MPHGK Chapter 26

Slair used to sleep on the super-large bed Alex made for him. He could roll around on the bed for a few rotations without falling off. After he followed Grieve, those ordinary beds that he slept on did not have extra room to move around. Now he lived at David’s house, assembling the bed for three men to sleep together. He had extra space on the bed to move around.So in the next morning, Slair has crossed over, with his feet hanging in the air, and his head resting on Grieve’s belly, one of his hands on Grieve’s chest and another hand on his thigh.

Grieve, who was under such weight, naturally woke up first. David woke up next, and he saw his old friend putting the envoy’s feet back into the bed with a gentle expression on his face.

「Grieve,」David whispered, 「You know what, I feel your eyes were full of maternity just now.」

「Don’t say that,」Grieve got up from the bed and bowed to the 《Book of Dragons》.「Slair grew up by dragons’ side. He lived the life of the gods, and now he has fallen to our world and forced to live a suffering life. Thus, taking care of him is my duty.」

「Okay, okay,」David said with a smile,「But you need to remember to wake him up on time. We are going to the hurting ground outside Phile.」


Alex and Rhett were currently hiding in the forest outside the Phile. There were a lot of birds here, but occasionally there would be people passing by.

「Rhett, come on! You can do it! 」Alex encouraged Rhett anxiously. The poor red dragon failed to control his weight again, and half of his body sank into the mud. Just in time, there are human voice came from far, and he became more anxious.

When Rhett finally made his way out, a warrior came to hunt some birds.

「Aren’t these two the foreign liars from yesterday?! Brothers, catch them! The foreign scammers come here to poach the birders

They ran. Alex grabbed Rhett with one of his hands and used the other hand to hold down his wig tightly. The routes in the woods were not as straightforward as in the city. Many trees were blocking the way. In a moment of anxiety, Rhett spewed out a flame from his mouth and burn down the tree in front of him.

Dragon flame is non-ordinary fire. Alex was frightened in cold sweat and quickly spit out a jet of water to extinguish the fire. Everything happens so fast, when the warriors arrive, they did not know what happened. They thought there was a strong monster nearby and they evaded one after another. Finally, the two dragons escaped.

「Hurry up, the farther the better!」Alex glared at Rhett, 「How could you use magic! We will be exposed!」

Rhett said: 『But you used it too! 』

Alex quickly covered his mouth. If they knew finding Slair would be this difficult, they would trick Yig to help them. It was inconvenient without the help from a professional dragon. Ah, Wild humans were so hard to understand.


David led Grieve and Slair into the hurting ground. He was very familiar with this place, so he ran directly to the golden eagles’ habitat. However, he was stopped by someone on the way.

「David, don’t go there.」

「What happened?」

「I just hear about it. There seems to be something strange going on. There is a monster who can throw thunder over there, and it seems to be related to the two foreign scammers from yesterday…」

「If there is a powerful monster, I would have to go check it out.」David was enthusiastic, 「How can a warrior be afraid of beasts?」

The warrior saw that Grieve, who seems to be a powerful companion, was following David, and he did not say anything anymore. He told them to be careful and left.

However, when they got to the place where Rhett burned, David was shocked. It looked like a sphere had been dug out with black edges. There was also a bird with burnt feathers that fell on the ground and twitching. Its body was scorched black.

「Poor thing.」David took out an arrow and wanted to end its suffering.

「Wait a second!」Slair rescued the bird from David, 「Let me have a look.」

Slair closed his eyes. Pyro and Hydro elements were highly active in this area. He stretched out his hand and stroked along the burnt trace left on the half-burnt pine tree. He felt the remaining elemental fluctuation was very familiar.

A foreigner with sky blue eyes, holding his photo, and a man with red hair and red eyes… Although I don’t know why Alex has blond hair, THEY WERE HERE! Dad and daddy came down to find him! As for this hapless bird, it survived the dragon fire. It must be a pyro monster. Slair held it carefully, slowly gathering pyro elements around it and watch them merging into its body.

David was surprised by what was happening in front of him. That scorched bird was inches away from dying, then the scorched black skin slowly turned back into pink skin. There was flame that came out of Slair’s hand, and the bird ate it in one bite. After that, the bird became bigger and bigger, even bigger than his eagle. Its tail feathers were very long; its eyes were fierce and malicious; Its body was covered with flame-red feathers except for its head. On the top of its head, there was a golden flame.


