MPHGK Chapter 27

The unidentified structure floating above Joru was Yig’s mini base.

As a common criminal, Yig knew the style of the patrol team well. Before he headed down, he had planned his way back. However, after he moved forward for a while, he found something is wrong with the patrol routes. They changed. At present, he could barely hide above Joru. But not for long. Sooner or later, he would be found by the patrols.

He was depressed.  He did extensive research on the Air Traffic Management Bureau consul’s hobbies, so he could sneak into the Wild Human Preserves and observe humans in close distance. But the current patrol routes dis not match that dragon’s style at all. What happens to his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)?

Oh, certainly, he didn’t know what happened. When His Majesty saw the patrol routes were so neat, he couldn’t help changing them all over.

With a dog’s tail grass in his mouth, Yig sat at the entrance of the cave and looked melancholy at the sky. Suddenly, his wristband issued an alarm. An advanced camera bug was approaching.

The black dragon was dumbfounded. He had nowhere to hide. The camouflage film covering the base was mainly aimed to conceal the base from glanced from above, and it could not hide anything in close distance. The route of this camera bug was obvious– it was directly aiming at him.

That’s it. How many years would he be sentenced if he got caught this time, plus all the black history?


At this time, he heard a clear and joyous voice in the wind: 『Dad, daddy! Where are you? It’s me, Slair!』

 Slair rode on phile bird and circling outside the base. Yig recognized it was a human voice and opened the protection firm in surprise. Rhett said his dragonmaw knew how to speak Draconic, but Yig thought the human could only speak a few words, which is not a big deal.

Oh my goodness, if it was such a dragonmaw species, he would also be willing to bring this little cutie back at all costs.

As soon as Yig saw Slair, he covered his eyes in pain.

The phile bird that Slair rode on loved golden objects. It even planned on getting Grieve’s blond hair many times. Slair was worried that it would burn Grieve’s head bald, so he took out the pure gold camera bug. Phile bird fell in love with it at first sight and put it on its head. That pure gold deluxe camera bug reflected the brilliance of the flame on the phile bird’s head, which was very conspicuous.

『Who are you?』 Slair was very disappointed to see Yig,『Excuse me, are you the dragon living here? Have you seen a blue dragon named Alex and a red dragon named Rhett? 』

Of course, he did! He was the one who sneaked those two idiots in! As a dragon with professional ethics, could he out his customers in front of a camera bug? Could he?

Yig’s bracelet vibrated again. He knew it was a conference request from Alex and Rhett. Those two might be in trouble, but it couldn’t be worse than what he was facing right now. Yig crushed his bracelet silently– Goodbye Alex, Rhett, that’s all I could do for you!

『What made you think there were two other dragons who lives here, human? The dragons generally live alone and rarely stay together unless they are partners. Very few of the dragons could come to the mainland. However, I don’t mind spending some time with a human-like you, a special little human.』 Yig pretended that he did not notice the camera bug and said calmly.

『I don’t mind talking to you too, strange dragon. However, please don’t get too close to me. My dad taught me that not all dragons could control their strength well. I don’t know you well, and I don’t want to risk being crushed.』 Slair said.

Yig, who had been trembling by the cuteness, was poked into his sore spot. He bowed his head and said:『The dragons that raised you are so lucky! Dragons like me, who couldn’t control his strength well, could not obtain Human Cultivation Permit. Thus I could only observe these wild humans from afar.

『So you are a dragon that likes humans.』 Slair said,『Then could you move your floating island? You have been parking over the city, blocking the sun and the rain. People who live in the city are terrified and think they have committed a crime and angered the dragons. Right now, they are holding a sacrifice to please the dragons. For this sacrifice, humans will kill the livestock they needed for survival; donate their own money which they needed for living. If you really love humans, please move your floating island to a place further away from them. 』

Yig was shocked: 『Is it so severe? 』 However, he thought he couldn’t stay any longer. Since he would get arrested anyway, would it be better if…

He turned into dragon form, laid in front of Slair, and pleaded cautiously:『I will leave right the way, but before that, cute human could you hug me and stroke me? I have yet gotten close to any human beings.』

Slair touched the black dragon’s nose, then nudged him with his cheek. Yig was so excited that he dented the ground.

『If you see Alex and Rhett, please tell them that I am safe.』 Slair said 『Goodbye, lovely black dragon.』

He rode away on his phile bird.

Yig silently stared at Slair’s back and waved a small handkerchief in his heart. He knew that this would be the first and last time to see Slair, and the patrol team would come over and arrest him immediately. He couldn’t help but worry about Alex and Rhett, wondering if they could see their humans before they were found.

He won’t be able to surf online for a long, long time. Yig sighed. But no worries, he just met with such a unique human, and he could use the time to write a book about it. Without a doubt, the book would be popular among dragons.


Dragon forums -> Discussions -> Pet lovers

【Shocking】 Help! Slair can actually speak Dragonic! Ah, ah, ah, I want to be hugged by Slair too!!!

Say no more, detail in the video below!! I am going to kill that black dragon!!!


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Kill the Black Dragon +1, Lick the cute Slair. Awwwww, little cutie Slair can actually speak Dragonic, o(╥﹏╥)o. So the little Human Language scum can talk to cutie also. Mewl, mewl, mewl.

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Front row licking Slair! I want to kill the Black Dragon TOOOO!

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It is real? There is video evidence, but I still have doubts. Are you sure it was not voiced by a dragon?

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But this is indeed Slair’s voice.

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Why do you all want to kill the Black Dragon? No one wants to kill @ The Declaration of Flames and @Blue is the BEST?


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But … The red dragon told us. It’s just no one believed him…

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Stop wasting time on this nonsense. Let’s slaughter those three dragons together! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Slair IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

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Who has raised more humans than His Majesty? Who knows about the humans more than His Majesty? However, has His Majesty ever met a human who can communicate in Dragonic fluently? NONE. For a scum dragon like me, who can’t afford to raise a Dragonmaw, watching Slair from a distance is enough for me. But for His Majesty, I really really want to know what’s His Majesty thinks about this.

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…. Man, I thought something happened and made all of you miss me so much. Fine, let me answer you directly. I don’t feel any envy, jealousy, or hate at all. Do you know why? Because my human language is as good as Drgonic! All of you have those feelings that must be bad with human language! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA

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End of Chapter

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  1. His Majesty has a sad back story. It’s a horrible fate to fall time after time for people who live so much shorter lives than you! It’s one thing if it’s a reincarnated soul, but otherwise? His Majesty can’t help suffering. 😭

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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