MPHGK Chapter 13

The snow was getting thicker. After strengthening the stone wall, the warriors began to make ice bricks from snow and stacked them on the stone wall.

Wall was actually a large area. Because winter comes too early, some warriors came from other strongholds due to a lack of food and firewoods. The ice wall was built higher and higher. However, there were more and more cyanrats.

「If the cyanrats can dig under the wall, what’s the point of building the wall higher? 」 Slair asked.

「There were other monsters. Also, there were walls underground, but it was not easy to maintain, and there were always a few all the cyanrats able to cross the wall from underground. For example, the mutant cyanrat would not be able to dig under the wall. Therefore, during the rat wave, most cyanrat would still have to climb the wall. If there are many cyanrats gathered here, they will leave a lot of corpses, and other hungry monsters could eat those dead cyanrats instead of humans.」


Slair’s magic power had recovered these days. His physical strength was still miserable, but with the help of Anemo magic, he could easily lift things that could not be lifted. With the proficiency of magic, he could gradually keep up with everyone’s progress.

He secretly collecting information and drew a simple map. Everyone had to go out when building the ice wall, which leaves Enya, who was busy preparing all the winter goods for the inn. If Slair pretended to be sick, he could stay in the inn then escape in the daytime. If he could get to the nearest village as soon as possible, he was almost impossible to be found. A silver coin worth a pretty penny here, and Slair’s clothes woven with gold threads and embellished with precious gems were enough for him to live a lifetime extravagantly.

Of course, he did not plan on living with wild humans. If he goes to the most prosperous place, maybe, he could found the dragon filming crew who filmed wild humans. As long as he could find a dragon, he could beg them to take him back.

The only problem now was to convince Choco. Even with the blessing of the Anemo element, walking on his feet under the windy and snowy weather was too terrifying. However, the scaled house was quite stubborn on this subject.


That evening, the warriors were having dinner together like usual. Slair sat next to Grieve quietly, thinking how could he convince Choco to help him escape. As for now, he was considered as a property, a servant, and a captive in Grieve’s name. He was not a real warrior. Not many people would talk to him, so it did not matter if he was dazzled in his thoughts.

Oh, there was a last piece of bison in the basin, excellent; it was a rare delicacy.

Slair forked away that piece of meat, and the warrior sitting right across Grieve, who was slighter further away from the basin, holding his fork awkwardly in the air.

Slair did not know who that was. He might be a new warrior who joined recently. There was a wolf teeth necklace hanging on his neck. He seems to be a strong character. Slair nodded at him perfunctorily and then quickly stuffed the meat into his mouth.

The guy with wolf teeth was instantly in rage. He slammed the deck and stood up, then he pointed his finger at Slair’s nose and cursed,「You are a prisoner, a coward, a man without a weapon, who give you the rights to sit and dine with the brave warriors?」

Slair looked at him blankly:「Who are you?」

 My name is Gordon, who has hunted 17 wolves! Grieve’s prisoner, you are nothing but an object, a good. You shall not dine with us, just like the wives could not eat before the husbands, the sons could not walk in front of the father!」

「He works with us」Grieve said,「The ice bricked on the ice wall also has his share. I did not think there is any reason why he could not sit with us .」

「If you admit that he sits on an equal footing with us, then I will challenge him.」 Gordon said,「If he does not accept the challenge, then he has to leave the table now.」

Grieve frowned, and he was about to say something, but Slair clapped his hands and stood up.

「Oki,」 He Said,「But you have to let me decide what the challenge will be, warrior. As you know, I am a man without a weapon. If you challenge me with a bow or sword, then you would be bullying me. However, if we both holding a shovel, then it will be too ugly to watch. How about arm wrestling? It’s faster and not dangerous. 」

Gorden laughed:「You are smart and know you will get hurt if we challenge with weapons. Fine, since your wrist is so thin, I will let you use both hands.」


The warriors started to roar. He felt Gordon was bullying Slair even under this condition. However, nothing was entertaining during the winter, so they urged them to start the challenge. They were waiting to see if Grieve would challenge Gordon after Slair lost, then they would have some real entertainment to watch.

Grieve looked at Slair worriedly. To everyone’s surprise, those thin wrists were only swayed by Gordon at the beginning. Then Slair won by an overwhelming advantage.

All the warriors were stunned by the result. Even if Grieve matched with Gordon, he could not end it this fast.

「This is not right!」 Gordon exclaimed.「You must use tricks! Come again! Do not use both hands. We will fight fairly this time!」

Slair stretched out his right hand slowly. It seemed like Slair did not use much strength this time either. Gordon blushed and struggled for a while and finally lost.

「Fine,」Slair stood up and patted Gordon’s head.「Although I win the challenge, I don’t want anything from you. To be honest, it was just a piece of meat. What the fuzz about.」

End of Chapter

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  1. oooo Slair’s strength~

    A minor spelling thing at the last couple of sentences – probably should be ‘Although I won the challenge, I don’t want anything from you. To be honest, it was just a piece of meat. What’s the fuss about.’

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