Phile, is the name of this type of bird. Also, Phile City was named after them. However, they were not closed to humans at all. They were very aggressive in nature. Only the first Lord of Phile had the opportunity to raise a phile bird, only because he found a phile egg and raised it from a chick. Any other warriors who tried to tame the phile birds had failed and lost their life. However, Slair did not hesitate. He reached out and grabbed the golden flame on the top of the phile bird’s head and gave it a light scratch. The bird changed back to its original small appearance. It stayed in Slair’s palm docilely and let out a 「Jul」sound.

Now David was convinced that this tiny guy in front of him was really an envoy. He slammed Grieve with his elbow excitedly: 「The Dragon God above. How could you be so lucky and the god let the divine envoy fall to you from the sky?」

「It’s probably because the Dragon God believes in me. He believed that I will love Slair as much as I love him.」Grieve said,

When phile bird stayed small, it looked utterly inconspicuous. Itjust looked like an ordinary red bird. When the three of them got back to Phile, they heard people discussingthe monsters in the hurting ground. Some of them guessed the legendary Phile bird had appeared. However, more people were talking about something else.

「Have you heard? Joru city suffered a dragon disaster! 」

「Yeah! I have a friend in Joru, and he told me there was a strange disk floating on Joru city. It moves between the east and the west side of the city, blocking the sun and rain. They said that the Lord of Joru committed a serious crime, and the Dragon God was going to punish him for it 」

「Yes, there hasn’t been any dragon city float so close to the ground, yet staying still in one location. Not to mention there is no dragon city so small. It must be a disaster. If the priest can’t solve the problem, what could the Joru City do?」

It did not sound like a floating island, but no dragon would let their floating island descend directly. Slair was secretly pleased — it must be his dad’s and daddy’s temporary base. They did not get anything usable information in Phile and get kicked out of the city. They must be worried in that temporary base. Since the base was not that high, he could totally fly up there!

「David,」he asked cheerfully,「How do I get to Joru?」


Dragon forums -> Discussions -> Pet lovers

【Questions】Does any dragon feel something wrong? It has been a while since Slair’s owner come online.

@The Declaration of Flames @Blue is the BEST

They used to make their appearance quickly if any of the posts mention Slair. However, they haven’t shown up in any of the posts with Slair in their titles. That’s suspicious.

№.0☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Now you won’t allow the owners to be sad and unwilling to go online and check you licking his pet’s photo?

№.1 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

But bruh, isn’t Slair alive?

№.2 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Who won’t have things come up. His Majesty Dragon Emperor has been disappeared for a while, too.

№.3 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Maybe they retreat and studying for the exam. Think about it, if their pet rewild successfully… I can’t help to lit some candles for them. But I think its too late for them.

№.4 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

That’s right. I taught the “some” red dragon Human Language for once. Not to mention 3 years, he can’t pass HLE-6 in 30 years.

№.5 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Don’t be so absolute, brother above me. The power of love is great.

№.6 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

I kinda miss His Majesty for a bit. His Majesty always has information to leak.

№.7 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

I miss His Majesty too. Although His Majesty loves to show off his village of four generations of pet humans. It makes other dragons jealous, but now we can’t read any of those show-off posts, and I feel lonely because of it.

№.9 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

I miss His Majesty too. Although there are other golden coat accounts other than His Majesty. Still,His Majesty was always the fastest to process any tickets. Even those psychos won’t dare to challenge him. Now, those Anti-Human dragons know His Majesty doesn’t have time to deal with them and are starting to spam pictures of dead human bodies. It feels awful when you are scrolling down a Moe post and encounter those picture spam.

№.9 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Yeah, I don’t understand what’s wrong with those dragons. How cute humans are, and it doesn’t bother them at all.

№.10 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

OOOOOOH, So many of you miss me. I am touched. =W=

№.11 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆

His Majesty ?! How could you show up here?

№.12 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

I could scroll the web occasionally since there are things required to be handled online.

№.13 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆


№.14 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆


№.15 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆


№.16 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

GET BACK TO WORK! X His Majesty’s age

№.17 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

You…You…Didn’t you say you miss me?!!!!

№.18 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆

End of Chapter

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  1. The dragon parents were found out by their adopted son sooner than I thought! Poor bumblers- they were pretty obvious. Haha. New bird pet acquired in the process though!

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