MPHGK Chapter 35


Grieve was sitting alone on top of the carriage, imagining Slair surrounded by beauties in Forest city. Phile bird stepped on Grieve’s head as it got out of the birdhouse. Soon, Alex and Rhett came out of the carriage too. They were planning to catch some monsters in the forest as breakfast.

「Hello,human」Alex greeted him,「Have you seen our Slair?」

「A beautiful lady from the Forest City took him away not long ago」Grieve said desolately,「By now, he should be enjoying his time with women’s gentle touches.」

Alex froze for a second, and it took longer for Rhett to react, but they both know what it means– Slair got a girlfriend–tiny humans.

「Shoo-」The dragons’ eyes lit up. At the same time, the giant gray bird flew back.     Grieve dodged that bird’s attack and looked at the women in shock:「Why have you returned?」

「You are my target all along,」The beauty held her head up high,「What happened before was a mare mistake. Come, handsome warrior!」

「Wait, what happens to Slair? Where is my friend?」

「Hum? I tossed him. Who knows where he is. Hey, are you coming or not? Those two over there don’t look bad either…」

Poor Slair! The image of sad abandoned Slair formed in Griever’s mind. How come none of the girls notice Slair’s charm?

The beauty picked Rhett, who was trying his best to understand the conversation, as her next target. She snitched Rhett onto the bird’s back and was about to take off. Her loyal companion let out a painful screech.「Pa-Gee」 It fell to the ground with broken bones.

Meanwhile, Slair reveled in the joys of finding the Forest City. There were intelligent monsters everywhere, and he knew most of them because of similar monsters living on the floating island and speaking similar monster languages. Due to daily interaction with humans, the monsters in the Forest City were more friendly, and it was rare to find someone who could communicate with them successfully. Soon, Slair made many furry friends and started exploring the city.

He rode on a winged tiger jumped from a branch onto a rounded tree trunk. In the middle of the trunk, there was an empty palace. People of the Forest City used it for large celebrations and ceremonies. It was open to the public, but not many will come here on a typical day. Slair did not have a Forest City tattoo on his face, but he had a young-looking face, and monsters surrounded him. The folks passing by did not think much about it, and they thought he was someone’s kid that had not yet held an adulthood rite.

The palace was expanded from the original tree hole. There were exquisite paintings on the wall, and Slair had never seen anything like it. Those murals looked like a photo, but the bold coloring pattern and shading were different from any ordinary photos.

「So pretty!」 A kid praised.

「Of course! A dragon painted it!」 Kid’s mom said proudly.

「What’s a dragon, mom?」

「Look, that golden monster on the painting was the dragon. He was also the partner of our First Lord! Our beloved Lady, the wife of the First Lord.」

Slair looked at the giant golden dragon on the mural, and he thought it looked just like the Dragon Emperor.

The founder of Forest City was abandoned by his parents as a baby. A snow wolf who lost its cub found him and raised the boy with its milk. Like that, the boy grew up and stood by the monsters’ side and helped them fight back the hunters. The boy’s growth was vividly depicted on the mural. When the boy was fifteen years old, a group of angry hunters almost killed him, but he met a dragon.

It was a gleaming golden dragon with golden hair and sun-like eyes in its human form. He healed the wounded boy and taught him to write, speak, and discern. Then a war started from outside the forest, and with the dragon’s help, the little wild man built up a city in the woods and helped men fleeting into the woods to seek peace. At the end of the mural, the grey-haired Lord was lying on the bed surrounded by crying citizens of the Forest City. The giant golden dragon soared to the sky, and the Lord’s young soul held the dragon’s paw. Together they flew towards heaven.

That was the same story of the dragon novel series, The Forest City

As Slair walked out of the palace and wanted to explore somewhere else, a familiar blond-haired figure caught his eyes. He was running on the stair one floor below Slair, and a group of women chased him.

「That warrior over there, stop running if you are a real man!」

「Sisters, let’s get him and suck him dry!」

「I swore I would keep distance from women AHHHH– PLEASE LEAVE ME BE! I am only here to look for my friend.」

「You are booty of older sister! Seers have a share. Stop running!」

「Seers have a share! Seers have a share!」

Slair had the urge to laugh, and then a frustrating roar came below the tree — it was Rhett.

「And you call yourself dragons. You can’t paint! Even my children could paint better than this!」

「Yeah, you can’t even talk. How could the gap between you and Lady be so big? You are dragons, right?」

Alex and Rhett lower their head. Disliked by humans made them extremely upset. Initially, the crowd gathered around after hearing that they were dragons, but they dispersed after seeing their works. Alex’s work looked better than Rhett’s as he was still learning how to use a human hand. However, no matter what, there is no way one could paint like the Dragon Emperor who had lived for god knows how long.

On the other hand, the fleeting Grieve found another group of thirty women waiting ahead of him. He got nowhere to run, and he did not want to fight the women. Thus he begged hopelessly: 「Please, why can’t you just let me go? I truly can’t mate with you….」

「Unless you have a wife,」 The leader of the women licked her lips and said,「We won’t separate a couple but don’t you dare lie to us!」

Dragon forums -> Gossip-> No Taboo

SHOCKINGI went to the legendary Forest City. That place is real. But that’s not the important part. The IMPORTANT THING IS…

The important thing is they call His Majesty LADY! His Majesty is at BOTTOM!

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WHAT! If the city exists, then The Forest City is His Majesty’s love story, no doubt.

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WHAT! My tail shiny like the sun is His Majesty!

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WHAT! That shitty novel is not fake?

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Just because the humans call His Majesty “Lady” does not mean His Majesty was bottom. Do you think His Majesty will call people to see them H? (make love)

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Yeah, it was nothing but human habits. If His Majesty married a male dragon, we would call that dragon Queen, and it had nothing to do with top or bottom.

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The floor above, we could call him Emperor’s Husband too.

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End of Chapter

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