MPHGK Chapter 39

As Grieve was depressed at the top of the carriage, he heard a cry from the phile bird. He rushed to Slair’s side immediately. His friend was awakened, his emerald eyes were slightly open, and his face was still pale.

「Slair, how are you feeling?」 Grieve asked with concern, 「Do you need some water?」

「It hurts…」Slair murmured, 「My body felt heavy… And… And I can’t see the elements anymore… Grieve, where are my dad and daddy?」

「They left with the silver dragon, but don’t worry. He went with that dragon willingly to help with the investigation and not under arrest.」

「 That’s good.」 Slair slowly stretched out a hand and grabbed Grieve’s sleeve, 「Grieve, I can’t see the elements… I can’t feel them… Previously, when I lost the ability to cast spells, I could still feel them by my side…」

Grieve did not know anything about this topic, and he didn’t know how to comfort Slair:「Maybe things will get better after you sleep, you are just tired, Slair.」

Of course, that’s the best possibility. But, what if that’s not the reason for what happened. Breaking down half of a table might not be a big deal. However, it was done by a human forcing his body to cast a dragon’s spell. It felt like the body was drained out of the blood. None of the humans could cast spells, then what sort of damage to the body could make one lose their magic completely? Maybe he won’t be able to cast magic anymore, then what…

He cried: 「Grieve, you don’t understand. I could feel them since I was a kid, and now they are gone! I feel like a different person. I am blind. Not to mention that I don’t know when I will be back to normal or if I will ever recover from this! If I can’t use magic anymore, then I am totally useless. I don’t know martial arts, and I can’t even win a fight against a girl!」

Grieve hugged him:「No, Slair! You are who you are! Even without magic, you are still my friend forever. I won’t forget how you saved my life, and you shouldn’t wipe all the memory we shared because of this.」

「Magic is the reason why I could save you that day, Grieve.」

「Back then, the anemo magic might deliver you to my side, but what saved us was that roar, your dragon roar.」 Grieve gently pat Slair at the back and wiped his tear. However, that stubborn potion was at it again. Grieve was terrified as his body was heating up every time he touched Slair. That part of his body was getting up again. He tried his best to ignore those changes, 「No, do not think magic is all you have. You were planning on a great escape back then, right? If the rat tide came a day later, I would be dead, and whether you can use magic won’t matter. Furthermore, Slair, if you don’t know how to make unique sounds or magic. Knowing that the rat tide was coming and was about to engulf us all, would you ride Choco and run by yourself?

「I am not sure.」 Slair said, 「Do not think of me as a saint. If I was a pet and knew nothing, I would probably cherish my life more.」

「But the fact is, you came. And I am alive.」 Grieve said, 「Do not try to wipe your past away with assumptions. If the word “if” is so useful, I would like to “if” my life too. If there was no Robert. If my parents were still alive… But Slair, life has no “ifs.” You said you fall from dragon’s floating island, Slair, the land is so broad, and yet you fall in front of me.」

Slair sobbed. He held Grieve tight:「Thank you, Grieve, I feel better now… Where are we?」

「Uh, on the carriage.」

「No. I mean, didn’t we plan to go to Klein? How far along are we? How long have I been unconscious?」

「Not too long, and we are not in a hurry, Alex and Rhett had not returned yet.」 Grieve felt he was about to explode.

「We don’t need to wait for them. Daddy modified the carriage. There is no way they can’t catch up to us. We need to hurry. The strange thing was placed in Forest City, and we missed the person. I have no idea if we are being watched, but we should not stay here anymore. I need to move quickly. Our current situation is, daddies are not with us, and I lost the ability to use magic if we were under attack again…」

「Understand,」Grieve said, 「I will ask Choco to depart as soon as possible. You stay here and get some rest.」

He helped Slair to lie down. Slair just realized he was still on women’s dressing and started blushing. It was embarrassing whether he explained it or not:「Uh…About the clothes…Uh…I…I did not dress like this out of hobbit…I…I just.. That…」

「I understand, it’s for those over-enthusiasm girls, right? Hahahaha, it is such a great idea.」 Grieve felt he needed to leave immediately or couldn’t maintain his regular expression anymore. After covering Slair up with a quilt, he rushed out of the room.

That reasoning was better than the truth. Slair felt relieved and closed his eyes. He felt tired, and within moments, he fell into slumber again.

Grieve found Choco outside the carriage. He scratched Choco’s ear and pointed the way. Choco moved forward obediently. Choco moved fast. Grieve felt the cold wind take some heat away and cool his sinful body down a bit.

