MPHGK Chapter 28

David did not join the trip to Joru, but he lent his mount to Grieve. Grieve was very curious about the phile bird, but it has lost interest in him after it got the camera bug. When Grieve touched the bird, he got burned with flames, and he was frustrated about it.

Slair carved a pyro pattern on Grieve’s sword. He changed the way the magic power was injected and asked Grieve to take the sword, then touched the pyro pattern with the feather of the phile bird. Immediately, the sword was surrounded by flames, and after a while, it went out again.

「Triggerable!」 Slair said happily,「Unfortunately, you still can’t control the Pyro elements.」

「It’s good enough.」 Grieve was thrilled,「Slair, you are amazing!」

Yig’s base was not too high above the ground. Someone used to observe on a flying mount, but they were all blocked by the base’s protection. Grieve knew that it was the place of the dragon, so he obediently waited for Slair to return in Joru City. The city of Joru was holding a sacrifice, and people lined up to donate their property to the priests. As a warrior who abided by the 《Book of Dragons》, Grieve also join the line. When it was his turn, he opened his purse and donated half of the money.


A traveling warrior was helping out next to the priest. When he saw Grieve only donated half of his money, he ridiculed:「Man who  cherishes money over lives is not sincere in heart. Why don’t you pretend that you have only brought half of the money? Joru City is in a catastrophe, and everyone is praying sincerely. However, your behavior insult the priest. How dare you carry a bow and sword, and calling yourself a warrior?」

Grieve gave him a strange look: 「My friends and I came here on purpose after hearing about the disaster in Joru. As a passing traveler, the donation is my free will. Besides, I have donated all of my money. For the other half, those belong to my friend, how could I decide for him without his authorization?」

「So your friend is a miser.」 That warrior said.

「How could you insult my friend like this?”」 Grieve frowned. 「Please take your words back.」

「He does not participate in the sacrifice and does not donate his wealth, but you said you came here for disaster. How is he not a miser? You are not trying to deceive a few ignorant people for your own benefit while people are panicking, are you?」

「Snapped!」 Grieve threw an arrow at his feet 「Take your word back, or I challenge you to a duel.」

「Let’s duel.」

Even if a disaster was hanging above their heads, the people were still enthusiastic about the duel. They surrounded the two warriors and discussed the duel.

Grieve’s sword was not poorly made, but it was clearly used for a very long time. As for the other warrior was holding a brand-new sword with the mark of the best smithy in Joru City on it.

「That blonde warrior can’t win.」

「Why? I don’t know. He is weaker than the brown-haired one.」

「But their sword is not on the same level. If two of them are not good warriors, then the fight could last for a while. However, if both are powerful and bold, the blonde’s sword would definitely break during the duel.」

This was not a duel for his own reputation. Grieve, and the warrior did not announce their names before the fight. However, Grieve had a familiar feeling during the fight —— these moves, that warrior was taught by Henry.


Apparently, the opponent noticed something too:「You are Master Karl’s apprentice.」

Grieve stared closely at his face. Suddenly, he let out a yell and charged with his sword:「You are the son of Henry the Betrayer-Jim· Lorik!」

「Grieve‧Klein!」 Jim widened his eyes. He blocked Grieve’s attack, and his sword hit the fragile part of Grieve’s sword. With a crisp sound, the sword that had followed Grieve for many years broke.

However, Grieve did not retreat. Hatred and anger stirred in his chest. Suddenly, he felt that his body was scorching, and his surroundings were heating up too. The heat injected into the pyro pattern on the broken sword.「Woosh!」A bright flame burned on the broken edge. The flame passed through Jim’s sword and cut it into two.

「His Royal Highness Prince!」 Jim quickly knelt down, 「It’s really you, Your Royal Highness! I…」

「Are you here to kill me on your father’s order, Jim?」

「No, my lord,」Jim said, 「My grandmother wanted the money, so my father took a bribe from Robert. I felt sad for my father’s betrayal, but the son could not blame the father. Thus I chose to be a traveling warrior. Today, I accidentally recognized Your Highness here. If my father asks me, I will not lie to him, but I am willing to follow Your Highness and block any killers sent by my father and Robert for you.」

「But I am going to cut off your father’s head, Jim. 」

「When that happens, please allow me to fight against you for my father.」

At that moment, the shadow hanging over everyone’s head began to move. Yig controlled his base and gradually left. The black dragon couldn’t help to stick his head out from the edge and shouted at Slair:『Goodbye,cutie. Goodbye.』

Slair rode on phile bird and waved back at him: 『Goodbye!』

He landed in the eyes of surprising people and then saw the crowds surrounding Grieve and Jim. Jim was looking at Grievous earnestly, hoping he would accept him so that he could atone for his father’s sin.

Slair felt that he was going crazy.

In such a short time, there was another man beside Grieve.


On the other side, Alex and Rhett were anxious.

「What now?」 Alex said,「He doesn’t pick up!」

Rhett pulled a bunch of leaves and put it on Alex’s head ——when they were escaping from humans, Alex lost his wig. When they went back to the woods and looking for it, but it was never found. Maybe some human picked it up.

「Steal!」 Rhett tried his best to speak Human Language,「Back, find, steal!」

Alex nodded:「That’s the only way.」

End of Chapter

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