that he no longer had the struggle to move, he covered his mouth and hid under the quilt resolutely to protest:「HONEY! Without honey, I will never touch those things ever again!」

Grieve couldn’t help rubbing his head through the quilt: 「I will get it.」


Slowly, Slair poked half of his head out from the quilt. His green eyes examined Alex to his left and Rhett to his right. After confirming that neither dragon would continue the frenzied feeding behavior, he poked his whole head out and sighed relief.

『The flowers are beautiful, and the magic is rich. Why are the seeds taste bitter?』 Slair stuck out his tongue and said,『Seeds from other lotus varieties are far less bitter.』

『In fact, there are twin lotuses in our place—No, I should say the twin lotus here is a subspecies of the twin lotus raised by that green dragon.』 Alex said, 『It is a shame that we can’t go back as we pleased, or I will bring you some twin lotus seeds from our floating island. The twin lotuses on our island are this big!』

The blue dragon gestured the size of his fist.

『Do they taste bitter?』, Slair blinked.

『They should taste the same. 』 Rhett tried to recall the favor 『The seeds are larger in size… Richer in magic… Uh. Maybe it is not as bitter as the ones here.』

「 Honey is here!」 Grieve trotted to Slair with a jar in his hand. The scent of the honey saved Slair’s tormented tongue. However, what was waiting for him next was honey-dipped lotus seeds—– such a divided feeling as in fire and ice.

No matter what, after finished half a bag of the lotus seeds, Slair was able to sit down and eat with everyone. For some reason, he felt the atmosphere was unusually harmonious today. Although Alex and Rhett had accepted Grieve, they never liked the human who took the throne of 「Slair’s baby favorite」. They would always look at Grieve with envy, jealousy, and hatred, and sometimes they would act childishly by stealing Grieve’s favorite dishes. ( In terms of the dragons’ appetite, they were eating with humans purely out of family happiness, stealing dishes was totally unnecessary). But today, Rhett forked a piece of meat for Grieve. Even the way they looked at Grieve was pleased.

What the hell happened during his coma?


It’s night. Slair held his pillow and announced that he would sleep with his dragon daddies. The decision was welcomed by both the blue dragon and the red dragon with no objection from Grieve. He smiled as Slair was surrounded by two dragons who doted on him and silently returned to their, now his, room.

The bed was too big for only one person. Grieve tried his best to spread his hands and feet as far as possible, but he still couldn’t touch the edge of the bed.

After getting used to Slair lying by his side, suddenly, sleeping alone felt a little lonely.

On the other side, in the dragon’s room. Slair sat solemnly on the bed with a pillow in his arms and said: 『Dad, daddy, there are two things I need to tell you.』

『What are they?』 The blue dragon and the red dragon asked nervously.

『First thing is that I am in love. I fall in love with Grieve.』 Slair said.

He stared intently at the two dragons, especially Rhett, in case he would jump up and rush to kill Grieve. However, Alex and Rhett were silent for a while, looked at each other, and finally, they both nodded: 『That human is not awful.』

Today was indeed a magical day. Slair thought. He continued:『The second thing is, Grieve doesn’t love me, my love is lost.』

『WHAT?』 This time, Rhett exploded 『 He doesn’t like you? How could that be possible?!』

『I mean, he should be heterosexual… Daddy?』

『He is absolutely in love with you!』 Rhett shouted excitedly 『That guy jumped out of the carriage in mid-air and held a laser bomb in his arms just to protect you. He got shot by a hedgehog and then pulled the arrows from his body to hit back at the enemies. If it is not love, what is love?!!』

Slair tossed the pillow aside and rushed back to his and Grieve’s room. He finally understood why today was so strange. Grieve heard the noise and raised his head suspiciously, then he saw Slair leaped up the bed and pull off the quilt in one go. Then he rode on Grieve’s waist,「Hua-lah」, tore his pajamas off, and tremblingly stroked the scars on Grieve’s chest.


「Why didn’t you tell me?」 Slair hugged him fiercely,「Grieve, Grieve, GRIEVE!」

Grieve smiled and rubbed his head: 「Because I forgot all the pain when I saw you.」


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Tree Hollow After my camera bug got turned out, my friend, who is deeply in love with Slair, became obsessed with PS and video editing

I am not sure if they are a fan or anti-fan anymore.

Let me play a clip of the video… Does anyone remember the post with that god-level face art human? After my friend read that post, he stared at that page for over an hour, then he made this.


The other time, he watched a pet human art performance, link of the OG video here:[Link], the third show with a group of pretty human girls dancing in shiny clothes and waving ribbons. He lopped through that video several times, and then he made this:


Guys, is he a fan or anti-fan? I couldn’t tell anymore. Should I find a psychiatrist for him?

