MPKGK Chapter 15

Today was the day of the Unified Human Language Exam.

『Why do we have to come to the Longdu for the exam?』 Rhett was so nervous, there was smoke coming out of his head『I heard that Longdu’s invigilation is the strictest!』

『If you don’t intend to cheat, what does it matter that the invigilation is strict or not?』 Alex said『I heard they have the best cram schools here. Rhett, I have to enroll you in an intensive class. Your foundation is terrible. No one could believe that we raised a human for ten years.』

Rhett whispered:『I said, why don’t we …why can’t we just buy a fake certificate? I heard there is a black dragon who is very good at this…』

『One hundred years,』Alex said,『If we get caught, it will be imprisoned for one hundred years. Although it means nothing to a dragon and we can easily sleep through it, however, if we get caught, then we will never have the chance to see Slair ever again. 』


Longdu was the residence of His Majesty the Dragon Emperor, and it was also the most prosperous and the largest floating island. Its outer side was inlaid with gold, and most of the buildings on the island were made of gold, which looked shiny and fascinating to the dragons.

Although, no matter how shiny the building was, the test center was still the test center. Rhett stood outside the door with his neck back and didn’t want to go in『Wait a minute, Alex, you know I have no experience…let me prepare mentally for a bit…』

『Hey, hello! Are you a candidate for the Human Language exam?』 A silver dragon carried a big basket to greet then,『Come on and buy a twin lotus! It’s humans’ favorite flower, if you carry it during your exam, it will bring you good luck!』

『For real?』 Rhett stretched out his paw,『Give me ten of them! How much gold?』

『It’s not expensive at all, ten gold pieces per flower. Since this is your first purchase, I have already given you a discount.』

Alex pressed on Rhett’s paw:『Do trust him. That kind of flower is an ornamental flower cultivated by the green dragon Flagg. It is easy to grow, and it can bloom all year round, and it can grow all over the lake with a bit of magic. Because it is too difficult to clean, it is no longer popular to grow it. 』

『Mine are raised by humans!』 Silver dragon protested.

『Humans’twin lotus is not that big.』 Alex said, then he dragged Rhett into the examination room mercilessly.


Enya was holding a kitchen knife, waiting fiercely to chop and dice some incoming cyanrats. She heard some noise in front of her, and she could vaguely see a dark mass in the wind and snow.

「Divine Envoy! Divine Envoy! Divine Envoy!」

Unexpectedly, the warriors carried Slair back. They raised a chair and let Slair sit on it and kept tossing twin lotus seeds into his hand. Gordon confessed desperately while holding Slair’s shank. However, after he confessed for a while, he showed off his hands to the warriors who tried to squeeze into the inner circle. He once shocked Slair’s hand.

「What happened」 Enya asked.

「Hurry and get the good wind and meat, Enya!」 Said a warrior who could not force his way into the circle,「This is the divine envoy! Lord Slair was sent by the dragons to save us! He scared off the rat wave, and then a wave of the hand, the snow floated up and turned into ice, and then the ice wall was built all at once!」

「Oh my god, that is so incredible, so what’s the matter with Grieve?」 Enya pointed at Grieve who stood blankly by the side and asked,「Is he overwhelmed with joy that he has lived with a god’s envoy for so long?」

「No, he was ashamed because he tried to preach the 《Book of Dragons》 to a divine envoy.」


Grieve lowered his head. Without a doubt, Slair was a great envoy, and everything that happened before was a test, but what had he done! He pointed his sword at the divine envoy, tied him up with a rope, and shamed him for failing to understand the 《Book of Dragons》! Oh, the might Dragon God, he was too shameful to stay here anymore.

He quietly returned to his room, intending to read the 《Book of Dragons》 again to cleanse himself and then ask the divine envoy to forgive his sin. . At this time, heard the sound of rodents chewing from under the bed, and his nerves tightened. He thought that it was a cyanrat that had slipped through, but then he moved the bed, he saw that it was a giant squirrel eating under the bed

The squirrel clenched the food in his hand and stared at Grieve. It was standing on a parcel that had been bitten open, which contained Slair’s delicate and expensive clothes, some dry food, and a map. Grieve picked up the map and looked at it suspiciously. It looked like Slair’s handwriting. There was a route with bolder lines, and a big circle was drawn on the destination.

