MPHGK Chapter 16

Sacredness disappeared with daily interactions.

「I see some farmland there, Grieve. Do you think the village heard of those made-up stories about me ?」 Slair sat on Choco with Grieve hugging him from behind.

「You have nothing to worried about. Slair is not an unusual name. Although it is rare to see someone with black hair and green eyes… However, they had made you as tall as a giant pine tree on a snowy mountain, your voice is as loud as lighting, and your strength is limitless. No one will believe you are the Dragonmaw Slair who scared the rat wave back as long as you don’t mention it. You should be glad that no one will doubt your gender.」

「Eh, Grieve, you were used to be so appropriate with me, and know you make fun of me.」

Ain’t you the one saying that you want us to be friends?」 Grieve squeezed Slair’s waist.「Speaking of which, it’s almost time for Spring Festival, Slair, do you know how to dance?」

「Dance? That’s too hard! Humans can’t dance!」

「Ha? It’s just singing and dancing around the campfire, how is that impossible?」

「Ah, you are talking about human dance? I have not yet try to do it. I thought you are talking about the dance father and daddy do… They will fly up in the air then spin for three and a half rotations and ending it withdrawing a symbol on the ground using their tail and wings… or something like that…」



As soon as they rode Choco into the village, they were stopped by a limping old man.

「Oh Dragon God, my wish has come true!」 He said joyfully「Two young men, I have two beautiful daughters. Would you like to marry them as your wife?」

Slair whispered to Grieve:「Are all wild humans this open?」

This reminded him when Alex asked him carefully if he would like to meet a few girls a long time ago. Out of curiosity, he agreed. Soon he realized he made a mistake. Meeting with girls means he needed to give up all kinds of treats and toys, along with being started by at least three dragons with the scorching gaze of “When will you have little humans.” Since then, he has never made the same mistake ever again.

Grieve was shocked by the old man’s action too:「Dear elder, we are just tourists passing by, and we will be leaving soon. Please choose someone more reliable as your son-in-law.」

「NO」The man insisted「I have lost my only son and two grandchildren, and now all I have left are my daughters. I pray to the priest, asking him how I could get back my lost children, and he tells me to wait here, and the very first two young men show up would be my son-in-law. One son-in-law is like half of my son, then I will have a son. After you get married, my daughters will give birth to my grandsons.」

Slair thought for a while and felt that the priest was meant to say「Just find two men to marry with your daughter and stop overthinking it.」However, the old man took it literally and with no fear that he might end up with two terrible sons-in-law.

「Elder,」Grieve said,「I am man with vengeance, and I have made an oath that if I cannot avenge my parents and my mentor, I will not be with a woman or drink on non-holidays, therefore I could not marry your daughter.」

「And I do not want to marry some stranger」 Slair said.

「No, that is not okay」The old man pointed at the surrounding villagers,「I have promised my daughters to you, and it is a marriage pointed by a priest, approved by the Dragon God. And now you both rejected my daughters and ruined their reputations. How about this, you and my daughters have a ‘Wu’ battle, if you win, I will let you go, and if you lose, you have to help me farm my land. What do you think? 」

「No problem,」Grieven said,「If it’s martial arts, I could defeat both of them by myself with no weapons.」

「Grieve,」Slair poked at him,「 Don’t you think it’s strange?」

Grieve said:「Why would I fear a challenge from women?」

「Great. I will bring my daughters with me on the evening of Spring Festival」 The old man left with a smile on his face.

「Spring Festival?」 Grieve suddenly realized what was going on,「Spring Festival evening… So the “Wu” he mentioned as the “Wu” in dancing??」


Seeing the old man left, a kind-hearted villager came up and said:「Young lads, hurry and leave this palace. That man has tricked several young men into working for his family. His twin daughters are indeed beautiful. However, they were born with their hands holding together, and it is impossible to separate their hands. How could anyone marry them like this? The daughters grow up together, and the dance they know is called Twin Lotus Dance. Ordinary people could not compete with them .」

Grieve felt the sky falling down on him and the earth separating underneath him. If there were words written on his face, it would be 「How could it be like this?」


「I guessed it. Although he is the one who tricks you at first, you have already accepted the duel. If you breach the duel, it would be against the 《Book of the Dragons》, especially facing women. However, he told a lie, and you have to work for him for a year. Could that be called truth? 」

「Well, I have some confidence in solo dancing」Grieve said,「However, Twin Lotus Dance requires two people.」

Slair looked at him sadly:「Can’t we just run away?」

「It is not worth losing my virtue for someone else’s mistake.」

「But I did not agree to the duel.」

Grieve looked at Slair earnestly with his ocean-blue eyes.

「…Fine, if it is that kind of dance, it is not that hard.」 As long as it doesn’t require flying up in the air, then spin for three and a half rotations and end withdrawing a symbol on the ground using wings and tail.

「Thank you, Slair!」 With the help of an omnipotent envoy, there will be no problem at all!


Dragon forums -> Discussions -> Pet lovers

【Show Off】Today, I made a camera bug and sent it down to the mainland. Although I did not get to record any visual images, I got to record a human song!

I am so HAPPY! This is the first time I do this.
Could someone please translate the song for me? Just a small paragraph

[Sound File]

№.0☆☆☆I am proud of my tech☆☆☆

Ah, why are there so many dragons disobeying the law?

№.1 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆

QAQ, I check the books before I send my bugs down. I did not choose a wild human conservation. I picked a place called「Wall」 with low human density. This is not against the law.

№.2☆☆☆I am proud of my tech☆☆☆

Oh, that’s good. If that’s true, then let me help you translate the song.


What have I witnessed!


OP is lucky AF.


Uh? Is ShinyGoldBlingBling someone very important? Hmmm, his username is so shiny. He must be competent! I am so happy he is helping me!

№.6☆☆☆I am proud of my tech☆☆☆

It has been so long since I saw an OP that is so pure and innocent.


Wait, it is for real? There is a dragon who doesn’t know who ShinyGoldBlingBLing is?


Ah, it is a fascinating song. It was a love story of two dragons


Hey everybody sing with me~ OH~ Your Majesty~ Why~ are~~ you ~not Busy~~


Watch the floor above me digging his own grave.



Before we get off the topic, let me translate it briefly. So it said there was a red dragon who fell in love with a blue dragon. They did not realize they were both males until they married, so they went to a river and found an egg… There was a human hatched from the egg. And that’s how the soundtrack ends, there should be more to the song, but it was not recorded.


Wow, that is too simple. Your majesty must skip many details.

And humans are not oviparity. How could they get that wrong!


True! That’s a joke that they did not know they are the same sex before the marriage. It must be a joke!


Eh, you don’t understand humans… I did skip some reasoning and rhetoric. The humans sing that a fruit changed the gender of the dragon, also changed the gender of the dragons he saw, so they both thought the other was female. They did not find out the truth until the fruit was digested. In fact, there was no such fruit, and humans could not be hatched from eggs. But with human imagination, everything is possible.

Oh right, another odd thing about the song. They named the two dragons! The blue dragon is named Alex, and the Red Dragon is named Rhett.


Why does it seem familiar…@The Declaration of Flames @Blue is the BEST


Wow! The two match up!



№.18☆☆☆The Declaration of Flames☆☆☆

Real dragon shows up?
Are you the unfortunate red dragon? Please allow me to laugh. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH


Stop browsing the forum, Go check your scores!@ The Declaration of Flames

№.20☆☆☆Blue is the BEST☆☆☆

AH! The blue one showed up!



№.22☆☆☆Blue is the BEST☆☆☆

End of Chapter

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