MPHGK Chapter 18

「Well… This is how the spell works. I have set everything up. Whatever you do, I will be under your control and make symmetrical movements. But you need to be careful and not make me fall, or I won’t be able to get up…」

「This is so funny!」 Grieve raise his leg excitedly,「Will you hurt if I do something like this ?」

「YES! IT! HURTS! VERY MUCH SO!!!」 Slair protested with a grimly face,「So you better come up with some lighter movements.」

「I am sorry.」 Grieve stretched out his hand and tried to help Slair rub his leg. This action caused Slair’s hand to raise too and just touched in between Grieve’s legs.


「I must remind you that my movements are now controlled by you. Therefore you better not leave my hand there.」


On the day of the Spring Festival, Slair suddenly regretted it. He felt that this was a farce, and it was obviously unnecessary to stand here and do some silly movements. If he wants, he could blow a gust of wind to disrupt the sisters’ dance move or secretly light their clothes and make them panic. Although Grieve approves of magic, he would not allow Slair to do such things to bully two girls. So he glanced at the sisters and the triumphant old man, then let go of his thoughts and waited for the end of the dance.

Grieve was having a blast. Dancing was one of the few entertainments he had, and this time he got to dance with Slair. His dance skill was just as good as the sisters, and because of the magic spell, their movements were more symmetrical than the sisters.

It would be great if Slair was really dancing with me instead of using magic. Grieve though. What a pity. Twin lotus dance was a dance performed by friends who trust each other with their lives, couples who swear to be with each other until the end of the world, or family members connected by blood. Slair was terrible at dancing, but it didn’t matter. They were dancing together.

The drums were almost stopped. The villagers couldn’t help but start applauding for Grieve and Slair. At that moment, Grieve noticed the old liar, twin sister’s father, secretly opened a basket. A slender object jumped out of it.

Their dance was about to end. Under the reflection of the campfire, Grieve saw it was a snake, and it was about to bite Slair. He tried to jump away with Slair, then he remembered that their movements were symmetric– There was not much time for him to think, he decided to do a spin.


The drums stopped.

The snake hung on Grieve with its teeth deeply embedded in the roots of his thighs.

Slair quickly canceled the magic. He drew the knife from his waist and chopped the snake in half, picked out its teeth, cut off Grieve’s pants and wounds, and leaned down to suck out the poisonous blood. The pointy triangular snakehead was still jumping on the ground. All the villagers were shocked.

「The Dragon God above!」 The chief shouted,「Beton, we sympathize with your family. We know it’s hard to raise a family by yourself, and that’s why we didn’t accuse you of your behavior. But how could you attack innocent people with a poisonous snake? Poor young man, I have detoxifying herbs in my house. I will bring them to you.」

Beton was shocked too. He pointed at the bulging belly of the snake and said:「I don’t mean to hurt anyone! The snake I raised was non-venomous, but I didn’t expect it to be swallowed by this poisonous snake. I swear I have no idea how it gets into my snake basket! I just want to scare them and make them fall, so my daughters could win the duel!」

Slair was absolutely livid. He spat the poisonous blood on Beton’s face, and cursed:「You lied to my companion, so he had to participate in this unfair dance battle. Now you use your snake to attack us— Don’t you think that the harm of a non-venomous snake does not consider as harm ?」

「How could I foresee that you can’t dodge such a simple attack?」 Benton said aggrievedly.

「I never agreed to join the duel, but Grieve asked me to be his partner. He promised me victory, yet he was afraid of hurting me. He makes the decision to continue dancing and block the attack !」 Slair trembled. He held on to Grieve’s hand— although people helped him with emergency detoxing. However, the snake was strongly venomous. Grieve’s leg quickly swelled, his face was pale with pain, and his lips turned black.


