MPHGK Chapter 38


Alex and Rhett left. Grieve couldn’t believe it. He successfully held Slair in arms and carried him back to the carriage.
Animals did not get confused by the clothes. Choco was still friendly and greeted them with a sneeze. Phile bird showed its concern toward its unconscious master. Grieve gently placed Slair on the bed and then put those little bottles on the end table. He picked off the flower on Slair’s head and undid his hair so he could sleep better. But what happened next troubled our Sir Knight.

Should he take off Slair’s clothes or not?

It shouldn’t be a problem based on their relationship– long before this, they had seen each’s body naked. It was common for men to bathe together. Right now, Slair was in a woman’s clothes and looked like a girl too. Even though Grieve was fully aware, it was Slair, but undressing him felt like undressing a girl… No, the real problem was the person, not the clothes. Grieve could swear that if David was lying here and wearing clothes like this, he would laugh and call Della to join him.

He sat by the bed and looked at Slair as he hesitantly reached his hands. It was only changing clothes, just like before… Yet, when Grieve’s hand touched that thin cloth, he quickly took it back. It was not a cloth he was touching but a burning hot iron.

No…No, I can’t do it! It’s impossible! How can I do this!

Grieve covered his face and let out a sigh. People from the Forest City told him that Slair used powerful magic before passing out. So it must be Mana Exhaustion Slair told him before. A weak, unconscious friend laying here, helplessly, and all he could think of was「Oh, my god! Slair looks just like a girl!」「If he really is a girl, I could…」Wait…No…Hold on… STOP! For Dragon God’s sake, Grieve you were a warrior of righteousness.

After fluctuating for a bit, Grieve pulled up the quilt for Slair. Without the clothing in his sight, Grieve felt at peace. He turned his focus on those strange bottles. Since it was given after Slair became unconscious, it must be potions of some sort.

He rearranged those bottles and tried to find some clues from their labels. And his effect was wasted. There were only drawings of various flowers on those bottles. Grieve opened them one by one. The first one had a milky white paste inside that smelled like jasmine; The second bottle contained some ocean-blue liquid that smelled like the beach; The third bottle had pink ointment that smelled like roses; The fourth bottle had purplish red liquid and smelled refreshing.

Did they think Slair was a girl and prepared so many girls’ spices for him? Grieve thought. But the last bottle smelled refreshing. Maybe it could be a help to Slair… No. I should test it myself before giving it to Slair.

Grieve asked Phile bird to look after Slair, then enter the bathroom with the bottle. According to his memory, that woman said something like — 「Add some to the bathwater. It would have some magical results.」 But how much is 「Some」?

Grieve got a tub of hot water and carefully added some of the mysterious liquid. He only slightly tiled the bottle, and it shouldn’t be too much. After putting the bottle away, Grieve undressed his clothing and entered the tub. The faint purplish-red liquid mixed with the water, leaving no color behind, but the tub of water had already given off enchanting steam. Hot water-soaked Grieve’s body. Quickly, Grieve felt his body was getting hot, and his spirit was excited. Before he got the chance to praise the mysterious liquid, he found some part of his body was awakened too.

He finally realized what that damn liquid was. As a righteous warrior, he felt ashamed for using it, but at the same time, he was glad he did not use it on Slair without checking. He was a healthy man, and he knew what he should do to solve that awaking problem, and yet with the preoccupied mind, Grieve made another mistake——He did not get out the tub.

The feeling of holding that thing had never been better. Grieve’s mind gradually sank in lust. Undoubtedly, Slair came to his mind, his lovely companion dancing in front of him in that dreaded dress, his long, clean legs sticking out from the slit of his skirt and his slender waist twist like snakes.

 The most beautiful sound in the world came from Slair’s throat. As he spun, the clothes fell one by one, and his body was getting closer and closer to him as if they were going to merge in one.

Grieve met those beautiful green eyes in his imagination and released himself with that intense glare. Then he jumped out of the water in a panic, pat himself dry a few times, poured out water, got dressed, and stuffed that sinful bottle into the depths of the cabinet. He quickly grabbed the Book of Dragons from the room and fled without the courage to look at Slair.

How terrifying sin! The demon had been planted deep inside of my heart! How many times do I have to read the Book of Dragons to cleanse my sin? What should I do to redeem myself? Grieve sat on the top of the carriage and lowered his head in shame. If he kept losing control of himself like this, he would eventually do Slair wrong.

Dragon forums -> Discussions -> Pet lovers

HelpHow to Make My Pet Humans Mate?

