MPHGK Chapter 37.5 【Who is Sunny Sama?】

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【Discussion】 Any dragons want to talk about Author「My Tail Shining like the Sun」Sama?

I thought he wrote entertaining novels for pet humans, and today my friend “Amway”(recommend) me the draconic version. Man… It’s magical. I can’t stop reading them.


Welcome a new dragon into da pit! Sunny Sama’s kengpin (update rate) is supreme so are his novels! My human and I were both Sunny Sama’s fans! Sunny Sama’s human language is top-notch. One time, my human and I sent letters to sama together. When he replied, he even translated my human’s letter for me. Oh, I cried that day. I was so touched.


Which book are you reading? @OP


Ah..*blushing* I am reading My Lover My Dragon. It should be some hardcore edgy topic, and it was nothing like I have ever read before, but I simply can’t stop reading! I have accidentally cried a lake already.


Dragon X Human is not hardcore at all, OP, you are too naive.


True, Dragon X Human is nothing, Dragon X Rocky Beast is the true hardcore!


I love Sunny Sama’s EVERY novel series! All of them are worth reading.

Let’s start with the famous series: Handsome Prince Falls in Love with Me, Bossy Prince Falls in Love with Me, Moe Prince Falls in Love with Me, Gentle Prince Falls in Love with Me… There are just too many novels in this series, in a total of one hundred novels, it will take too long for me to list them all. OP, if you are interested, you can go to the pinned post to see the whole list. Hey, the name of this series is a bit…Shocking. But trust me, the novels were soooo moe! Every story is different in its own ways, and there must be one that suits your taste! The series is written in dragon’s pov, so it’s friendly for new readers like you. However, OP is already reading the human’s pov novel, My Lover My Dragon. I am sure you can handle the Prince series.

Speaking of which, My Lover My Dragon is a series of novels too. Sunny Sama was lazy in that period. He didn’t bother to come up a new name for each book and only added numbers… However, this series only has thirty books. It had stopped updating many times, but Sunny sama came back EVERY TIME!

Then there is more literary series, the Rainbow series. The series has seven different parts matching the rainbow. Every time I held the book, I felt my paws had sullied it. Highly recommended. Red, Orange, Cyan, and Purple are light and sweet, Yellow is a little sad, Blue is a tragedy. Then there is Green, something that is so cruel it could make you lose your dragon’s mind!

№.6 ☆☆☆==☆☆☆

Oh, right. If you enjoy some love drama, you can read the ongoing series My Rival’s Pet Human! Non-stop cliché! Endless actions! Dragon X Dragon, Human X Human, Dragon X Human, Human X Dragon, ALL in one book!

Of course, Sunny Sama has many more novels, and it would take me forever to list them all. Here I will link OP to the list: [Link]


Yellow is the most heartbreaking story in the Rainbow series! IMO, Green is okay. Red and Orange are so sweet, your teeth could fall off because of them.

№.8 ☆☆☆=O=☆☆☆

Upstairs, you must be reading the series as it came out. If you read the Yellow after Red and Orange, it does feel much worse.


Many had recommended the Rainbow Series, but I have purposely dodged them all. People said this series is sadder than others. The Prince Series carried my childhood memory, and it turned me into a Human Chef (a dead heart fan of humans). Without a doubt, it will always be my favorite.


Hmm, is it true that people are more impressed by the longer novel series? I joined the pit because I enjoy Sunny Sama’s short novel collections. Every one of them is like a fairy tale. I love them all!


OP! And Floors Above! You dragons should be shamed by your vulgar tastes of novels! I can’t believe dragons out there support shitty authors like My Tail Shining like the Sun and reading his junks! You could tell this author must have unrealistic imaginations and incompetent writing by his pseudonym! And yet, there are a bunch of dragons with poor judgment who become his fan! My preschool niece is begging to raise a human every day! Because of this type of author! What is so great about Humans! Nothing!


