MPHGK Chpater 40

The silver dragon took Alex and Rhett to his office. He packed up his own records first. When he opened the cabinet, those previously neatly arranged files were a mess. (Dragons used runestones for recording). 「Halla」, those stones fell and almost buried him. On the recording).「Halla」, the stones fell and almost buried him. A giant Draconic word was on that cabinet wall made by dragon’s claw prints–『SURPRISE! BABY~』

『Siegfried!』 The silver dragon growled angrily,『That bastard! I just sorted them out last week! Why do I always get to pair up with low intelligent colleagues as if their brains were stepped on by a rocky beast!』

Alex looked at him sympathetically:『Need help?』

『No, I can do it. Those files can’t be handled by other dragons.』 Silver dragon said, 『Please wait here and give me a moment. I have to clean this up first.』

Silver dragon quickly buried its head in the piles of runestones. Rhett felt bored. Since he was back on dragons’ island, he had access to the Internet once again. He almost jumped the gun and made a post online, but he held back the urge– there was nothing wrong with being a witness. However, posting online was evidence of his violations. If he was arrested and separated from cutie Slair because of it, that would be a tragedy.

Alex was thinking about the Roberts. He held Rhett’s paw and wrote something on it:『Do not mention Roberts.』

Rhett felt weird, he wrote back:『Why?』

『If we talk about Robert, they could follow the clue and trace everything back to Yig…Those items in Robert’s possession could be gifts from Yig, or he stole them from Yig. I checked the Wild Human Protection Law,  Robert won’t be punished for this. The enforcer team might offer gold or powerful protective items in exchange for retracting those items. Yig would be accounted for all the punishments, and he will be sentenced based on how many casualties those items may cause. He would at least be locked up in Dragon Clan Prison, stay with… Those bastards who killed baby dragons or tortured other dragons.』

Rhett kept silent for a while. After all, he was grateful for what Yig did for them. Although that black dragon stole his package, Robert. However, it was apparent Robert was far less cute than Slair. Not to mention he got to know Alex because of it. The most important thing was that without Yig, they won’t have a chance to meet with their baby Slair again.

『I sympathy him,』Rhett wrote,『But are you sure about this? He did break the law… and, those things were used to harm Grieve, our little Slair would be effect by it too…』

『If someone is determined to do harm, he must seek all ways to reach his goal.』Alex wrote,『But we can only intervene when he uses a dragon’s invention. If Robert chooses to poison our Slair or uses humans’ weapons against him… In theory, those are confects among wild humans, and we shall not get involved… However, if he keeps using those items, Slair, you, and I will be ready and know how to deal with them.』

Rhett was silent a moment, then he agreed with Alex’s opinions.

『Sorry for the wait.』 The silver dragon spent a lot of effort temporarily putting those runestones back into the cabinet,『Your situation is a bit special. There are many procedures waits ahead, which will be very troublesome… Come with me, I need your paw prints first…』

According to their original routes, they should head to Sag first after leaving the Forest City. However, Grieve thought they had sufficient supplies, and Robert might have already set up traps ahead. They might as well avoid them in advance.

Therefore, he did not choose to enter the city. He orders Choco to run along the river and head towards the next town. It was getting dark, and suddenly rain poured down from the sky with bolts of lightning and thunder. Grieve was about to ask Choco to find a quiet place to rest till it stopped raining. He heard a scream from his mount.

People were chasing them. About a dozen warriors were shooting at Choco. The scaled horse had good defense. Still, a few of its scales were shot off by the violent arrow rain. It was from the other side of the river. Grieve tried to communicate with them through light signals. However, there was no response, but endless arrows shot at the carriage.

They could be Robert’s Men of Sacrifice. Grieve climbed to the top of the wagon with a bow on his back, and the phile bird circled around him, helping to sweep the arrow rain away.