「This man,」Slair said,「I watched him grow up. I know when he spoke his first word when he learned how to walk and what type of weapon he shed blood on. He once broke into the mountains alone, facing ten snow wolves and killed a needle bear, just for his mother’s wish; He once suffered a rebellion, surrounded by thousands of enemies, and the arrows shot at him like torrential rain; He traveled to the boarders, facing limitless rat tide and held his position, prepared to fight to his death… All things he went through, he did not die or lose his faith. No one can harm him. He is a brave warrior, a son who will avenge his parents’ death, a man to obey the 《Book of Dragons》 and believe in the truth. Today, he was harm by you with such selfish and despicable method, if anything happens to him– 」

Beton was frightened by the angry boy and fell to the ground. The chief hurried over, filled Grieve with a bowl of potion, then smeared something strange on his wound.

「Will this work?」 Slair asked worriedly. He knew a magic spell that could heal wounds, but he didn’t know how to detoxify.

「Don’t worry」The village chief comforted him,「We have many snakes like this, and this is how we treated the wounds. This warrior is so strong; he will be fine.」

After taking medicine, Grieve looked better. The villagers helped to bring Grieve back to the inn. Slair sat at the bedside and held Grieve’s hand. Feeling that Grieve was recovering bit by bit. Slair felt much better

After a while, someone knocked on the door. Slair opened the door and saw the sisters were standing outside.

「What are you doing here?」 Slair blocked the door,「I haven’t settled with your father yet! 」

They knelt on the ground and took out a wooden box:「We don’t know how to compensate our father’s sin, and we could only dedicate this to the warrior. It was a treasure passed down from our grandfather, used by the dragons and made with gold. It can bring you good luck. My father once swore that no matter how poor we are, we could not sell it. We steal it out of the house and hope you could spare my father’s life.」

Slair took the thing and closed the door:「Your father’s life is not upon me. Grieve will decide your father’s fate.」

Things from the dragons… Please don’t let it be something weird… Slair thought for a while, then opened the box. It was a golden object with a pair of bat-like wings with a ball in the middle, and there were some magic circuits engraved on it. As soon as the box opened, it flew out and slowly circled around Slair.

It’s better to be careful about things that you don’t recognize. Slair grabbed it and closed it back in the box.


Dragon forums -> Discussions -> Pet lovers

【SHOCKING】My Camera Bug Came Live after One Hundred Years.

As soon as I saw the image from the camera, I was shocked! Then the screen turn blacked again! You must know that I threw that camera down a hundred years ago! It didn’t function for too long, then all it sent back was a black screen. I thought it was broken and contacted customer service many times!

Then after seeing the images today… I think it might… it might be hidden by the humans


№.0☆☆☆I was Shocked☆☆☆

Ah! Such a cute human! Why does it look like jadeite? I don’t recall any wild humans that look like this.


HUMAN CUTE! Stop overthinking! Lick Lick Lick, lick the screen!


OP, if it was treasured by humans… Did you get the pure gold deluxe vision camera bug?


How did you know Σ(⊙▽⊙”a

№.4☆☆☆I was Shocked☆☆☆

Nonsense, that model was such a failure. Such a big chunk of gold flying in front of humans, of course, they would be treasured.


Why does the human look familiar?
I think there was a popular human pet named Slair… They looked exactly the same.


But bruh, on the 6th floor, Slair died. Only his owners refuse to accept the truth



There is not much difference between pet humans and wild humans. However, this one does have the classic Jadeite look. I have never seen a black-hair, green eye human among the wild humans


This is Slair! IT MUST BE SLAIR


Could it be a coincidence?


Now it’s the best time to do some comparison side by side. I have marked with red ink:


The left one is from Slair’s owner, and the right one is a screenshot from the video


So it is him!


Wait a minute, how could a human fall from a floating island and not die?



№.14☆☆☆The Declaration of Flames☆☆☆

QAQ Slair!
He doesn’t look so good QAQ. Oh, my poor baby Slair!!!!

№.15☆☆☆Blue is the BEST☆☆☆

OAO I… Let me share some conspiracy… Could OP use old forum pictures with other resources to create this video?… It seems more likely that Slair is still alive.


Shut the Fxxx Up! Ofc Slair is Alive! HE IS ALIVE!

№.17☆☆☆The Declaration of Flames☆☆☆

Oh, that is so interesting. Let me found a professional to check the video =W=, everyone, please wait for me yo ~~


End of Chapter

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