I raised four humans, two males and two females, and wanted them to pair up to give birth to more baby humans. Yet, it did not go as planned. They only play with their own genders. I tried to lock one male and one female together, but they would start a fight and go on a hunger strike. When can I see baby humans? Can I give them some aphrodisiac?

№.0☆☆☆Want Baby Humans☆☆☆

Op, how old are your humans? Are you sure they are at the age to mate? Some humans are mature later than others. Younger humans prefer to play with same-gender more. Still, after they hit puberty, they naturally favor playing with the other gender. Late mature are typical among pet humans, don’t get impatient.


Some humans like to use drugs for fun, but it is not advisable to give them secretly, which is harmful to their bodies! Even if your humans ask for it, you had to choose those mild versions.

№.2☆☆☆= =☆☆☆

I am sure all of them are mature. They are all over twenty years old.

№.3☆☆☆Want Baby Humans☆☆☆

Over twenty years old and has shown no interest in another gender… Hmm, is it possible that they all grew up together like brothers and sisters, so it is hard for them to start a romantic relationship with each other? Sometimes things do be like it this. Maybe they will find love with other dragons’ pet humans at first sight.


I took them to meet with other dragons’ pet humans, and some of them became good friends. However, never had any success on the dating part… There were humans from other dragons who tried to date them, but they were all turned down. They were super decisive and made the other human cry. I had to apologize to them for a long time.

№.5☆☆☆Want Baby Humans☆☆☆

It could be they haven’t found the right one. They were still in their twenties, those humans were spoiled by us dragons, and it is normal for them to be picky about this kind of stuff.

№.6 ☆☆☆==☆☆☆

You guys are so tender.


Man, there hadn’t been a dragon mention the possibility that your pet humans could be gay?

№.8 ☆☆☆=O=☆☆☆

Oh no… I felt sadness incoming.


Wow, what are the odds… The gay ratio in humans is very little… @Op’s luck


Ah…Does that mean… I am not going to see baby humans? QAQ

№.11☆☆☆Want Baby Humans☆☆☆

Just because they are your pets does not mean you could use drugs to force them to reproduce. That’s still a big NO NO~ Dragons do not do something like this!

Btw, there are a couple of reasons why humans are not interested in another gender:

1. Frigidity

2. Homosexual

3. Dragon Fetish

Let’s see, if op’s humans are homosexual and it happened in both males and females, then they will act beyond friendship. It’s easier to identify by observing the male couples. If not, you could take them to the vet’s office and check if they have frigidity. Nonetheless, the odds of four humans suffering frigidity simultaneously is…

The third option, Dragon Fetish, usually occurs when a human was raised by a dragon since they were young and didn’t interact with other humans as they grew up. They would unconsciously think they are a part of dragons. That to be said, it was not they who recognized themselves as dragons. Still, when choosing a mating partner, they would prefer to select someone with beautiful scales like us! In that case, they won’t be interested in their fellow humans… Dragon Fetish is easy to spot too. Typically, adult humans are more restrained in their emotions and won’t act very close to a dragon. However, there are adult humans become more dependent on the dragons. They would show signs of sexual impulsions towards us, love to touch, hug and kiss us. If your human has these symptoms, then they might have Dragon Fetish.

№.12 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆

Ah, that’s indeed our famous human chef, Your Majesty


I…I want a human with Dragon Fetish! I WANT ONE!


Op! OP! Which category do your humans fall to?


So, so professional. Let me go observe them for a bit longer. Btw… Could it be cured?

№.16☆☆☆Want Baby Humans☆☆☆

Frigidity is a maybe, but the other two are entirely normal. OwO

№.17 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆

Wow, that’s our Human Fetish Dragon, His Majesty, specializing in cultivating Dragon Fetish humans.

№.18☆☆☆Feels Like Flying☆☆☆

That’s not fair! I am a supporter of letting humans do whatever they want! Dragon Fetish is just a naturally occurring side effect! Do you understand?!

№.19 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆

I am going to stay quiet and watch



№.21☆☆☆Feels Like Flying☆☆☆

… Get it, I will go back to process those files.

№.22☆☆☆ ShinyGoldBlingBling ☆☆☆

End of Chapter

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3 thoughts on “MPHGK Chapter 38

  1. I find it interesting that the dragon who the dragon books are based off of are completely fine with homosexuality, but for some reason the book is not. Makes me wanna whap the writer of the book upside the bead, get your facts right! Oof the potion, Grieve what did you think iflt would be for? Thank you for the translation!


    1. My personal opinion is : that’s what happen when one personal spreading “god’s words” but what really happen is he/she sharing what he/she believes and people respect that person so they believe it too. 😀

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