MPHGK Chapter 36

Poor Grieve. Slair knew that Grieve wouldn’t lie his way out of this mess. Thus, he gave some coins to a gray-feather eagle and asked it to buy a set of women’s clothes. Slair planned to sacrifice himself to save his righteous friend out of trouble. The gray-feather eagle completed its task perfectly. Slair hid among the beasts to change, and then he wrapped a scarf around his neck. He also pulled up his hair and decorated it with a flower.

Right now, two groups of women were getting closer and closer. Sweat trickled down from Grieve’s forehead as he was chased into a narrow passageway and eagerly to find a way out.

「Uh…No matter what kind of man… No possible… But I …」Obviously, Grieve couldn’t make his “wife” show up, and stating he had a wife was not enough for the women to let him pass. Once, he heard from a warrior that to reject a woman from the Forest City, one needed to fluently describe their loved ones’ names, appearances, and life events. He debated whether he should lie and tell them he was impotent, but it was too shameful to say aloud.

「Don’t be shy, and not to worry」The leader took out a bottle of pink liquid,「We have special something to boost the mood.」

Grieve turned around decisively and stepped on the railing. He grabbed a vine hanging from a branch, kicked the fence vigorously, and swung towards the big tree at the opposite side.

There seemed to be a way out after all. Slair felt lost after he got out from the beasts’ fur. As he was about to change his clothes back, he saw a smear of gold reflected from the lower floor window. The person blocked the way quickly stepped aside, but the arrow was not aimed at him, but the vein Grieve held. Grieve was still at the mid-air. There was no place for him to dodge.

「Wind!」 Slair extended his hand, and Anemo elements gathered around that golden arrow. However, it did go smoothly, and it felt like pulling someone from a swamp. He tried his best and slightly changed the direction of the arrow, and it barely missed the vein and left a small opening. Because of that, Grieve did not have a steady landing, but he managed to get a firm grip on the branch on the other side.

Before Slair could catch a breather, another golden arrow was shot, and it was even stronger. Alex noticed the noises from above, and he spat out a thin jet of water, knocking the arrow down.

「Who’s there?!」 The residents were surprised, and Slair hid among the crowd and followed them to where the arrow was shot. It was nothing out of the ordinary when they got there, and all they found was a strange golden box with an arrowhead peeked out from a tiny hole.

「What’s this?」 A bold woman walked forward,「How could someone shoot arrows without a bow.」

Suddenly, all the pyro breasts nearby sounded out alerts. But, it was too late. Slair detected a large number of pyro elements were swarming around the box. He let out a roar, and all the hydro beasts spat out water balls towards the box. Slair used his mana to suppress all the water balls together and used it to wrap the strange golden box tightly. At that moment, the golden box exploded. The water balls neutralized most blast power. But it still made a loud sound, and the water splash soaked the crowd.

People concentrated their glances on Slair. He was soaking wet, too. The clothes on his calf were tightly against his skin. The one stand closest to him was the beauty who kidnapped him earlier. Slair realized that he was still in women’s clothes. Oh god, people must think he was Hantai! Even though he just saved everyone, he will still be treated like abnormal.

「Ah, you are a girl!」 The beauty showed an expression of sudden realization:「Thank you for saving us! You…Are you are dragon too?」

「No, I was raised by dragons.」 Slair said. He approached the box carefully, observing the fragments. Sure enough, there were draconic runes on the inside of the box.

Grieve told him about Robert. Apparently, he was a Jadeite too, and he must stay with dragons for a long time and gain access to many prohibited goods.

Slair carefully collected the broken pieces with the wind. The runes flashed one last time with a blink of an eye, and those broken pieces quickly broke down. Soon all that had left were traces of water on the ground.

Grieve climbed down the tree with the first arrow in his hands. Instinct told him it was suspicious. Alex found the second arrow. When they placed the arrows together and tried to figure out what was special about it. The same thing happened again–The golden arrows disintegrated right in front of them.

「It must belong to a dragon… Based on the design style, it might be Yig.」 Alex said,「But Yig has left the mainland…And he would never use his invention to harm humans」

「Who’s Yig?」 Grieve asked, 「Is he a dragon? I don’t think he will do this to us. It is most likely Robert.」

「Robert?!」 Alex shouted in surprise,「That’s the name of Yig’s pet human! But he escaped.」

Suddenly, the sky darkened. A silver dragon appeared out of nowhere above Alex’s and Rhett’s heads. His expression was serious, and he was not bothered by humans’ stares.

Not all the dragons like humans. Slair knew it by heart. He could see the eyes of the silver dragon from where he stood. Alex used magic to save Grieve just now, but it shouldn’t alarm the enforcement team. Neither would they take Rhett, the Pyro Dragon, with them. The golden box set off the alarm, and if they watched it explodes, there would be more consequences. However, the box has decomposed and left no evidence that it existed.

『Wait, we can explain…』Rhett said.

『You are charged with attempting to harm wild humans.』 Silver dragon ignored them and recited the rights.

End of Chapter

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