MPHGK Chapter 25

「Those two men,」Della recalled. 「They were dressed like decent people. They were tall and strong. They didn’t carry any weapons or mounts. They were obviously foreigners, but they didn’t even have a bag on them. One of them is blond, with light blue eyes, looks like the sky, and speaks with a weird accent. The portrait is only this big, but it is incredibly lifelike. There is no ink over the outline, nor you could see what kind of paint is used. It’s like a complete copy of the eyes… He asked me if I had seen you before, and I said no, then I asked him if he was a painter, and he nodded, then took my money and ran away! As for the other person, he has red hair…very bright. I have never seen such pure red hair. The eyes are also red. He hasn’t spoken at all but follows the blond. 」

Such a thing was probably not a painting but a photo of him. Slair thought But who would have a photo of him? In theory, Alex and Rhett should be the only ones… But if the dragon turns into a human form, Alex should have blue hair, and Rhett will not say a word. Think about it carefully. At the pet-human gathering, other dragons took pictures of him. Could it be those dragons who heard that he was lost and wanted to find him first and take the opportunity to snatch him away?

「Thank you for the news,」Slair said, 「I don’t know those people either, but they would never have that kind of painting skills. If they can draw such a realistic picture, there will be many people begging them to give them money, why should they lie to you? I don’t know why they have my portrait. There may be some conspiracy in it. If you see those men again, please don’t tell them about me. 」

Della felt it made sense and nodded. Think about it carefully. If it was a real painter, the amount of money she gave would be an insult.


During their conversation, David had decided to invite Grieve to stay at his house and refunded their hotel money. Grieve accepted his offer, and he also wanted to get along with his old friends, so he agreed. Slair was shocked to found out tonight he would sleep alone after sharing food and bed with Grieve for so long.

And David patted Grieve on the shoulder and said that they were going to talk all night long.

Slair looked at Grieve pitifully. He felt abandoned.

“Grieve,” he said softly, “I thought we were brothers who will die for each other. Today, you meet an old friend, and going to left me alone ?”

Grieve laughed loudly, handed David over with one hand, and then crossed Slair with the other hand and said, “Why bother? Let’s put the beds together and let the three of us sleep together today! Slair, I have to tell you about my past; David, you will also be interested in my experience over the years, but when it comes to these, you can’t miss Slair! 」

David nodded: 「Great! I have always been curious, this young man looks so thin, but he can be cited as a confidant. There must be something special about him. “

That was it. David and Grieve came to the open space in front of their house with their shoulders on their backs, took off their shirts, revealed their sturdy bodies, and started fighting with excited smiles. David’s giant eagle chanted behind him to cheer for the master while Miffy and Choco gathered near Grieve.

Again, he lost! This feeling! Slair sat by the door with a piece of bread in his hand and staring fiercely at the men who were fighting. Was it so important to be able to fight?

「Damn, I lost again!」Della sat right next to Slair, staring at Grieve bitterly, 「Miffy, this little rascal! It could only see Grieve now! Shouldn’t you stand by brother’s side? ! “

The two of them looked at each other, and the similar resentment made them suddenly feel a sense of sympathy for the other.

「My brother will definitely win.」Della said.

「How is it possible? The victory belongs to Grieve.」Slair said.

The budding of friendship died so quickly.

「My brother has incredible strength. He has been fighting in the air for a long time. His arm strength is incredible. Even Grieve couldn’t take a full blow from him head-on, but avoid it 」

「Grieve has gone through all kinds of dangers. He has rich experience, excellent skills, strength, and endurance is one of the best. Your brother is just a little bigger in size. If he shows a little flaw, Grieve can get him right away.」

「This is hand-to-hand combat. Grieve’s attack hits my brother, just like cotton hitting an iron plate. What’s the use of superior skills?”

「As long as the timing is right and the location is precise, even a mouse can kill a lion, not to mention Grieve is the lion.」



「They seem to get along well.」David said to Grieve as they fought, 「What’s the background of your companion? Why all the secrets and refuse to explain it to me? If my sister is interested in him, I have to think about it. 」

「If this is the case, I must explain. David, I should have set up the 《Book of Dragons》then solemnly introduce him to you. I wonder if Phile has heard of Slair the Dragonmaw? “

David shook his head.

「David, my dear friend! He is the adopted son of dragons, the divine envoy, and the exerciser of miracles. He saved the city of Wall. His throat can imitate all the sounds in the world. In the winter before I left for my hometown. Wall’s rat tide came more fiercely and earlier than previous. We had not finished building the ice wall at that time, and the rat tide was a surprise. It broke out at an unexpected moment, and I thought I was going to die there. Slair let out a dragon roar and drove all the cyanrats away. He came on the wind, he drove the snow, David, my friend! If Slair likes Della, this is indeed a happy marriage, and you will never find a better brother-in-law than him. But with all due respect, Della is just an ordinary girl. She is not a woman worthy of Slair. “

David was astonished by Grieve’s words. He knew Grieve and knew he wouldn’t lie to him. This made him show a flaw in his movements, but Grieve did not take the opportunity to attack.

「If this is the case, I won’t expect anything and more.」David said「Della, can’t be the wife of an envoy But how could this envoy don’t have a mount? Tomorrow we will take him to choose a great raptor! 」


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坑品(kengpin):A word describe integrity of the Author. If the Authors update their novel regularly and on schedule all the time, then their integrity is great. For the Authors did not update regularly or drop the project, then their novel will be refer as a pit.

意淫(YY):  YY is used to describe people with wild imaginations which 99% could not came true in real life.

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