MPHGK Chapter 23

『Alex, we made it!』 Rhett stood on the soft ground and held Alex’s hand happily. His feet sank down halfway immediately.
「Hold on! Watch your weight!」 Alex said, 「Remember, you are a mute! And don’t speak Draconic!」
Rhett lowered his head reluctantly and pulled his feet out of the soil. He could understand most of the simple human language but speaking it was way too hard.
Can’t talk at all. Oh God, he just realized how awful it would be. And this is just for a short while.


Alex unfolded the map, drew a small dot at their current location, then drew a line: 「We are here right now. Yig had to avoid the patrol. He has to go… Emm… Black spots? Blind spots? Anyway, it was something along this line. Now our question is … Where is Slair?」
Rhett pointed at his mouth. But he could use a pen to communicate. After broke three pens, he shivered and drew a slanted arrow under Alex’s glance, pointing from Wall to the Wild Human Preserve.
Alex nodded his head:「Yes, we only have this glue.」 (What he meant to say is “clue”)
They landed in a forest, and a group of birds were startled and flew away. Yig had flown away along the planned route, and they probably would not meet any time soon. Once you get out of the forest, you could see a city. The city is called 「Phile」, also known as 「the City of Birds」. It was known for varieties of birds.
As giant dragons, Alex’s and Rhett’s human form looks like burly warriors. With Yig’s guidance, they dress like decent people, so they entered the city smoothly. Birds were chirping everywhere. Here, the warriors would tame powerful and mighty birds as mounts, and the ladies kept petite and cute birds as pets. They admired flying creatures. Thus any warrior without a mount or rode on horses would be looked down on. Alex and Rhett looked like outsiders without weapons or birds. However, they were quite sturdy. Such a combination had drawn much attention.
Rhett shook Alex’s hand desperately. He remembered that he could not speak. Still, he was so excited that he almost smashed the floor again– So many humans looked at them enthusiastically, what unspeakable happiness! Also, there was no Internet connection. He needed to create a post and show off — Ah, wait, they sneaked in illegally, and they couldn’t show off.


Alex was happy too, but he has not forgotten their goal. He took out a picture of Slair from his chest, stopped the closest person to him, and asked:「Hello, lady, have you seen this person?」
It was a young lady, she was stunned by the photo. She used to mourn her youth and wish a great painter could paint a portrait to commemorate her youth. However, none of the portraits could satisfy her needs. But check out this portrait. It looked so real! And it was on such a small piece of paper. When you watched it closely, you can’t see any traces of brush strokes!
「I have never seen him before,」 she took out some money and stuffed them into Alex’s hands.「Are you a painter? Did you paint this? Please paint one for me. Please. The mighty Dragon God above, I have never seen such a beautiful painting. It’s like a miracle! You must paint one for me too! 」
She spoke so fast and eagerly that Alex felt his brain about turning into glue. HLE-2 would not torture the poor dragons with such high accented speed. However, he successfully extracted the keyword – Painting. Humans did not have photos. Obviously, a photo looked like a painting for them. This was easy to understand, so what the girl wanted to say was — 「Is this a photo?」
So he nodded.
「Great!」 She cheered, adjusted her hair and cloth, and sat down on the stone bench by the road with a sweet smile, 「You can start now, Mr.Painter.」


You can start now, Mr.Painter — What did that mean? Wild humans were surely hard to understand. Alex glanced at the money in his hand. These were just a few copper coins, which were totally inconsistent with the dragon’s aesthetics. However, he knew this is humans’ currency, and it had been in the hands of countless humans. Although, he did not understand why the lady gave the money to him. But since it is given to him, he should accept it. Maybe his human conservation teacher could explain it to him.
Thus Alex dragged Rhett and left.
At first, the girl thought that the painter was looking for a good angle, but after seeing them go further and further, she became angry. The girl stood up and yelled, the golden feather long-tailed pheasant on her shoulder also let out a long chirp:「Catch those two foreign scammers– they accepted my money and did not paint for me !」
The men on the street looked over in an instant. They approached Alex and Rhett fiercely, holding swords, sticks, and iron tongs in their hands. No matter how dull they were, the two dragons realized that they were in trouble.
Misfortune did not come in single. At the same time, the ring on their wrists vibrated. This was a warning to tell them that an advanced camera bug had been detected in the distance, and it was best to find a way to avoid it.
The red dragon and blue dragon looked at each other, then ran.

End of Chapter

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