MPHGK Chapter 41

Perhaps, those few steps Slair took used all his energy. When Grieve left him on the stool and went to get some hot water, 「Pong」Slair fell to the ground.

「Slair!」 Grieve picked him up and gently massaged his head 「Are you alright?」

A drop of tear appeared at the corner of Slair’s eyes. That fall he took was quite study:「Ouch.」

Grieve couldn’t leave him alone anymore. He picked the biggest wooden tub and quickly removed all the clothes. Two of them sit in the tub together, and he lets Slair lay on his chest. Slair looked depressed. Grieve pat his head tenderly, then scoped some hot water on his hair. From his observations, Slair won’t be able to bathe himself. Thus, all the processes would be up to him.

It must be said, those facts made him nervous. As for now, that naughty place had been keeping its cool.

Slair laid on him, and his eyes looked at Grieve full of trust. He might be hallucinating, but Grieve thought Slair was affectionate with him, and his heart melted for that thought. He started to rub Slair down from top to bottom. Slair’s silky white skin turned pink in hot water, then red under his rubbings. Indeed, only the dragons could raise a human like this. Grieve praised in his heart that even the priests had the responsibility to hold a large ceremony and take care of twin lotuses. None of them had hands, no calloused, nor did they have such a healthy but slim body. Who would thought there was magnificent magic power hidden inside this tiny little body. And his throat, that amazing throat, could mimic any sound in the world. However, Slair was not Slair because of his body. He was Slair because of his wisdom and his heart. Robert was brilliant too, but no one liked him.

At that moment, his hand moved onto Slair’s waist. Things were getting awkward. It would be offensive if he moved his hands further down, but at the same time, it would be odd if he skipped.

「It’s okay,」Slair said softly「Or…Does it…Does it trouble you? To touch those parts of my body…」He tried his best to lift his head and look at Grieve’s expression carefully. Both blushed.

「Then…」Grieve felt he used all the courage in his life.「Then..I…I will start…」

His hands got closer and closer, and the moment his skin touched Slair’s hips, he could feel the softness from his fingertips and that seconds of stiffness from the body in his arms.

If he dragged the bathing process longer, it felt like he was taking advantage of Slair. If he finished it quickly, he would be too at ease. While he struggled to decide, his hand slipped between Slair’s cleavage. He could feel Slair tremble, then buried his face in his chest embarrassedly.

「Sor…Sorry,」Grieve said, 「I will hurry…」

「It’s okay…If it’s you…」Slair whispered.

It became more embarrassing when Grieve’s hand reached that front part. This was the first time Grieve touched that part of another person’s body, and to make things worse, Slair reacted to his touch. He felt Slair’s tears drop on his chest. Those warm tears dripping down one after another. Those body-temperature tears burnt Grieve’s heart.

He forgot about all the awkwardness, and all that was left was distress. Slair was a proud man. When he grew up, the dragons held him in their paws. He knew how to command the wind, order the fire, control the water, and influence the earth. Not to mention his ability to understand various animal languages and how smart and brave he was. He was a god’s messenger, a miracle worker, and a hero worth being praised by people. But now, he had lost all his power. He couldn’t even move his body without pain, and no one knew if he could recover… it hit hard! If I couldn’t draw a bow or pick up a sword, I would be as sad as he was.

「Everything will be fine,」 he gently fondled Slair and said.「Everything will be fine, Slair. The Dragon God loves you.」

「What about you?」 Slair asked,「Do you love me ?」

「I love you,」Grieve promised 「I love you, my friend. My love to you is like this the flower embrace the spring breath. My love for you is like the fishes adore the water. 」

After the bath, Grieve climbed on top of the carriage and checked the surrounding, while Slair was left alone on the bed. His limbs were weak, but he could hear his heartbeat clearly, beat after beat. His heart was pumping in his chest firmly at an unbelievable speed.

What could make one happier than being answered by love? Slair had sorted out what kind of feeling he had for Grieve. He asked about love, and he got 「I love you」as a response and even more than that. Grieve’s response was the sweetest love poem. If he was stupid, he would be overwhelmed by joy.

However, Slair understood what kind of love he was talking about.

Under the water, they were skin-to-skin. He even let Grieve touch his most inmate place. However, Grieve did not react other than being a little shy– Even a sicken body like Slair was almost aroused by lust, but Grieve did not. They were so close that Slair could clearly tell Grieve’s body did not have any reaction.

Believers loved Dragon God out of respect. Flowers loved spring breath out of support. Fishes loved water out of need. And Grieve’s love towards him was the love between friends and friendship. He was a righteous knight. When he finished his revenge, he possibly married a beautiful girl and had a couple of kids with her. His life would be like what the Book of Dragons described.

He should know it sooner. The culture was a giant gap between them. The dragons had shown themselves, but it only strengthened Grieve’s faith. To dragons or people living with the dragons, people of the same sex falling in love was no big deal. Obviously, it was not the case here. People here paid great attention to reproduction and offspring. They do respect love but only love between men and women.

Slair felt pain and loss. After he lost his elemental vision, he knew his feelings towards Grieve. Then it was lost, too. It was at this moment he started to panic. Things were going south. After so much had happened, would he go back willingly to be an obedient pet human and enjoy being treasured by his dad and daddy?

No, this was not the worst… His heart was beating fast again. The night was dark, but dad and daddy had yet to return.

End of Chapter

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