The torrential rain dampened Grieve’s hair and affected his vision. However, Grieve drew his bow calmly in the fire and rain. He fired three arrows at a time, quickly. All the fellows were dismounted. With a long chirp, Phil bird flew over and grabbed a horse with each claw and picked another one up with its mouth. These three poor horses replaced Choco galloped in the rain. The scaled horse let out a happy「Neigh」then ran happily towards its exclusive room in the carriage.

Grieve walked back inside, soaked. He was about to enter the bathroom when he saw Slair. Slair’s face was pale, his body leaning against the way, and he walked out the bedroom, step by step.

「Slair!」 He was shocked and went up to meet him,「Did it wake you up?」

Slair fell into his arms:「I don’t want to wear this anymore… Since you are wet too, let’s take a shower together.」

Grieve hesitated for a second, then decided to believe the blue potion. He carried Slair in his arms and walked into the bathroom together.

Dragon forums -> Discussions -> Pet lovers

ExampleHow to teach your human Magic (Wrongly)

I have raised a human for a while now, and I envied Slair… How come other dragon’s humans knew so much, and mine knew nothing? One day, I slapped my head and figured it out. Though my human was not a dragonmaw, who said normal humans can’t learn magic? If Slair can do it, then maybe, just maybe, my human can do it too. So, it marked the beginning of me teaching my human MAGIC!

First thing first, post my human photo to hold the post:「Image」

№.0 ☆☆☆Ready for Magic Human☆☆☆

Look at that mocking face… And, from the title, I could sniff out Op’s numerous tragic failures incoming…


This human’s face art is godly… I could almost read 『You foolish dragons』from his face.


Op! What makes you think you can successfully teach your human magic? No one knows how Slair learns magic yet. Stop tossing your human around. Look at his expression, Geeesh.


First, I held my human in my paws, then took him to watch the flying eagles. I used my most emotional voice and said:『Look at them, don’t you want to fly?』

My human gave me a glance, stepped on my nose, then showed me this expression:「Image」

№.4 ☆☆☆Ready for Magic Human☆☆☆

OP, what level is your Human Language?


I…I don’t know Human Language…Ofc I used Dragonic to communicate…

№.6 ☆☆☆Ready for Magic Human☆☆☆

I think your human is quite tender, OP. I am sure he was complaining in his heart.「WTF is wrong with this dragon today?」


After my muse, I realized my human might not be a fan of Anemo magic. So I took him to a lake and showed him those Hydro monsters. I looked at him passionately and wished he could show me a splash or something.

Here is how I looked like:「Image」

№.8 ☆☆☆Ready for Magic Human☆☆☆

Wait for a second, Op. Where is the teaching process? From the beginning, your human doesn’t know what you want from him, does he?


Obviously, Op doesn’t know how to use Anemo or Hydro magic. Based on these stupid actions, I am sure Op is a Pyro dragon.


My Human is SUPER SMART! After I stared at him for an hour, he learned one Hydro Magic!



№.11 ☆☆☆Ready for Magic Human☆☆☆

OP! That’s spit! I am downvoting!


I could almost feel that human’s inner roar…


I saw Op’s paws, red, Pyro dragon. Hehe.


Hey! What’s wrong with Pyro dragons? Pyro dragons are cute, mighty, and CLEVER!


Such an exciting post. Stop trying to change the direction of the post. Don’t stereotype Pyro dragons’ intelligence.


Another Pyro dragon…most goofballs are Pyro dragons.


Keep in mind that the discussion should be peaceful, do not post racist comments, and do not try to fight with alt accounts. Floor 10,14,17 has the same IP.


Wow! Isn’t this our consulate sama! He got a golden account name!


He must be checking if his Majesty was using his alt account surfing…thank you for your hard work


Where is His Majesty? It has been a while.


He is lurking and doesn’t reply to comments.

№.22☆☆☆ Feels Like Flying ☆☆☆

Wait, if his Majesty doesn’t reply to any of the posts, how did you know? It’s impossible to do, even with admin access.


Because I am standing behind him.

№.24☆☆☆ Feels Like Flying ☆☆☆

End of Chapter

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