MPHGK Chapter 37

If that silver dragon took dad and daddy, would it be possible for them to return?

Slair did not know how strict the dragon enforcement team was, whether they could find the truth, or how long would it take for them to find it.

However, Robert had the item for so long, and the dragons never detected it. Now, the box was gone, and they had no evidence to prove it.

What should he do to help?

Slair recalled the runes engraved inside that broken box. If he removed the pyro runes he knew, then what was left must be the runes for disintegration. He remembered Grieve could control pyro elements with a spell. Thus, he wanted to experiment with disintegration spell with draconic–made it seem like a dragon was hiding here.

「I must do something. If I am unconscious when the silver dragon returns, please tell him Alex did what he could to save us, and I was shocked by what happened. 」 Slair found the beauty who kidnapped him early and begged for her assistance.

Then he started to chant and aimed his spell at the table that had the gold box on it. Slair went against his instincts and used up all his mana to get the silver dragon’s attention. Slowly, a green glow shaped in his hand then covered the table. As Slair finished the spell, half of the table was gone, so was Slair collapsed from exhaustion.

The silver dragon was still around. He should notice the magic. Robert, a fearsome man, if this was not a coincidence but a part of his grand plan, his knowledge of dragons was well-informed. He must be a pet human. If his plan succeeded, Grieve would die, and the enforcement team would take Alex and Rhett. However, this was the Forest City, and there was quite a distance between Klein. How many more dragons’ artifacts did he have? If Robert wanted to start a war, Slair would be involved, then would Alex and Rhett stay out of it?

The body felt empty, and this was the most exhausting mana drain he had experienced. Just before Slair shut his eyes, he saw a woman rush to hold him. Based on her expression, she won’t refuse his previous request.

Slair wanted to praise his intelligence, who could think so many things at the moment before passing out. He realized he was still in women’s dress–and he passed out completely.

The silver dragon planned to leave immediately after he caught Alex and Rhett. There was no doubt in his mind that those two committed the crime; However, Grieve dared to jump on his paws and shoot arrows at him. Wild humans worshiped the dragons and usually wouldn’t be in the way of the enforcement team. However, there would be a problem if they genuinely wanted to intervene. As an enforcer, the silver dragon could not risk harming Grieve at all, nor could he fly all the way back with him.

「Human,」 He tried to reason with Grieve,「Your arrows do not harm me nor do they ever going to, thus stay out of my way, I mean to do you no harm.」

「Please release those two dragons.」 Grieve said,「If you refuse, my next arrow will be aiming at your eyes. No matter what kind of beast, the eyes are always the weakness.」

Silver dragon felt offended:「I would NEVER let anyone shoot my eyes!」

Grieve shot three arrows, and none of them were aimed to his eyes but his teeth. Grieve’s arrows accurately struck the gap between the teeth as the silver dragon talked. Those arrows did not break any skin but had something stuck between the teeth was the feeling no living matter would enjoy.

The silver dragon opened his mouth wide and tried to remove those arrows. Meanwhile, Grieve stroked once more, and this time he aimed at his mouth. The silver dragon was forced to use his breath to break down the arrows then sorrowed those dirty things. This time he really was angry.

Thanked Grieve. He had wasted so much time. Then he felt a new fluctuation from the pyro element explosion site. It was obscure, and any inexperienced dragons could miss it. But without a doubt, there was a dragon using disintegration magic.

「Looks like things just get complicated. Fine, I will listen to your explanations.」 The silver dragon dropped both dragons and Grieve on the floor, transformed into a human, and rushed towards the magic fluctuation.

Human-form silver dragon looked strict. He frowned when he saw the half disintegrated table, and the surrounding human explained to him what had happened.

「It was this room that shot some strange golden arrows at us, but when we got here, there was no one to be found but a golden box sitting on the table. Someone tried to look closer, then it exploded into pieces, and this gentle blue-haired dragon protected us.」

The silver dragon carefully recorded every word the humans said. He turned around and talked to the dragons:『This might not be a simple incident. You two need to accompany me as witnesses. I would not restrict your freedom, nor would I force you to do so. But if a wild human held dragons’ creations, and it won’t be detected unless activated, the situation would be troubling.』

Alex and Rhett were looking for Slair. It was apparent that Slair used anemo magic to change the direction of the first arrow. It was also how Alex noticed that Grieve was in trouble. He was worried because he did not see Slair in the crowd.

「Anyone injured?」 Silver dragon asked the crowd.

「No sir. Mr.Dragon helped us in time, and only a girl passed out of fear.」

Everything seemed to be okay. Alex knew that he did nothing to protect the people, but this must be Slair’s doing, and his absence could be avoiding unwanted attention from the silver dragon. Thus, after thinking about it, he agreed to help the silver dragon.

Three dragons flew away from the Forest City. Grieve couldn’t compete with the speed of dragons. When he finally caught up, he saw the crowd staring at him.

「Excuse me,」The beauty came behind the crowd and held Slair in her arms,「Is she your sister or lover?」

Grieve took over Slair stiffly. He saw Slair’s long hair was pulled up into a bun with a tiny pink flower, a semi-transparent silk scarf wrapped around his neck. He was wearing a sleeveless top that barely covered his chest and showed off his slender waist. His culotte dress was long but had a large opening at the side. It was wet and tightly wrapped around his shin.

Dragon God above, why would you keep sending me challenges like such.

From Grieve’s reaction, everyone knew the answer. The people of Forest City and their monsters blessed them with their traditional love song, starting with birds chirping.

「I am very sorry,」 The beauty felt sorry for her behavior. First, she kidnapped Grieve’s lover, then seized his whole family.「Here are some little gifts for you. Add some to the bathwater. It would have some magical results.」

She handed over a couple of pink bottles but forgot to give him the detailed instructions.

End of Chapter

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