MPHGK Chapter 21

There was nothing but black rocks on, Yig, the black dragon’s floating island. Nothing was shining at all, which made dragons feel very depressed.

『Is he reliable?』 Alex looked at Rhett suspiciously,『 He is so poor, what can he do?』

『He keeps a low profile,』Rhett said,『Could he be flashy if he is doing something illegal?』

However, as soon as Alex and Rhett entered Yig’s cave, they were shocked. — Other dragons will decorate their cave with gold and germs, but Yig decorated it with all kinds of alchemy products. They even saw several older versions of camera bugs that had been discontinued. And Yig wore a fur collar around his neck made out of real human blond hair!


『Oh god,』 Alex said, 『He is not a poacher, is he ?』

『How could you accuse me of such thing !』 Black dragon expressed his anger, 『Even you are a customer, you could not question my love for humans! I devote my time to improving my crafting skill, finding loopholes of the law and dragon patrol paths, but I never thought of hurting anyone!』

『But, collar made with human hair was not something you can buy with money. If a dragon has a pet human, he might cut the pet’s hair and use it to make a small toy, but for you …』Rhett questioned.

『Are you here to insult me or do business?』 Yig glared at them, 『It was not hard to get some hair from a pet grooming store. How could you sneak into the wild human preserve zone if you don’t have the guts to steal some human hair?』

Both blue dragon and red dragon lowered their head.

『I have a grasp of your current situation, but I must say, you are not fit for fake certificates.– Do you think the dragons who work for the Wild Human Preserve Administration are stupid? Look, both of you took the latest HLE(Human Language Examination), and your scores are still online. One of you passed HLE-2, and the other failed to pass HLE-1. Plus, you keep a very high profile. How can I give you those false certificates?』

『What can we do?』 Rhett was so anxious, he was about to cry,『 When is the end of all t hose exams? How could our poor Slair wait for that long?』

The black dragon put on a mysterious smile. He craned his neck and leaned over, whispered『Smuggling.』

The blue dragon and the red dragon took a deep breath because of the word

『You must think it through,』Yig said,『Entering wild human preserve without permission is way different from faking certificates. The sentencing for smuggling is way harder. Besides imprisonment for one hundred years, you have no access to the Internet too. 』

『Terrifying!』 Rhett eyes widened in horror.

『Although I have succeeded many times,』Yig recalled his experience and raised his head triumphantly, 『But it is still perilous. Therefore, I would only take you into the preserve. As for finding the human and getting him back to the dragons’ world is depends on you. 』

Alex looked at various camera bugs and image crystals on the cave wall, along with all kinds of human models, then asked: 『Yig, it seems to be an expert on humans. There is one thing I don’t understand. If you love humans so much, why don’t you raise one yourself? Even if you are a wildist, with so experiences about humans, it would not be hard for you to pass those exams. After getting all the certificates, you will be able to observe wild humans legally. Why take such a big risk?』

Yig sighed in frustration:『Because I have a problem. When I find something cute, I will lose control of my strength. Not just the Human Protection Certification, I can’t even get a Human Cultivation Permit from the administration. So what good will those knowledge do? Speaking of humans, I raised a human once. Oooh, my poor Robert….』

『Wait for a second,』Rhett said,『If you ’don’t own a cultivation permit, where did you get the human?』


『Since the Dragon Emperor know about it, I will not hide it from you.』Yig took out a picture and wiped his tears. The picture was a Jadeite Human with a scary scar from his right eye to his thigh,『I want a human for myself so badly, one day, I intercepted a package in delivery. However, I accidentally hurt the human inside of it … Then I was stupid enough to reply under Your Majesty the Dragon Emperor’s post, in which I paid a large fine. Since he was sad all the time, I built up my courage and sneak into the preserve for the first time. I wish that will make him happier, but he escaped…』

『Is the package’s tracking number: AN-K106X890045? 』

『How did you know?』

『Because I am that damn dragon who ordered the package!』 Rhett rushed forward and knocked Yig down,『I have waited for so many years! SO MANY YEARS! That was my Jadeite! And you are the one who stolen it! YOU BASTARD!』

『Rhett, calm down,』Alex dragged him,『Think it this way, at least he made we met each other… and we get to raise Slair. Just think about how cute Slair is.』 He tangled his tail with ’Rhett’s, spread his wings, and wrapped them around the red dragon. After a while, the red dragon finally calmed down.

『True, the most important thing right now is to find Slair.』

『Then, I wish you could set old grievances aside and listen to my experience. Now, let us change to human form first.』 As Yig said, he transformed first. His human transfiguration is perfect.He transformed into a man with black hair and black eyes. Very handsome but not catch to the eyes. He was wearing a black robe woven with golden threads, beautiful but low profile at the same time.

In contrast, the other two are much worse. Alex’s human form was not bad, but the conspicuous blue hair has revealed his non-human identity, and his clothes look like it was put together by gold coins which is non-human at all. Rhett was even worse once he transformed into human form, his feet was stuck in the stone– He is too heavy, and it took him a while to adjust the weight.

Yig shook his head. He took off a golden wig and put it on Alex.

『I want a black one!』 Alex said.

『It will be okay if you want a brown one, but not black. Most black-haired humans are born with either black or brown eyes. We, the forgers, need to pay attention to every single detail.』 Yig said, 『Did you bring everything with you?』

They pat the storage pouch hanging around their waists, indicating that everything is ready to go.

『Great, now wear this on your wrist. It could shield you from the patrol scans. It could also disrupt most camera bugs, not the high-end ones, so you still need to remain vigilant. Most camera bugs have programs to detect dragons. If you get caught on film, you are in trouble. And, remember your background story. Alex, you are an introvert who is not good at speech, because it could conceal the fact you are not that good at speaking human language. As for Rhett — I am sorry, but you have to be dumb. Remember, do not speak Draconic unless its necessary .』


The two dragons nodded desperately. They followed Yig to the edge of his flowing island.

『Emm. Are we going to jump down?』

『Shut up and sit down. No matter what happens, do not make a noise.』 Yig chanted a spell, then the stone they were on suddenly fall off. It did not slow down until it almost touches the ground. Then it popped something around it, and the stone turned into a small base.

Alex and Rhett opened their mouths wide in shock.

『Told you, I am a professional.』 Yig said triumphantly,『I have tested that no dragon would pay attention to falling stone of this size. Next, I will be staying in the base and observe wild humans. If you can find your pet human and get back to me before I headed back, I might be able to give you a ride.』

He tossed two special-made rune stones at them:『you could use this to contact me. Goodbye.』

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