MPHGK Chapter 22

「So this is the gift offer of apology?」 Grieve looked curiously at the camera bug flying around in the carriage,「Gold flying in the air… I thought it was something that only shows up in my bedtime story. The dragon is omnipotent.」
This poor camera bug was chained at its wing roots by Slair. It could not fly away but could only be ravaged by humans. Slair drew down some of the magic circuits on it, checking it from left to right. He could only analyze that this thing was not combative, and its function seemed limited to transmission.
「Maybe there are some magic circuits drawn inside. Should we try to take it apart?」 He poked at the camera bug, but he can’t find any seam. It won’t be worth it to use brunt force and break it. After thought for a while, he placed it back in the box. 「 Let’s set it aside for now, Grieve, pass me an arrow.」
Slair held a knife and carved a Pyro pattern on the shaft of the arrow. Magic power circulated in the fire pattern for a while, and soon flames ignited on the wooden arrow shaft. Grieve quickly slapped the arrow on fire from Slair’s hand and stomped out the flame with one foot.


「Is your hand only?」 He took Slair’s hand and touched it. Everything is fine, and no visible injury.
「Maybe I should carve on the arrowhead?」 Slair thought, then shook his head,「No, it should only burn when needed. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of magic.」
「Does the pattern work right the way?」 Grieve asked,「If I carved the same pattern, will it work too?」
「The pattern works as guidance,」Slair said.「The key is the magic and elements that run inside the pattern. I don’t really understand the theory behind it. Maybe a dragon could explain everything clearly…」
「What you are saying is, if we carve a pattern first then inject magic when needed, it will work, right?」 Grieve said eagerly,「For example, if you carve a pattern on my sword and when I need to fight someone, you could inject your magic to help me, and the sword will be covered in flame. That is great!」
Slair imagined the scene for a while and found it unrealistic:「I think if that’s what was going to be, I will be killed first… Unless you know how to use magic– Oh, right, I can teach you magic!」
「I can learn magic?」 Grieve was shocked,「Dragons raised you, and I am an ordinary warrior.」
「We are both humans.」 Slair said,「Even the dragons who raised me have no idea I can use magic–dragons raise many humans, and they enjoy the joy and peace provided by the dragons. They never explore the domain sitting right in front of them, and many of the dragons think humans can’t use magic This kind of power is used by dragons naturally, so are the monsters with dragon blood. And we, we can learn how to wield such power, even though we are not born with it .」
Grieve opened his mouth in shock. Although Slair used the word「Magic」, in Grieve’s mind, it was a nickname for 「Miracle」. When he heard that he could learn such magnificent skill, he could hardly speak.
「To learn magic, first you need to have mana in your body, then you could feel the elements around you, at last, you will be able to tame them– Elements are everywhere, Earth, Hydro, Anemo, Pyro, they are the foundation of the world. Grieve, you are a warrior; taming elements is like taming a mount. There is nothing special about it, of course, it will be a bit uncomfortable. Every time you tame an element, all the mana in your body will be drained, which feels very uncomfortable… Ah, but that is not important. Anyway, you can do it.」
Grieve nodded his head in anticipation:「But how can I see the elements?」
「Close your eyes and feel them. It will be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen」
Maybe because Grieve just ate some twin lotus seeds, there is a slight amount of mana left in his body, but that is far from seeing the elements. Slair did not know, and not everyone was born with mighty magic power like his.


「How do you feel?」 Slair said, 「Have you enter the godly moment and surrounded by colorful light flying around you ?」
「…No, all I felt is darkness, then I felt hunger.」 Grieve opened his eyes「See. Ordinary people can’t learn magic, right?」
Where did it go wrong? Slair was puzzled. He frowned and thought about it, said:「Let’s try it again, but this time I will gather all the elements around you」
Slair’s call gathers the four elements. Grieve felt something different this time. The feeling was very subtle, like walking out a dark valley to an open field, like submerging into a hot tub on a winter’s day. He closed his eye and tried to experience every change that happens. However, he still can’t see anything, but it seems to be something there. All of a sudden, there is a red light jumped once, within a blink of an eye. If he were not fully focused on feeling his surroundings, he would treat it as an illusion.
「How do you feel?」 Slair asked expectantly.
「I might see something.」 Grieve said, 「However, it was just a red dot… It blinked once, and then nothing happens after that.」
「Red is Pyro.」 Slair said,「Okay, it might be different for everyone … You can try tame Pyro element.」
「Em, how to tame Pyro element?」
「Jump into the magma! Ah, No, no need to be in such a hurry. Just get near fire, try to burn yourself with fire, or anything that could put your life on the line, and it is fire-related. When the fire can’t harm you, and you can control the fire, you successfully tame the element!」
Grieve’s expression changed suddenly. His admiration for Slair has raised to a whole new level
「Let me be straight, Slair, my dear friend. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I do not like suicide. A miracle is a miracle indeed.」


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End of Chapter

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  1. Considering the lack of an mpreg tag on this story I think those hoping for cute Grieve and Slair babies are going to be disappointed. Haha. They’d never come up for adoption anyway even if they would create children through magic or science. Silly dragons! 😂

    Thanks for your hard work translating!


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