№.0 ☆☆☆I was Shocked☆☆☆

During the days, I lost Op’s Slair daily updates and waited for the legendary Slair image crystals. I licked every Slair picture erotically, and I won’t miss any post with the word “Slair” in the title. As I thought I had seen it all, I was shocked by Op’s friend.

MAD SKILL! That traceless PS!

But IT’S SO CREEPY!!!! How could cute Slair make such mocking expressions and that video with a group of Slair dancing… My heart can’t handle it…


I’m so scared I don’t know how to reply


Op, who is that friend of yours? I think that Alex and Rhett are about to hurt him.


Brother 3, don’t worry. Op’s friends should be safe temporarily since they won’t be online for at least one hundred years.


You guys are frightened by this level of creativity? HAHAHAHAHA. Let me educate you all with this:「Link」

Hardcore stuff insider, viewers are warned.


After watching what brother 5 linked… I feel my friend is normal… But.. They…

№.5☆☆☆I was Shocked☆☆☆


HELP!! Brother 5, give my dragon eyes back! My eyes could handle the lava but not the site Brother 5 link! TOO SPICY! IT’S TOO MUCH!


Bro 5, it is awful for you to put the link to a niche, dark and heavy fanzine up to hurt everyone’s eyes. I have reported to you, and hopefully, the golden jacket will take care of it soon.

№.8 ☆☆☆=O=☆☆☆

I know it’s shocking, but I can’t help my claw to click the link. I don’t want to poke my eyes, so I will poke bro 5’s. Brother 5 prepare to die!


I don’t dare to click the link, but I am very curious. What’s in that link? In fact, I think op’s post is quite interesting. I once PS a picture of Slair:[gif]


Hahaha, brother 10’s gif is so cute! Don’t try to fool me with the OG. Tiny, soft Slair biting on big dragon tails is so cute!!


Brother 10’s gif is so cute!! It has successfully soothed my heart hurt by Brother 5’s link! Do not click on brother 5’s link! It’s just too HARDCORE! I mean, even I, the most unscrupulous dragon, felt it is too much! I want to list a few to warn everyone, but it might also shock a few innocent dragons… Anyway, the images in that link are impossible to do irl, and could be considered a crime.


Can we report bro 5’s link? Bro 10’s gif CuTe!


I am glad you all enjoy it! I have more picture from the same series:[gif][gif][gif][gif][gif]


AhAhAh, so moe! My heart was soothed! I love brother 10 to death!


How come the golden jacket hasn’t deleted the floor yet?



Am I the only one who thought brother 10 was the one going to die? I didn’t notice it at first, but when I saw other gifs from the Brother 14… Did you find out that the 「Slair」 was interacting with the same GOLDEN dragon? I mean, it only shows the tail and the claw. But what other dragon would have


Wdym Brother 17? Do you mean the dragon in the gif was His Majesty? But His Majesty is way more immense than that. There are some pictures for comparison: [Picture] [Picture]

I overlay them: [Picture]. The two claws are marked with red and blue lines. The image has been zoomed via the human ratio, and the size of the claws was obviously different!


That’s because it was His Majesty from a long, long time ago… The one got photoshopped into Slair… That was the current Air Traffic Control Bureau Consultant, the current golden jacket “Feels Like Flying”… Do you have to make me say it out loud, you stupid dragons!


Wow! Brother 10’s technique is fantastic! How can he turn a baby dragon into a human?


Upstairs you, that’s not the point! I have seen the OG’s picture. The consultant has mastered human transfiguration during that time… I remembered His Majesty posted a post to show off. Let me look for it. Iirc, the consultant’s parents were looking for some alone time, and they picked His Majesty, who took care of many humans. They were sure that His Majesty could take care of a baby dragon. So they forced Mr.consultant to learn human transfiguration. It is relatively more straightforward for baby dragons to learn human transfiguration than adult dragons because the size comparison is not so exaggerated. Also, there was no need to maintain the human body’s weight. It can’t kill His Majesty anyway. Mr.consultant was brilliant and successfully transfigured. Then his moe appearance conquered the heart of His Majesty, the famous human chef…


Although it is theoretically more manageable for a baby dragon to learn human transfiguration than an adult dragon. But… But… It was more complex than it sounds. Mr. consultant really is a fantastic dragon!


Wait, if this is the truth… Brother 8 reported the post. How long will this post stay alive?


I found it! [Link]

Since it was a post over 300 yrs old, it was set to read-only. Inside there were many gifs posted by His Majesty. OMG, can’t believe Mr.Consultant’s human child form was so moe!


Then Brother 10 must be… HIS MAJESTY! Your Majesty says something. That’s you, right?



№.26☆☆☆Feels Like Flying☆☆☆

End of Chapter

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