MPHGK Chapter 42

It was noon the next day, and they arrived at the city of Garrett. Before they enter the city, Grieve freed those horses caught by the Phile bird to pull the carriage and change back to Choco. Garrett was a prosperous city with a warm climate, and the twin lotuses here opened all year round. As soon as Grieve entered the city, he took his fresh prey, a woodhorn, to the priest and asked for twin lotus seeds. He remembered that Slair had said that these lotus seeds were rich in magic, and maybe they could help Slair recover.

Garrett’s priest was a kind, old man. Grieve held a big bag of lotus seeds in his arms and rushed back excitedly. He saw a squad of soldiers surrounding their carriage, and Choco was 「Tweet」ing in protest.

「Captain, he should be the man!」 A soldier was holding a crude portrait and contrasted it with Grieve.

「Oh,」 the captain glanced at the portrait then at the person and saw nothing in common.「 What’s your relationship with this carriage?」

「My friend and I share the ownership of the carriage. 」 Grieve said, 「Is there a problem?」


The captain pointed to the wheels of the carriage:「Ordinary carriages won’t float in the air. Is this a gift from the dragons? What a daring thief who stole the Sag City Lord’s treasure and dared to show it off in broad daylight?! Get him!」

「Wait!」 Grieve’s eyes widened in surprise.「 We have never been to Sag City at all! The carriage belongs to us!」

「Quibble! Soldiers, get that person out of the carriage!」

A group of warriors rushed forward to charge into the carriage. Grieve just met with the priest. Thus, his weapon was not by his side. When he was anxious, he heard a 「Chirp」, and the Phile bird fluttered his wings and rushed out, fanning all the guys down. It held its head proudly, gently throwing the bow in his mouth and the broken sword Slair had engraved with pyro magic into Grieve’s hand.

Although the sword was broken and there were no arrows, it’s better than nothing. Grieve tossed the lotus seeds in his hand to Phile bird, turned around and knocked down a soldier, snatched his arrows, and shot down a line of soldiers.


All his subordinates were lying on the ground, rolling and screaming in pain, and he was the only one who could fight. The captain of the squad was furious. The captain used all his might and struck the sword at Grieve, but his attack was parried by Grieve’s bow. Grieve kicked him and jumped into the carriage when the captain tried to avoid the kick.

「Do you think you can escape?」 The captain raised his sword and stopped in front of the carriage 「Garrett City had been locked down. Stealing a dragon’s gift is no small matter. We will definitely get the justice for Sag City Lord!」

「Because it is not a trivial matter, you can’t not slinging mud at me! We had never entered Sag City at all, and we had no clue who is the Sag City Lord. What evidence do you have when you claim this carriage belongs to him?」

「Evidence? Why would the Lord of the Sag City slander you, an unknown person? How could you own a dragon gift? Warrior, I see that you are capable. You killed a group of Lord’s pursuers yesterday, and today you defeated my men. You could make a proper living, so why steal things that don’t belong to you?」

Another group of soldiers gathered around. Grieve frowned. The whole thing is weird. He pulled out that broken sword. Perhaps it was just held by the Phile bird; the pyro element was highly active. Once again, Grieve felt that mysterious resonance again. He guided the power into the sword in his hand and called out the spell Slair taught him:「Fedrell-」

The flame ignited on the sword. Grieve raised the sword of flame, stood on the carriage, and said to the people:「I am not a nobody! My name is Grieve Klein. I am a friend of Slair the Dragonmaw. We shared the ownership of this carriage because the dragons who made this carriage were Slair’s parents! Mayhap you were bewitched by my enemy Robert. I express no will to fight with you all. If you have heard what happened in the city of Joru and the city of Phile, then please, put down your weapon!」

「Miracle! Miracle! He is the warrior protecting the envoy!」 Seeing the flaming sword, some of the soldiers soon recall the great event of the arrival of the Dragon God. When they realized that the man in the carriage was god’s envoy, they dropped their weapons immediately and started to chant the name of the Dragon God.

Grieve was not familiar with pyro magic, and he quickly put the flame sword away and patted Choco’s rear. The scaled horse cleverly slipped into the carriage, and the phile bird got out of it, jumped on the top of the carriage, grabbed the carriage, and flew.

「 Don’t try to run away, you liar!」 The captain did not believe Grieve, 「Arrows, you idiots! The real envoy, Lord Slair, is here!」

He saluted in a certain direction. A hooded figure slowly emerged from the shadow. He took off the hood, raised his head, and gave Grieve a mocking look.

Grieve widened his eyes–That man had black hair and green eyes with no visible scars on his face, but without a doubt, he was Robert!