The map says「Snatch Choco and escape soon!」

There was something wrong.

「Grieve !」 Slair rushed in,「Bang」he shut the enthusiastic warriors out,「Give me some honey! And water! Oh god, why are those lotus seeds so bitter!」

The twin lotus’s seeds were always bitter as hell. However, that did not affect its sacredness. Only the priests could enjoy it often. Ordinary people only had the opportunity to taste the “Bitterness bestowed by the Dragon God” during the large-scale ceremonies.

Slair fell on the bed and reached out to take the honey water from Grieve. He took a big sip before noticing that the bed was not in the same position, and Grieve held his secret escape map in his hand.

They stared at each other. After a while, Grieve said:「The map you drew was wrong.」


「…」Slair sat up silently,「I am not an envoy and dragons are not humans god. Before I came here, I have not heard of any 《Books of Dragons》, even though I lived by the dragon’s side.」

「Then why are you here, and why don’t you use your power to fight against me when we first met?」

「I fell off accidentally.」 Slair bowed his head in frustration and said,「Magic requires mana, just as it will be difficult for you to fight with you have no strength. Magic is not a miracle, it is used by those monsters you fight against 」

Grieve smiled. He knelt down on one knee and took Slair’s hand, then placed it on his forehead:「Pure dragon’s adopted son! He knelt down on one knee and took Slair’s hand, then placed it on his forehead:「Pure dragon’s adopted son! The words touted by the dragon himself are better than anything in the “Book of Dragons.”The power taught by a dragon is better than any martial arts. I confess to you for my sin and my rudeness. Please tell me, what can I do to make it up for my fault? 」


Grieve raised his head and looking at him earnestly with his blue eyes, like a giant squirrel. Slair gave up communicating with this wild human. He covered his eyes and said, 「Then get me out of here…I want to go somewhere more prosperous. It would be great to have a guide.」

「As you wish, my lord.」

「Please don’t call me that」Slair groaned,「I’m almost scared to death by you all …Just call me by my name like before! Why do we have to hierarchy? Can’t we just be friends?」

These words surprised and excited Grieve. He shook Slair’s hands:「Does that mean my lord…You have forgiven my sins?」

「You don’t have any sins, to begin with. Ah, of course, I owe you nothing either. 」 Slair said,「In fact, I like you a lot…Might I hug you?」

His eyes twinkled, jumped out of bed, hugged Grieve, and kissed him on the forehead as a sign of friendship. As he succeeded, Slyer narrowed his eyes with a smile.

「Slair…」Grieven whispered his name and said solemnly,「I swear, you will forever have my friendship」


At the moment, the warrior’s carnival singing came from outside the door:

  「The might blue dragon Alex, he is like the ocean and the sky;
  The beautiful red dragon Rhett, she is like the flame and the blossoms;
  Ah, the blue dragon and the red dragon meet in the wind;
  They fall in love at first sight and holding each other tightly…」

「Wait for a second!」 Slair opened the door and yelled downstairs,「Rhett is male! So is Alex! They are both males!」

The warriors murmured for a while. So the next day, the story became like this :

  Once upon a time, there was a red dragon. He wandered along the river and saw a green fruit. That fruit looked delicious, so he couldn’t help eating it. Then he saw a beautiful blue dragon by the river, and he asked her to marry him. After they got married, the effectiveness of the fruit faded. The red dragon realized his bride was a male, and the blue dragon saw the red dragon as a female. The two dragons could not have offspring. One day, they were wandering along the river they met and found an egg and hatched Slair, the Dragonmaw. The mighty Slair was raised by the dragons…

Slair could not finish the song. He ran back to his room and hide under the quilt. He laughed until his stomach was cramped.

End of Chapter

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