MPHGK Chapter 31

『Ahem,』His Majesty the Dragon Emperor walked over in his human form and patted Alex and Rhett on the shoulders, 『I have a few more words to say.』

He placed a runestone into Alex’s hand.

『This is…』

『Since you will stay, you must not forget the existence of The Wild Human Protection Law. If you violate any of those more terrifying laws, what awaits you is the Clan Prison. I doubt you could memorize all the laws in such a short period, so remember these big principles:

DO NOT participate in human wars.

DO NOT harm humans.

DO NOT interfere with humans’ willingness to mate.』

Alex and Red both nodded.

『Ah, also』His Majesty wink at them,『I know you are still practicing human transfiguration, so you are allowed to be in your dragon form occasionally–In due course.』

Then he turned into a dragon, fluttered his wings, and flew away.

His Majesty’s magnificent body shone with brilliant golden light. It looked exactly like the Dragon God painted in the temple. Humans were kneeling everywhere. They shouted in the name of the Dragon God and looked at his distant figure in reverence.

Della, who was awakened by the noise, came out with a yawn. She saw her brother, Grieve, and neighbors were kneeling on the ground as the two dragons and envoys embraced each other. She asked:「What happened?」

David was still in excitement:「The Dragon God has come, just now.」

「Dragon God… Ahhhhh– BROTHER! The Dragon God came to our house, and you didn’t wake me up?」


The news of the Dragon God’s arrival spread quickly. Jim, who had witnessed the whole thing, finally couldn’t help but decide to go back- He carried some artifacts that Robert gave to his father and then passed to him. Because he despised Robert’s character, Jim never used them. It was also because Robert had these heaven-defying artifacts that he felt particularly guilty and worried about Grieve. But now, things had changed. Grieve had a divine and two dragons by his side.  If his father still want to fight against such an opponent, it will be self-destruction

He found a quiet place, took out a golden pillar, held it in his mouth, and breathed then placed it on the ground. As the pillar grew bigger, two handles appeared. Jim rode on, held the handle, and turned it twice before he flew up and galloped in Klein’s direction.

At the same time, Grieve and his party also embarked on a journey again. Alex has completely transformed their carriage, which can now bear the weight of four dragons. The wheels were floating in the air, so Choco could drag it and run as free as possible without feeling the weight. The space inside has also been greatly expanded by magic. It has been divided into several rooms. Even phile bird got its own birdhouse–Of course, when Alex thought about it, he shut down the camera bug.

Then they encountered a serious problem…

『Slair baby, why do you want to live with this wild human?』 Alex said,『I will live with Rhett, you stay next to us and let that wild human live by himself. We got enough room for everyone.』

『But dad and daddy are living together, why can’t Rhett and I do the same?』 Slair asked.

『You see, dad and daddy used to live in our separate caves, but now we are together as partners, so we live together. However, you and Grieve are not.』 Alex said, hugging Rhett and giving him a deep kiss.『 See, just like this you and that wild human are just friends. You should not live together. That’s no good.』

『Human friends can live together. We slept together too when there were three of us, and I am used to living with Grieve. You should respect human customs.』 Slair insist.

The two dragon dads had never been able to do anything about what Slair insisted on. They could only cast resentful sight on Grieve


Holding the broken sword, Grieve was looking for Slair to discuss some problems about magic. He was shocked– Without a doubt, the two dragons in front of him were both males. Slair had told him about it in Wall. However, the two male dragons…kissed… then they looked at him with a hostile glance. Mighty Dragon God above, what sort of ordeal is this?

He recited the “Book of Dragons” silently, feeling full of confusion-「The dragon said that any union of infertile is not in conformity with the truth.」The priests often explain this sentence like this: The union of any species to reproduce was a holy act. Thus you should not mate based on your desires, but with the idea of raising a family and leaving your flesh and blood. Therefore, it is a sin to mate with women who were pregnant. It is a sin to mate with girls who were not yet grown. It is a sin to mate with an old woman. It is a sin to mate with same-sex.

There were always some men who couldn’t control their lower bodies and have sex with their pregnant wives. Some of the worse men love to do it with undeveloped girls. However, having sex with an old woman was already absurd. As for mating with same-sex, that was unheard of… If someone became partner with the same sex, it was an even more unforgivable sin. How could the same-sex reproduce and give birth to children? Their ancestors would cry!

However, after he thought it differently, his mind became clear again. Dragons were dragons, humans were humans, how dare he try to understand the dragons’ act with human logic. How dare he thought the dragons were committing a crime? Human life was short. The prosperity of the race depended on generations of reproduction. The dragon’s life was as long as heaven. They were the rulers of the world. They were omnipotent, and they got whatever they wanted. Dragons cannot sin.

Thinking about it this way, Grieve thought that the hostility from Alex and Rhett was due to his misunderstanding, so he bowed deeply and apologized. He quietly recited the chapters praising the dragons in the ” Book of Dragons” to cleanse his soul.

Rhett:『…This human is very polite.』

Alex:『Forget it, Slair has liked him since he was a child.』


At the same time, Slair had already made their bed and was rolling happily on it. When Grieve walked in with the broken blade, Slair stopped and smiled at him. Slair’s long black hair was spread on the white sheet, his clothes were slightly loose. Grieve could see a large piece of skin through the open neckline. There were a bit mischievous in his green eyes, then his pink lips. Grieve had seen those lips many times before, but it was somehow different. They reminded him when Alex kissed Rhett, and then-No, he won’t dare to think what happened next…

This truly is a difficult ordeal. Dragon God, I let the evil sowed into my heart. I dared to have the thought to blaspheme your messenger. He was so beautiful and pure just like the twin lotus. How could I have the slightest will to sin.

Slair looked at Grieve with his face braced. This guy obviously wanted to talk to him, so why did he suddenly get the “Book of Dragons”?

He felt a trace of sadness. Seeing two real dragons seemed to strengthen Grieve’s faith.

End of Chapter

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