「Go to hell-」 He read Robert’s lips. That despicable man holding a strange cylinder object fired a giant light bomb at the carriage.


Dragon forums -> Discussions -> Pet lovers

【Tree hollow 】Why did my human prefer hand-to-hand combat over the fun toys?

First thing first, these were the toys I bought: 「Image」

This was the expression my human had when he saw the toys:「Image」

I don’t understand. I have bought so many toys, that must be one or two of them he would enjoy, right? RIGHT? Why did he insist on playing hand-to-hand combat? As soon as he met with other pet humans, he would ask for a fight, which would scare other humans QAQ

№.0 ☆☆☆IwillbeSADIfyougotHURT☆☆☆

What kind of dragon raises what sort of human. You must enjoy fighting, and your human is mocking you.


OP! You are raising a male human, and many of the toys in the pic were made for girls! But man… that’s a lot of toys… Rich Dragon, you are. Humph.


Big brother, I don’t like fighting at all, and to be honest, I am bad at it and often get bullied by other dragons.

Reply to brother on the second floor: The ones made for girls are more conspicuous. I bought those because my human might have a unique taste in toys… So I bought those. There are a lot more toys for boys. I bought him a complete set of laser gun QAQ. Even owning cool toys like that didn’t change his heart for hand-to-hand combat. I am too tired to love. Once, he picked a fight with a human form dragon, and he got beat up so bad… After the defeat, I thought he would give up on hand-to-hand combat. However, he became more involved…

№.3 ☆☆IwillbeSADIfyougotHURT☆☆☆

Uh, does he have any obsession? Someone he tried to protect? After thinking about it, he may have witnessed op get bullied and try to get stronger and protect you from love.


QAQ If that’s real, I am moved, but he is a human after all! What should I do? QAQ His strength is only typical among humans, but he is the best human ever to me.

№.5 ☆☆☆IwillbeSADIfyougotHURT☆☆☆

Patting Op, how’s your human language? Have you tried to communicate with your human?

№.6 ☆☆☆==☆☆☆

Yes, communicate. If you are not good at human language, you could ask dragons that are good at it for help.


But would it hurt his feeling if you told him that you don’t need his protection?

№.8 ☆☆☆= =☆☆☆

Um, op, why don’t you try to buy a bronze puppet?

№.9 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆

Ah, Your Majesty! You did not wear your vest!


It’s useless anyway. After the bronze puppet arrives, you need to place a drop of your human’s blood on the puppet’s heart, and the authentication process is complete. The puppet will transform and look like your human. After turning the switch on, your human can manipulate it, feel it, and feel like he owns a more powerful body. You can adjust the puppet’s ability, pay attention to charging the puppet, and ensure the magic crystal inside the core has sufficient magic.

I generally don’t recommend humans using this because it’s more prone to accidents. For example, if the puppet is suddenly out of mana, it will easily cause damage to the human mind. Also, it cannot be used for an extended period, or it will cause a burden on the human brain.

Read the manual carefully after it arrives. You must read EVERY SINGLE ITEM on the manual. Careless dragons will cause irreversible bodily harm to their humans!

If you could communicate with your human smoothly, don’t buy it. If he insists, then buy one. Fighting with a bronze puppet relies on brainpower, and his body won’t be injured. If your human is good at it, you could introduce him to participate in the bronze puppet competition. Click here for detailed information:「Link」

№.11 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆


Oh-oh! That sounds great! Thank you, Your Majesty! I will have a closer look!

№.12 ☆☆☆IwillbeSADIfyougotHURT☆☆☆

OP! If you really want to buy a bronze puppet, you must be EXTREMELY CAREFUL and PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! If your human is brilliant, you can buy it for him, else don’t.

I once bought a bronze puppet for my human, and I didn’t hide it well, and he took it out and played without me around. He was stubborn and didn’t know to turn off the puppet when he was tired. By the time I found him, he had passed out on the ground. But fortunately, he did not suffer significant injuries. It scared me to death, and I threw that thing away right after we returned from the vet’s hospital.


This thing is indeed a bit dangerous, and if you plan on using it, make sure your human gradually gets used to the puppet. Tbh after proper training, humans can manipulate it very well. Ah, one more thing. Please pay attention to the distance between the human and the puppet. If the distance between the human and the puppet is too far, it is terrible for the human’s body.

№.14 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆

I…I’m a bit overwhelmed rn… I stopped the paw that was filling out the order form… I think I will talk to my human first… QAQ

№.15 ☆☆☆IwillbeSADIfyougotHURT☆☆☆

End of Chapter

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