MPGHK Chapter 30

Two dragons.

David and Della were both surprised and happy. They invited the dragons into the house with trepidation. Although Grieve was mentally prepared, he still couldn’t control his excitement. As for Jim, he had been petrified outside the door —— Just now! HE! Sit on two dragons (hidden barrels)! Both of them!

『Slair——』Rhett couldn’t bear to be a mute anymore,『My baby! Did you suffer here? Quick! Go back with us. We made you a huge castle…』

『Daddy,』Slair held Rhett’s arm and said,『I want to stay here.』

『What?! What’s so good here?』 Rhett thought about Grieve,『Because of that wild blond human?』

『I want to travel. I want to adventure. I want to do some exciting and meaningful things. Dad, daddy, I realized how big the world is after I came here, though the food here is not that delicious…』

『So come home with us…』Rhett was interrupted by Alex.

『That’s good,』Alex said,『We were worried about you, but we are glad to see you are happy there.』


Alex holding Rhett’s hand and gesture him with his eyes to look at the phile bird. Rhett followed his gaze and finally noticed the pure gold deluxe camera bug.

Rhett couldn’t help crying again:『Alex…is…right…Slair baby…』

『Daddy, what’s wrong?』 Slair looked at him worriedly,『It’s okay. If you can’t accompany me for something, I can go back to see you when I got time. I have been practicing magic every day. One day the wind would take me to the floating island. You won’t lock me out, right?』

He gathered the Anemo elements and asking them to left him in the air.

The Red Dragon’s tears flowed more violently ——Breaking into the Wild Human Preserves would be sentenced for a hundred years. Both he and Alex could not leave the floating island. To disconnect the Internet, they would need to set the protective film to max security. Neither the dragons inside could open the film, nor Slair could enter the floating island. Speaking of which, normally, the protective film was generally set to prevent entry nor exit, since it was the most convenient, but if they were not afraid of trouble…


『He is just too happy/』 Alex said, 『There has never been a human learned to use magic, our little Slair is so powerful, and Rhett is just so excited.』

『Is that true?』 Slair wiped Rhett’s tears,『 But daddy looks so sad.』

『That’s because his human transfiguration sucks.』 Alex said categorically.

That night, they bathed together and slept together. In the early morning of the next day, Alex already felt that their time with Slair was extravagant. The time has come. They could hear the sound of a dragon flapping wings already. Alex took Rhett’s hand and looked at him.


『Dad, daddy, you woke up so early.』 Slair said.

『Because we have to go back now, Slair baby. We will be waiting for you』 Alex smiled and kissed Slair on the forehead. He took Rhett and left quickly, almost like they were fleeing from Slair.

『WAIT!』 Slair felt something was wrong. He didn’t have time to change and rushed out barefoot in his pajamas.

Alex and Rhett were standing at the door blankly. The opponent came faster than they thought.

Because the dragon who came was a gold dragon, and the strongest dragon, His Majesty the Great Dragon Emperor! He was floating in the air, his neck bent into a perfect arc, and his tail swayed slightly. He stretched out a front paw and grabbed the blue dragon and red dragon.

『STOP!』 Slair shouted,『Why do you want to catch my fathers?!』

『They violated the dragons’ law, cute human.』 His Majesty, the Dragon Emperor, said kindly,『They have to pay the price for breaking the law. That applies to any dragons.』

『What law?』 Slair asked,『I don’t understand. They didn’t harm any dragons nor humans.』

『I understand. If they harm any human, the punishment for them would be more severe. Human, you are relatively fragile to dragons. Therefore, it was illegal for any dragons who couldn’t not control their power well or did not have a great understanding of human culture to enter the Wild Human Preserve.The damage those dragons could cause is unpredictable. Thus, I enacted the law. Okay, I have to take them away.』

『Wait, Wait a minute! The Great and beautiful dragon!』 Slair let the wind left himself up and grabbed one of the His Majesty’s front paws,『Please spare me some time. I am puzzled about all of this, and since you made the laws for humans, and I am a human, could you promise my little request, please?』

