MPHGK Chapter 10

Grieve enshrined the fresh twin lotus in front of his teacher’s grave and finished his daily prayer.

Winter was coming, and Wall’s winter has always been brutal. He planed to go back to Klein after this winter. However, his teacher’s tomb could only be left in this foreign land. He might not have a chance to offer twin lotus to Karl again. Therefore, he must offer his best every time he had left.


When he returned to the inn, he saw Slair was holding Choco’s neck in despair, and the giant squirrels raised by the proprietress hopped on him, squeaking. Grieve stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder, only to see Slair turning his head blankly and sqeaked「Chow」

「…」Grieve turned his head and asked Enya, 「What happened to him?」

「Oh, I have no idea either,」Enya said,「After beard Darry ordered a roast squirrel in the morning, then he looked scared as if he was the one getting roasted… He kept on holding my squirrels. Once I get closer to him, he would look at me with … um… very innocent, very pitiful, and very distressed eyes. Oh the watery eyes, if I am a man and seeing a girl with suck eyes, I must grab her home…」

Beard Darry said to the side:「Yes, such a pity that he is a guy, such a waste.」

Grieve scratched his head, clueless about the situation, but in the end, it could only be attributed to Slair’s illness. So he picked up Slair, ignoring his protest, and threw him back to the bed.

「If you are sick, then stay in bed and get some rest, do not run around and think stupid things.」 Grieve said.

「Savage wild human!」 Slair hugged his legs and shrank into a ball, gritted his teeth.

Grieve did not understand what he meant by “savage.” For a warrior, savage did not consider a bad word. As he about to leave the room, he saw the 《Book of Dragons》 was opened on the table– He clearly remembered that the book was closed when he left.

Out of nowhere, there was an ominous premonition in his heart. Picking up the book, there was a wet footprint in the middle of the book, half-dried.

Without thinking, Grieve knew who was the owner of that footprint. He grabbed Slair by the collar angrily, held the book in front of Slair, and asked him:「Why are you doing this ?!」

Slair’s face turn red:「I accidentally stepped on it when I tried to escape… It’s not a big deal, just let it dry.」

Grieve was so angry and almost burst out a laugh:「This is the 《Book of Dragons》, THE 《 BOOK OF DRAGONS》! Not just any ordinary book! Are you an illiterate wearing expensive clothes?」


「What is the 《Book of Dragons》? 」 Slair did not understand what was so special about this book, 「I read it, it was all rambling of nonsense, it was not interesting at all.」

「Now I believe you are not Robert’s son,」Grieve looked at him pityingly,「No matter how vile and shameful Robert is, he will not be able to raise such an unreasonable illiterate son who does not know the 《Book of Dragons》. Which enclaves do you come from, you poor people without faith?」

Slair was going crazy:「I am illiterate?! Even Alex praised me for being innovative and learning everything very fast! Stop giving me such a pathetic look! You are the unreasonable one! I just crushed a flower of yours, then you called me son of Robert and grabbed me here. Now, I just step on your book. You call me illiterate? Is there no godly reason at all! Look at my hands! These are the marks of being strangled by you! It still got bruises! You also took my clothes! Who is the unreasonable one! 」

「Who is Alex?」

「Ales is my father, the name of the dragon!」

Grieve’s expression became even weirder. He patted Slair on the head softly and helped him to lie down firmly .

「Poor kid, you are going crazy.」


Dragon forums -> Discussions -> Pet lovers

【Just Chating】Let’s talk about the humans I had raised

A while ago, @The Declaration of Flames’s spamming behavior caused a terrible effect. Although there are understandable reasoning behind the incident, the forum is a public place, and everyone should restrain their emotions. Losing one’s own human pet is very sad. Still, the lifespan of dragons and humans has long determined this inevitable outcome. We have to look at the bright side. In any case, the happiness that humans bring to us is eternal.

Today I will talk about the humans I have raised. Starting with my very first human. At that time, raising humans as a pet was not popular among the dragons, and there were no human-related laws. It all began when I was still a young dragon… Ah, I accidentally exposed my age. Let me go get a sip of water first.


When I saw the beginning of the post, I wanted to ask who do you think you are, and when I saw the end, I wanted to say that finishing a post without an ending is not kind. Then I saw the ID, I knelt.


Your Majesty Dragon Emperor, you have exposed your age by using this ID.


Brother on the second floor, why did you say it out loud? Be careful if the emperor checks your IP. I have hooked up my proxy.



№.4 ☆☆☆==☆☆☆

Ah, I came in when I saw the tile. I also lost a human, Jadeite. I secretly intercepted a parcel in delivery because I don’t have Human Cultivation Permit. I might use too much strength and be very careless during the process. When I got my human, it was all bloody. I did not dare to go to the pet hospital. It took me a long time to get a cure for him QAQ. Then the human hated me so much that I accidentally left the cage open one day, and he escaped. I never tell anyone until I saw the post. Alah, he possibly already dead out there, somewhere I did know QAQ.

№.5☆☆☆I Love You Still Do☆☆☆

Bruh, You… You must not have seen OP’s Id…

№.6 ☆☆☆==☆☆☆

Lighting candles for Brother on the 5th floor and his human.


Brother on the fifth floor knew that he broke the law, posting under the Dragon Emperor’s post and try to make the post-off-topic…



Hehe, floor 5, I know who you are. The law enforcement team is on the ay.

Let’s continue the story of my human. It was after my irresponsible parents hatched me and threw the cute and smart me to my grandpa. My grandpa was a very old dragon. Therefore he was a giant dragon. When I was young, I especially loved playing on his back. It was so spacious.

However, my grandma passed away early, and my grandpa’s size is a bit … a bit too big, so he did not look for another partner after that. Then you know, since he was powerful and majestic, and there were some issues all single male dragons could relate. I was still a young dragon and did not understand why grandpa always looking for excuses to sneak out by himself. I thought he was hiding something fun and not letting me play with it, so I followed him once.

№.9 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆

Your majesty, your morals…


What’s wrong with a big body? Your majesty’s grandfather was an old dragon; his magic could not be that bad. Just change to human form and release himself; was that a problem?


My grandpa was a very traditional dragon, making love in human form; such hardcore PLAY is way beyond his ability to accept.


Makes sense.


I like your majesty’s grandpa.❤


With proxys, I have to highlight the word “The cute and smart me” hehe.


Don’t you know, even with VPN, if your majesty wants to find out who you are, he could do that in no time…Don’t you think about the level difference between you and your majesty…


So I sneaked behind my grandpa, saw him found a giant muddy pond, then… he started to ↑↑↓↓. Like I said before, my grandpa was pretty big in size. The movement could compare to an earthquake. A group of humans lived close by, and I saw them fleeing in panic, very pitiful. At that time, the kind-hearted me picked up a human that is closest to me. I took him to fly and escaped the disaster ( I was too small back then, I could not carry more humans). After that, the human was crying, laughing, and worshiping me, so I decided to take him home and raise him.



What a romantic encounter!


What a great majesty!


What a bunch of simps


What a touching story.

Hey, the floor above, you broke the formation


The next day, he died of food poisoning. I learned an important lesson from it. That is the end of the first story.


……I don’t know what to say.


I have a bad feeling about this. Just think about the meticulous precautions in the Human Cultivation Manual… The direction of this post might be very, very scary…


The floor above said, +1, I will post first and wait for more repo.


End of Chapter

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