MPHGK Chapter 17

The Twin Lotus Dance required two people standing right next to each other and holding their hands during the dance at all times with symmetric dance moves. Therefore, besides unique dance moves, the tacit cooperation between the two dancers was essential too.

And Slair’s dance move was far from being cooperative with Grieve’s.

「No, it is not like this over here… Slair, relax, you are too stiff… raise your leg up high!」

「I can’t raise it any higher! OUCH! Hey, be gentle!」

「Okay, let me do it slowly, just watch me do it … No, Slair, you should step forward here. Yes, it will be prettier if you turn your waist.」

「Like this? It feels so strange…」

「Follow my steps… Good, you are doing it right. How about we speed it up for a bit?」

「No…No more…」

Slair rubbed his sore waist and legs and fell on the inn bed with a look of defeat. He had no talent for sports He always lacked athletic talent.

「 Let’s go farm for him, Grieve,」Slair said bitterly,「Wait, NO. You promised me you will take to Klein without. I don’t want to stay there and farm for a year… How about you marry those sisters? 」

「What?!」 Grieve was shocked, 「I swear the oath! Also, how could someone marry two wives ?!」


「 Isn’t it common for a prince to marry multiple women? Fine, I know it’s against the 《Book of Dragons》. But think about that sisters; they are connected to each other since birth. If they do not marry the same person, what would they do? If the older sister marry someone and the younger sister marry someone else, how could their husbands have some alone time with their wife?」

「 That’s none of our business if there is a way to separate them… Wait, can’t we find another way? Slair, this is only your first day of learning how to dance.」

Slair laid on the bed, held his cheeks with feet shooking in the air. He looked at Grieve:「I know that you made an oath to stay away from women. However, it was also said in the 《Book of Dragons》, You shall leave offsprings. Otherwise, it will be a disrespect to your ancestors and make them suffer in hell. You are dedicated to revenge, and it is a perilous task. To avoid not leaving your bloodline, shouldn’t you get married first? 」

Grieve did not know if he should laugh or cry, 「Aren’t you the one not believing in the 《Books of Dragons》? Then how could you use the book to accuse me of my oath? When I swear my oath, I was only ten years old, and my mind was full of vengeance. Without overthinking, I made that oath. However, I don’t regret anything. If I manage to avenge my parent’s then it will not be too late for me to get married; If I die during the process of revenge, I will leave my wife and children to suffer through their lives. If a man could not take the responsibilities as a husband and father, he shall not marry for offspring. Living people are always more important than the dead. 」

「I am sorry,」Slair hugged Grieve and said,「I shouldn’t mention it. You will not die, my friend.」

He jumped off the bed and wave at Grieve:「I am going to check out those sisters. There might be some other ways.」

That old liar’s house was located at the end of the village, with a big tree next to it. Slair hid on the tree and saw those sisters walking out of the house holding hands. They each had their own hands, but they are tightly attached and unable to separate. Therefore it was awkward for them to work in the fields. The sisters looked precisely the same with long black hair and brown eyes. They had a dark complexion and a slender figure. Together, they looked like twin lotus. However, no matter how beautiful the sisters were, Slair could not have a good impression of them.

He held the dragon rune on his neck and tried to look for a magic spell that could help him resolve the situation. A human could spend all his life reading through knowledge, but he could never go through them all during his lifetime. But Slair knew the dragons must have some ways to separate the sisters. If he could found that spell, he would be able to bargain with the old man and ask him to spear them without going through the trouble of dancing battle.

As he was searching for the spell, he lost track of time. It was sunset already.

Grieve couldn’t wait any longer and came to look for Slair. This blonde hair blue eye warrior asked the sisters where was his traveling companion. He had broad shoulders and muscular arms; His eyes were like the stars, and his eyebrow was bold like swords; His blonde hair was shiny like the sunshine, and his voice was graceful like a cello. Comparing to other men in the village, he was like a sun among the lighting bugs. Once the sisters laid their eyes on him, they blushed. He was one of the men their father chose to be their husband and just seeing him make them want to keep him here forever.

「I must marry him!」 The younger sister whisper to her older sister.

「He has a friend. He is terrific, and his friend must be handsome and robust too.」 The older sister said.

「Ah, Slair, here you are!」 Grieve saw Slair on the tree. He walked under the tree and opened his arms. Slair just woke up from the world of dragons and realized it was late. He stuck his tongue embarrassedly and jumped down from the tree, and was held firmly in Grieve’s arms.

Slair was a handsome lad. At least in the pet-human world, he was popular among the girls. However, this was the cruel world of wild humans.

「Oh the Dragon God above, could that be called as a man?」 Both sisters expressed contempt for Slair at the same time.

Unfortunately, Slair overhears their conversation. He ground his teeth secretly– Just now, he found two useful spells, one could separate the sisters, and the other could be used to cheat in the fight.

And now he decided he was going to use the second one.

End of Chapter

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3 thoughts on “MPHGK Chapter 17

  1. You know, I’ve read about conjoined twins in the old days who had separate spouses and wondered the same thing! That has to be a very strange living situation. Nowadays there are a lot of surgical options depending on the conjoined area (and with varying degrees of risk, with this connected by the hands probably being one of the easiest) but spells have to be a more reliable method! I can’t blame Slair for losing the motivation to help though. He was scorned so obviously!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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    1. ;< too bad there is a lot of wordplay in the novel and I just can't get the meaning across. I have been reading other translator's work and trying to improve myself ;D glad you like it


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