『I know you want me to release your keeper. I have to say no to that. However, I will agree to your request as long as it doesn’t violate the law. I can give you more time to say goodbye to your keepers, and I can answer your doubts.』

『You will agree to my request as long as it doesn’t violate the law, is that right?』


『Then please tell me, what punishment was waiting for my fathers?』

『They would be imprisoned for a hundred years with no Internet access and outside communications』

『Where will they be imprisoned? Will they be physically abused? 』

『They would be imprisoned on their floating islands. And no.』

『Would you separator Dad from daddy? They each have their own floating island, but they were connected together later on. It would be too pitiful if you imprisoned them on the different side of the island.』

『No, they could be locked together. Since they formed a family, this degree of accommodation could be arranged.』


『Does that mean family could be imprisoned together without being separated? You had to promise me that you won’t separate my family』

『I promise you I won’t separate your family, cute little human.』

『Thank you for answering my questions, the great and beautiful Golden Dragon!』 Slair took a deep breath, raised his face, and said in his loudest voice,『Then, this is my last request. You had promised me that you wouldn’t separate my family. I am also a member of this family, they treated me like their son, and I regard them as my fathers. I am a human being, and this continent is my floating island. Home is where I am. So please, please imprison my fathers by my side for a hundred years!』

Suddenly, His Majesty’s tail froze.

『Hmm…Do you realize how dangerous it could be?』

『You promised.』

『By doing so, you give them countless opportunities to commit more crimes. What if they attack other humans because you are injured…』

『It won’t happen. I could protect myself.』Slair gathers the four elements around him,『I know how to use magic and have reliable friends and partners. The Great Golden Dragon, you promised.』

Thus His Majesty the Dragon Emperor put them all down. Alex, Rhett, and Slair embraced each other tightly. Rhett cried once again, but this time they were tears of joy.


Dragon forums -> Discussions -> Pet lovers

【Touched】Did you watch the live broadcast? I felt touched, envy, jealousy, and hatred.

Slair actually persuaded His Majesty! A human knows Dragonic and magic…My God…What kind of human is this!


№.0☆☆☆I was Shocked☆☆☆

Knowing Dragonic and Magic…Envy, jealous and hate +1

№.1 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

It is obvious that Slair’s max skill is zuipao EX

№.2 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Upstairs has a point. His Majesty lost. I am so happy.

№.3 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

I was happy for them for a while, then I starting to tie

№.4 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Give me a straw dragon!

№.5 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

If I knew it, I wouldn’t sell it!!!!!!!!!!

№.6 ☆☆☆BuyPetsFromMe☆☆☆

Upstairs, where is your shop? I would like to purchase a human from you!

№.7 ☆☆☆ = = ☆☆☆

I want one also! And bruh at the 4th floor, save me a straw dragon.

№.8 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Slair Cutie!! Haven’t you noticed the clothes!

№.9 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Yes I noticed and I have licked Slair all over.

№.10 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Upstairs you did…. Anyway, I need a straw dragon too! I feel worthless for the tears I shed for them yesterday! They were obviously lucky! So LUCKY! QAQ

№.11 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

EX level zuipao against dragon… I would like a human with such skill…

№.12 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Alas,Your Majesty!

№.13 ☆☆☆Feel like flying☆☆☆

Forget it. This is fine too. There probably no dragons can ever meet a human like this one again.

№.14 ☆☆☆Counting money until claw cramps☆☆☆

Quietly wiped away the tears from yesterday and picked up a straw dragon. Btw, His Majesty really did go down there to talk to Slair. The feeling of touching the little cutie…

№.15 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆


ZuiPao: 嘴炮 literal translation is Mouth Cannon. In ACGN culture, the protagonist are good at talking their enemies down with words. Using logic, emotions and yells to deal mental damage to their enemies. It’s a very common “Skill”. In short, its a slang for people who is good at talking and winning an argument.

I did some research on 嘴炮EX. There were not detail information about the EX part, and based on one particular site, I believe EX stands for 恶心 which means disgusting, make ppl feel uncomfortable. So if anyone knows what it means pls leave a comment and knowledge me ! (*^▽^*)

End of Chapter

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