This could not go on, Grieve thought. It was a heartfelt moment. Slair was crying, heartbroken, and his body would react based on a simple touch…That was not something a human would do! Yes, the potions played a part, but it was still shameful! If Slair found out, he would be so disappointed! The thought that his friend would look at him with disdain made Grieve want to curl up into a fury ball and let Slair do whatever he wanted to it.

After being depressed for a while, a thought came to Grieve’s mind. If there was a drug, there would be antidotes in those bottles… He walked backed to the door and glanced at the phile bird inquiringly. Phile bird covered its beak with its wing. Grieve nodded and entered the room quietly so he won’t disturb Slair. He took all the bottles out and sniffed three other bottles. The liquid in the ocean blue bottle made him feel calm.

Grieve made a bold attempt. He fetched a cup of water and dripped a few drops of that liquid. Quickly, the water turned light blue. Grieve gathered his courage and took a sip, then he felt some aroused body part between his legs had finally cooled off. He let out a long sigh then drank the rest of the water.

Choco running forward smoothly. Grieve sat by Salir’s side and held his hands, and this time, his body did not react. Grieve praised the Dragon God, then gently kissed Slair’s fingertips.

User Manual:

First Bottle: Jasmine-flavored lubricant.

Milky white cream mixed with sesame-sized natural plant seeds. Those white spherical seeds would slightly swell in the human body and bounce in the inner wall without harming the human body.

Third Bottle: Rose-flavored lubricant.

Pink ointment. Helps to reduce pain and increase pleasure.

Second Bottle: We know what that is.

Purplish red liquid. It can be used both internally and externally. Add a drop or two in bath water for everyday use or drink diluted liquid for more advanced stimulation.

Fourth Bottle: Antidoes for the Second bottle.

Ocean blue liquid. It can be used both internally and externally. . Add a drop or two in bath water for everyday use or drink diluted liquid for more advanced stimulation.

WARNING! Do not overuse this product. Otherwise, it may cause long-term impotence, but it will not be permanent. Please rest assured.

Hello all,

I just want to spill the beans about translating this novel.

English was my second language. Even though I lived in the US for almost 10 years, I still think my English sucks. I want to pick your thoughts on the translation so far and how to improve it.

I use a translation tool called Trados, which splits the original novel (in Chinese) into sentences then I type in the translation for each sentence. I exported my translation into Word and proofread it with Grammarly when I finished the sentence to sentence translation. I import those corrections back to Trados, export a merged version Word file, and proofread it with Grammarly. Finally, I will paste the chapter here on WordPress, do a little preview, change some formatting before scheduling the post.

The problem with the process is the sentence to sentence translation. The context helps you understand the sentence better, and it’s odd to translate a single sentence then put them back together. There are things in Chinese that require three or four sentences, and you can simplify them with one, vice versa. I read some literal translation work from English to Chinese, and it feels terrible. The translation process turns something beautiful into something tedious. I do not like literal translation, and at the same time, I don’t want to add my personal touch to other people’s work. It is a disgrace to the Author and their work.

I am trying my best to give you a more authentic experience. The last thing I want is to force you to use brainpower to understand a silly joke.

I guess what I am trying to say is I am sorry for some of the shorter sentences and confusing context. Like the user manual above, it was written in a very odd order and went back to Chapter 37 and found out it was not the same order at they were first introduced. I am so frustrated with it. A part of me wants to rewrite it, but another part thinks that’s too much change from the original work and I shouldn’t do it. So I apologize for that listing order and some of the confusing sentences. That was me trying to do a literal translation slightly better than google translation.

_(:з」∠)_ Please forgive me for butchering the fine work. The more I translate, the more I felt unworthy.

Thank you for reading! We only have ten more chapters left of the main story. (*^▽^*)

Please join my discord for the latest updates. Obviously, JJwxc is doing an international site, and I don’t know the future of novel updates and my site. I found my work might be listed somewhere other than novel update, and a part of me wants to lock chapters, so people don’t just “yeet” my work. Then at the same time, I am a nobody, so it doesn’t really matter. So yeah, join my discord and lurk, it’s not active, but that’s the fastest way I can reach out to you all and give you password updates, so JOIN! JOIN! JOIN! JOIN my cult!


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End of Chapter

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  1. Will join the discord then and lurk! I’m not the best reader, but I have yet to have a major (or even minor) problem with the sentence flow. Reading that ending bit has only made me more aware of how time consuming this is, so thank you so much for putting in the time and effort!


  2. Hi! Native English speaker here!
    I would not have noticed English was your second language if you hadn’t pointed it out.
    You’re doing a fabulous job!
    Thank you for all your hard work!


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