I knew it! There will be anti-fan get involved. Upstairs, have you ever read sama’s novel? Have you? How dare you talk smacks on Sunny sama without reading his novels first? If you did, how could you say it out loud?


You fanboys think your Sama is the only one in the world, but don’t you know he has terrible writing? Isn’t his good Human Language made him famous? If you call that a good read, all I want to do is laugh at your face. You said 「Sunny Sama don’t know how to name a novel.」Hehe, an author couldn’t come up with eye-catching titles, and you still call him a good Author? Don’t you feel ashamed when you type out the name like Bossy Prince Falls in Love with Me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


So it begins, the war between fans and anti-fans. Have you grown tired of it yet? If you don’t like Sunny Sama, don’t click the post. You antis will never understand the power of the Prince Series.


New dragons just joined the pit, simmer down, do not get winded up by it. If there are anti, all we need to do is keep our silence and wait. Soon you will understand this feeling. As an old fan, I just want to smile and walk away.


I KNEW IT! It is time for the famous scene: 「How did you know everything」.


Because the truth won’t last too long. Thus enjoy the time we have to watch the anti-fans jumping around. Smile.


I…*Cough*… Might I quietly recommend the Broken Dolls series… Dark and hardcore, but I can’t stop reading it.


MonkaS, upstairs that name sounds terrifying. But whisper me the details, please.


The Broken Dolls series are written by another author, 「His Sparkling Hair」. As for what that book was about… Search it online, and you will know.


You could know from the pseudonym it’s Sunny Sama’s alt account. However, 「My Scales Super Pretty」is not. That account is nothing but a trend chaser and always plagiarizes Sunny Sama’s idea. Do not get fooled.


Ahm yes, the Broken Dolls series… How do I put this, it feels different every time you read it. Quiet amazing.

However, do not recommend this types of books to OP. He is still a newbie. Let’s recommend something more trendy like the Forest City series.It tells a story about a dragon helped a wild human, grew up with beasts, to build a fair-tale city in the middle of the forest. It light and fluffy and full of positive energy.


I am terrified. How productive is the author? How many novels can he pump out each year? How could I never find such a wonderful author before? There are so many authors who would disappear in the middle of updates for hundreds of years.


Oh a new dragon? Fresh meat? Come, come, come take my Amway! Do anyone read fan novels? Sunny sama don’t really mind those. I just want to say I like the silver dragon from the 91st novel in Prince series and the green dragon from My Rival dragon series. Anyone fan the same cp?


Bro, aren’t they a bit far? However, there are three silver dragons in the 91st, which one are we talking about?


Hehe, how could you create new cps while reading such low intelligent work? What’s in your dragon’s brain? Rocky beasts? It is obvious that My Tail Shining like the Sun has never raised humans before. How come so many dragons become his fan? Don’t tell me you think someone speaks good Human language is equivalent to understanding the human in your pea brains. Humans, THEY DON’T EAT GINGERS. Do you understand? Even a little bit, they will split it out. How come this author is so popular among dragons? He lack basic knowledge. Also, humans will kick their blankets while they sleep! Therefore, there had to be a dragon to cover them up! That’s why the death rate of wild human are so high, they get sick often. How is it possible the blanket is still on the human when they sleep alone? Not to mention humans’ hands are fragile. How would someone write something so fictional as a human could kill an adult tiger with a sword. Please tell me, why do you like him so much?


Hello upstairs, goodbye upstairs.


27th floor is too stupid… I can’t even start a fight with him.


It’s the time like this I would say something like…


Hold it and shut it. It is rare a post go this far, and no dragons spoiled anything.


I won’t spoil it, I just want to at golden jackets to clean out some trash. @ShinyGoldBlingBling



Amway 安利: It started with the American Direct Sell Company, Amway. The “direct sell” method had many loopholes and people could use those loopholes to scam people. There was a period in China people think Amway = Pymaid Scam. Now we use it as a verb and it’s equivalent to “Highly recommended”. I will brainwash you with this <insert item>, and you will fall in love with it that sort of thing. Overall a neutral to negative word.

End of Chapter

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