MPHGK Chapter 43

The phile bird turned slightly sideways, and the light bomb shaved through its wings and missed the carriage. However, the phile bird’s wings were injured, and it could not maintain its balance. The light bomb quickly exploded in mid-air. Its flames were more gorgeous and fabulous than Grieve’s flame sword. In addition, Robert’s appearance looked just like Slair’s. They both had rare black hair and green eyes. Under the captain’s instructions, the soldiers picked up their weapons again and shot rains of arrows at the carriage.

The bomb was so powerful that Grieve couldn’t help but worry. Alex modified their carriage, and ordinary humans’ weapons could not damage it. Still, what Robert held was from the dragons, too. The carriage was made for daily uses only, and it might not be able to withstand a single hit. Not to mention Grieve would not let Slair, who could not protect himself, get hit by it.

Robert’s first attempt failed, so he increased the output. This time, dazzling light was emitted before the bomb was fired. When it flew towards the carriage, all the surrounding arrows were blown away by the wind it brought out. Phile bird was injured and couldn’t dodge the attack in time.

Grieve let out a roar, jumped off the carriage, held that light bomb tightly in his arms, and stabbed it wildly with the broken sword.

It had to explode here. As long as the bomb didn’t hit the carriage directly, maybe the explosion’s aftermath would help lift the carriage further up in the air and out of the shooting range. Grieve thought.


The blazing light bomb scalded his clothes and sizzled his body, but the expected explosion never happened. The light and heat on the bomb’s surface quickly exited, revealing its true face. It was a barrel-sharpened metal product with some lines engraved on it. It was emitting a beeping alarm:『WARNING! HUMAN DETECTED! WARNING! EXPLOSION STOPPED! WARNING! HUMAN DETECTED! WARNING! EXPLOSION STOPPED! DRAGONS! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS! DRAGONS! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS!』

Grieve did not understand draconic and had no clue what was going on. He felt the object fly up a distance with him then they began to fall. Robert was stunned, but the arrow rain continued. An arrow flew past Grieve’s face, leaving a trail of blood, and more arrows stabbed directly into his body. Under a strong sense of weightlessness, Grieve tried to adjust his position, sitting on the extinguished light bomb, and picked up his bow from behind.

There was not much time left. The arrows that pierced Grieve’s calves, chest, and arms became the ammo for his bow. He plucked them from his body, and each time, a stream of blood spewed out of his body. Grieve shot those bloody arrows toward Robert, his blue eyes shining violently with the falling wind.

「Protect Lord Slair!」 The captain shouted, and the warriors erected their shields and stood in front of Robert. However, Robert smiled, pushed them away, and walked out. Each of Grieve’s arrows hit Robert, but it was like shooting at a diamond, and they were useless. The soldiers chanted miracles, and Robert gave Grieve a sarcastic smile.

Grieve knew he was falling fast. Soon his life would end. Even the soldiers stopped shooting at him. Fortunately, the carriage was at a safe height. He had one last arrow. As he pulled the arrow out, he could feel his ribs’ soreness. In a brief moment, he could see everything clearly. He saw Robert’s tongue. He knew Robert used some weird secret magic, but he must have a weakness.

An arrow shot through Robert’s tongue and split it in half, and the arrowhead stuck deep in his throat. Even with such an injury, this 「Robert」 didn’t bleed, but he lost his voice. The surrounding soldiers looked at Robert with fear, adoration, and disbelief.

There was little time left. Grieve looked toward the carriage, then a blue and a red dragon came into his sight, and they flapped their wings and flew toward the carriage. Two giant dragons blocked the sun and cast two massive shadows on the ground. From the bottom of his heart, Grieve laughed.


Alex caught the carriage, then circled and roared in the air. Rhett swooped down, caught Grieve in the claw, then landed on the ground.

The red dragon picked up the toy laser gun next to Grieve, then threw it aside with a bang. Step by step, he walked forwards. Hearing the heavy footsteps, the soldiers dropped their weapons and armors– The dragons were here, and they were not on the same side.

Robert tried to run away without pulling that arrow out of his throat. However, Rhett did not give him a chance. The furious dragon slapped its claws fiercely and smashed the copper puppet into pieces.

Rhett never liked Grieve. But now, that wild human was lying in his claws covered in blood. The blood flowed out of the wounds and looked redder than his scales. The pyro dragon felt his heart twitch viciously.


「Ahhh- Ahh- Ahhhhhhhhh」

On the terrace, Robert, who was drinking, suddenly screamed, covered his head, fell off the gold chair, and rolled on the ground in pain. The maid shouted and ran out with her skirt in hand:「NOO. Lord is ill again!」

「Leave him alone,」The head maid whispered 「We will only get beaten if we help him. Lord Henry happens to be hunting nearby. Go, find him.」

When Henry came over, Robert was still lying on the ground panting heavily. He put his hand in his mouth as if something on his tongue was bothering him.

「I told you,」Henry said to him,「The Dragon God is on his side!」

「I know you want to run away. But how long can you run?」 Robert looked at him sarcastically, 「You want to sneak away behind my back and take your family to a secluded place for the rest of your life. Do you think I will allow you to do this?』

「So you find my mom ahead of time and send Jim away before I went to see him!」 Henry stepped on Robert’s stomach furiously, 「YOU BASTARD!」

「You are not much better than me !」 Robert yelled 「Face the reality, Henry! You think you can just quit your life right now, leave all the glory and wealth behind, and go back to living in poverty! Even if you can, your mom can’t! As for Jim, he is a good kid. He would enjoy everything a warrior deserves. Why should he be a nobody for your sins?」

「My plan has been ruined by you.」 Henry said, 「I am ready to face my fate, bastard. You better cherish your own life, don’t kill yourself before the day comes.」

「You see, that’s how things should be.」 Roberts laughed and got up slowly from the floor 「Why don’t you stay and enjoy some wine with me ?」


End of Chapter

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