MPHGK Chapter 33


The “Book of Dragons” could always calm a soul. Grieve let out a long sigh of relief, shook off those strange thoughts, and picked up that broken blade.

「I had tried many times 」, he said, 「But none have been successful.」

「Oh, so that’s what you want to talk about.」 Slair rolled on the bed again,「I think… It might have something to do with your emotions. You are more compatible with Pyro, and anger makes it easier to communicate with the element. Sometimes, the environment can affect magic. For example, it is easier to cast Pyro magic around fire dragons. My Daddy, the one with red hair, is a pryodragon, and my dad is a hydrodragon.」

「Amazing.」 Grieve exclaimed,「But I have yet to tame the elements. In fact, I even need your aid to see them. I would never think that with runes and emotions, one could use magic… I thought it at least needed some sort of spells. In that folklore, when a dragon wants to punish a city, it always read a long spell-like, Oh the sacred flame, heed my call…」

「Wait!」 Slair jumped up from the bed like a jerboa,「SPELLS! Ah ah ah ah- SPELLS!」

「What… What’s wrong?」

「Recall how you felt when you used the flame sword, and then say 『Federer』, like this- Fedrell」 A steadily burning fireball appeared in Slair’s palm.

「Fe…Fedrell… Is that so?」 A tiny spark flashed in Grieve’s hand.

Then he saw Slair throwing himself heavily on the bed and covering his head with the quilt.

Even the dragons used spells for large-scale magic. Spells, like runes, were a method to guide elements. However, dragons were born with elements. Within their abilities, they could use elements as they wish. Therefore, all the recorded spells were somewhat complicated, which gave Slair the illusion that one could only use magic after taming the elements.

Just now, he invented the first simple spell and first spell using human language. However, Slair was not happy about it at all.

「Obviously, I took the wrong path… I went the opposite direction…」 He muttered to himself,「The right way is to start with simple spells. First, practice magic with fixed effects, then gradually increase the complexity of the spell. Finally, when the body accumulates enough mana and elemental affinity… It is time to tame the elements and use them as you wish… Instead of jumping into magma or lakes… Or… Jumping off floating islands.」


「Go find Rhett, and practice with him.」 Slair poked his head out of the quilt briefly,「I want to be alone for a second.」


Grieve didn’t quite understand why Slair looked to defeated. However, he respected Slair’s opinion and left the room. But he was a bit nervous about facing a giant dragon by himself. He with a cautious and tense mood, he came to Alex and Rhett’s room. And then he heard suspicious moans from the inside accompanied by some vibrations.

『Ah…Alex… H.. Harder…』

『Rhett, you are amazing…』

Although Grieve didn’t understand any Dragonic, the was no doubt about what was going on inside. Grieve blushed and turned away, but even if he had just witnessed these two dragons kissing, this event still left a dramatic impact on him.

He couldn’t help but start thinking, as two males with the same physiological structure. How can they do such a thing? After all, he had only heard about same-sex unions as a “sin.” People generally think that this is impossible to do. The union of men and women was as natural as putting a sword to its sheath, but how did two swords do the same?

No, no, Grieve, stop your god damn curiosity. The dragons had their own reasons.

He recalled that song made up by warriors in Wall—That’s right, the dragons could shapeshift to humans. Hence, it’s no big deal for them to change their gender temporarily.

『Ah~ Alex!』


The noise was louder this time, and Grieve could not convince himself that one voice was female.


At night, Grieve laid stiffly beside Slair. He found himself kept thinking about it. His curiosity has never been stronger. After counting millions of sheep, reading the “Book of Dragons” for a long time, he found himself wild awake. The sound he heard during the day was a cat clawing in his heart. The more he told himself that it is a sin to think of such an unholy thing, the less he could take his mind off it.

Slair was asleep already. A huge bed means he could move around freely. In the beginning, he hung one of his legs on Grieve’s belly, so Grieve straightened him. Then Slair leaned his head toward Grieve and hugged him. Moonlight came through the window, Grieve suddenly felt their current position was like a couple — Oh, mighty Dragon God above, what was he thinking? Slair’s lips moved slightly. It made him look so cute — Dragon God above!

Grieve wanted to spit on himself. But at the time, the question that had troubled him for a long time had finally got its answers. Yes, the body of a man was different from a woman’s, and there was no place to enter. If you really want to do that, you had to cut a wound on the body… Obviously, this kind of thing can only be endured by dragons and terrifying for humans. Not to mention it was definitely an unforgivable sin.

Grieve was frightened by the bloody picture he had imagined. Those strange thoughts immediately dissipated, and his mood returned to peace. He calmly took off Slair, already lying on his stomach, and put him back in place. This time, he fell asleep successfully without counting sheep.


End of Chapter

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