MPHGK Chapter 19

That night, Slair could not fall asleep.

When the moon rose to the sky, Grieve opened his eyes.

「Slair,」 He said apologetically,「I screwed up.」

「You only messed up yourself,」 Slair said,「Don’t worry, you won. For what has happened, they don’t have the right to bother us with that many more.」

「But I still caused you trouble」 He lowered his eyes in annoyance,「 But… However, I don’t know you will … value me this much.」

Of course, I do. Slair thought. Slair would buy three sets of wild human documentaries with Grieve as the protagonist. One for personal watching, one for collecting, and one specially set aside for communicating with other pet humans. However, not everyone had the taste and understanding of Grieve’s charm. . After the film crew changed the protagonist, Slair sent razor blades to them many times. It was a shame that the dragons’ scales were hard. Every time the crews received Slair’s package, they thought it was a gift, and they accepted it happily.


But I am a little puzzled. Slair, you are younger than me, and we just met in Wall. How could you know so much about me? What happened to me before, and why would you say you watched me grow up?」 Grieve thought a while, he said「Is it because you live by the dragons’ side? Do dragons watch humans? Do they know everything」

「They will watch you, but they are not all known. It is indeed because of the dragons, I get to see your past life. It all started when you were very young, very, very young, younger than you could ever imagine… But it is not everything. The dragons only showed me part of it.」

Slair was a little uneasy. Would Grieve be mad at me? He would be mad, right? Even he wouldn’t like the dragons to watch him using the bathroom.

Grieve smiled:「Thank the Dragon God! It was my pleasure to be watched by dragons. It might be the Dragon God’s blessing for me to live until this day! However, Slair, my father, was brave and strong, loved by his people; My mother was gentle and kind, loyal and virtuous. They are both believers of the Dragon God and read the 《Book of Dragons》 daily. How could they die to a dragon’s weapon and that despicable Roberts gets access to that murderous artifact? 」

「That’s because dragons only watch, and they don’t interfere. It’s up to humans to live or die, to violate their conscience, or to obey the law. Everything is determined by humans themselves. Some dragons love humans, some don’t have any feelings toward humans, and some hate humans. But all of them could only watch us from the above, on their floating islands. It’s your own bravery that keeps you alive nor the dragons. Humans are the ones who determine fate, and only humans.」 Slair was talking not only to Grieve but himself. Suddenly, he felt something open in his heart– He was still himself, his heart was still pumping, he missed Alex and Rhett and wanted to hug them. But he didn’t want to go home anymore. He felt his soul flew out of the dragon’s paws.

That’s right, why did he must live in an exquisite house, slept on the most beautiful bed, ate the most delicious food, and asking for anything he wanted from the dragons? Compared to them, he was just a tiny pet human, but he was the only one who tamed the elements and controlled magic in this wild human world. He could help Grieve avenge his parents; He could travel along Grieve’s side and finish all sorts of adventures; they could make this land spread their legends, a warrior and a dragonmaw. One day, when he and Grieve both slept under the ground, Alex and Rhett could hear his name in the wind after a very, very long time. Everyone could say they had raised a perfect human.


「I want to go to Klein with you」 Slair said.

「Isn’t that what we are planing all along?」 Grieve said,「I will seek out my vengeance, and you go find traces of dragons.」

「I change my mind, Grieve. I know you want to slay your enemy and chop off his head with your own hands, but they will not face you directly, and you will need helpers. And… what are you going to do after you finish your revenge? Getting back your kingdom and be King? If that is your plan, I would like to hold the position of a minister.」

「Sorry to disappoint you.」 Grieve smiled,「The King of Abby used Robert’s conspiracy to obtain Klein’s land, but his rule was resisted by everyone. The nearby Millist Empire sent out troops to Abby then annexed both Abby and Klein. I do not know the details, but Henry and Robert have sworn their loyalty to a new master, and their lives are not bad at all. The Emperor of Millist is great, but he would not give Klein back to me.」

「Then let’s go for adventures! Or we can go do anything fun!」 Slair jumped on the bed happily, and his eyes were shining like the stars.「 How could I just realize this! Something is just way more fun to do it yourself than watching someone else do it !」

「Is this an invitation for us to be together forever?」 Grieve stretched out his hand and banged his fist with Slair,「Well, you know my answer.」


Dragon forums -> Discussions -> Pet lovers

【Mourning】Mourning Post for Cute Pet Human Slair –MOE is Justice (Third Post)

Cute Picture Defending the Post:


For more cute pictures pls click here :[Slair’s cute picture collection]


№.0 ☆☆☆MOE IS JUSTICE☆☆☆

Lick Lick Lick, lick the screen! AH, What a cute human, such a shame!

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Front row check-in and holding Slair’s little hands

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Front row check-in and holding Slair’s cute face

№.4 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Front row check-in and holding Slair’s little feet

№.5 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆
AHH! You dragons again! AGAIN!!!! How many times do I need to tell you, Slair did not die. Did! NOT! DIE! Why on earth do you start a mourning post! WE did not allow you to start this kinda of post!

№.6 ☆☆☆The Declaration of Flames☆☆☆

Front row check-in and holding Slair’s little feet

№.7 ☆☆☆ = = ☆☆☆

I am going to protesting too! This kind of behavior is too KY (inappropriate). Also, a while ago, there was a dragon caught Slair on file. It is proof that Slair is not dead. Please look over there:

[Link :【SHOCKING】My Camera Bug Came Live after One Hundred Years.]

And the Dragon Emperor has proved that it is Slair in the video.

№.8 ☆☆☆Blue is the BEST☆☆☆


Like I said before, the owner did not allow any mourning posts. Hehe. Reposting other dragon’s pictures, creepshot other dragon’s pets, and post them on the internet, irritated the pet owner. Don’t you think you are slapping your own face when you type the “Rules of the Post”?

№.9 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Who cares as long as he is Moe! Most images were posted by the owner too, and who said, “it is okay as long as you don’t repost outside the forum.”

№.10 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

What’s up with all the fight? Isn’t that a good thing that Slair is still alive? How about we discuss whether Slair is really alive?

№.11 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Although I admit that this human is adorable, the cuteness could not prevent him from falling off the floating island and not dying.

№.12 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

They the floor above me, read the OP! And everything is possible, what if he falls on a bird and the bird caught him and landed on the ground?

№.13 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆
Hey, the floor above me. Aren’t you discussing the matter too?

№.14 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

Ah. The owners were trying their best to pass the exams. Over here, a bunch of leeches licking the image of their pet and provoking the owner. These are the proof of degeneration of dragon moral.

№.15 ☆☆☆= = ☆☆☆

After authenticating, the video posted by floor 8 is of original quality with no altering. The image was clear. Based on the age, face features, and body features, the possibility of the human being Slair is over 99%. Slair is at a wild human protection zone based on the signal, and he had probably rewilded. Warning! Rewild pet human is protected by 《Wild Human Protection Law — Special Chapter》!

Since Slair could be alive, all Slair’s mourning posts will be locked and banned from now on.

№.16 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆

End of Chapter

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