MPHGK Chapter 9

「Wall」meant wall. The inner area of the Wall was a prosperous human settlement, and the outer layer lives some monsters. The warriors of Wall made their living by hunting monsters. This was a dangerous job; however, Grieve was good at it. Among the warriors, he was considered quite an expert and rich.

When Slair woke up in the morning, Grieve was no longer in the room. Slair touched his forehead and found with satisfaction that he no longer had a fever. Still, it was a pity that his magic power was exhausted, and he could not use magic in the next few days.

Slair jumped from the bed and looked around the room – his clothes were kept in a dusty bag by Grieve, and Grieve’s clothes were casually thrown beside the bag. After thinking about it carefully, his original clothes, prepared by the dragons, were too conspicuous for the wild humans. So Slair took a robe and put it on, then picked up the bag with his clothes, intending to escape through the window. His action was clumsy, and he accidentally knocked over a water bottle on the side, which wet his feet.

There was a table in front of the window. At the center of the table, there was a thick book with the 《Book of Dragons》 written on the cover. Slair opened it and had a look. He found that there was all meaningless rambling, and he lost interest. He climbed onto the table and stepped directly on the opened book with his bare feet, imprinting a wet footprint.

Slair poked his head out of the winder, just in time to see Choco was grazing underneath. He greeted Choco happily:「Choo~」

「Cho choo~」Choco wagged his tail at Slair. It saw that Slair was about to jump down from the window. Choco has shown good brotherhood laid down and spread his belly, willing to act as a cushion for Slair. Slair landed accurately on Choco’s soft belly and happily kissed Choco.


「Let’s go, Choco!」 Slair patted Choco on the neck, 「Let’s find a way back. The food here is simply unbeatable, and there are no small desserts too.」

However, Choco shook its head. The scaled horse was very loyal, it has already recognized Grieve as its owner, so it would not disobey his orders.

「You see, if you stay here, you could only eat grass, and those are low-level grass with no sweetness at all……」

Slair, who was trying to persuade Choco, suddenly felt a shadow right above him. He raised his head and saw an enormous figure blocking the sunlight.

「Young man,」this was a middle-aged woman, average height but fat and strong. Every step she took, the flesh on her waist trembles, 「Don’t bother, please, Grieve asked me to look after you, neither you nor the scaled horse.」

She picked up Slair like a chick and gave him a piece of rye bread for breakfast. From the words of those around him, Slair inferred that this person was Enya, the proprietress of the hotel.

Yesterday, he was all burnt up with a fever and did not have time to look around. However, Slair more or less remembered what Grieve was saying — He called her the morning star of Wall, beautiful Enya– OH MY GOD.

Enya was strong and worked very fast. She raised a group of giant squirrels -this kind of squirrel was about the length of forearms without counting their tails. They had flexible forelegs and were very clever, which could help with some works. Slair sat right next to Enya and watching the squirrels working for their masters. Although Slair was hungry, he did not like the taste of rye bread. He took a few bites then broke the bread to feed those giant squirrels.


「Squeak~ Squeak~」The giant squirrel wagged his tail to express his gratitude.

「Squeak~」Slair’s throat could make almost all the sounds in the world. No animal’s call was harder than Draconic. He listened patiently to the calls of these squirrels, distinguishing the meaning of the high and low tones.

「You sound just like them!」 」Enya praised him, 「If I was not looking at you, I would think I had raised an extra squirrel!」

After all the pods were peeled, the giant squirrels jumped on Slair,「Squeaking」to express friendship to him. Some of them jumped on top of his head; Some laid on his knees; Some stood on his shoulders. One mischievously got into Slair’s robe, and it took a while to get it out.

「They must think you were one of them」 Enya said,「It must be your mocking sound was too real.」

「It was not hard to learn how the squirrels squeak.」 Slair smiled and stroked the giant squirrel’s head. He liked these furry little guys. They were Enya’s pets, just like he was Alex and Rhett’s pets.

「Proprietress!」 Meanwhile, the big beard stepped into the inn and boldly patted a silver coin on the table, 「Bring me a roasted squirrel !」

「Right the way!」 Enya smiled, put away the silver coin, grabbed the slowest giant squirrel from Slair, and carried it into the kitchen.


「Wh… WHAT?!」 from Slair’s angle, he could see inside the kitchen. The proprietress took the knife off her hand, quickly bleed the giant squirrel, faded its hair, strung the poor squirrel with a long bamboo stick, and placed it on fire.

After a while, an attractive smell of meat came from the kitchen.

Enya passed the roast squirrel to the big beard and top him off with ale. At the moment, she found that Slair’s expression was a little strange. The kid was surrounded by a group of furry animals and looked like a big heartbroken squirrel.

「What happened? Did you bully him?」 Enya asked, big beard quietly.

「How would I know.」 said the big beard.

End of Chapter

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  1. Whoot! birthday celebrations ❤
    you are spoiling us so much ❤ ❤ ❤

    Awww poor Slair and that shattered realisation of what they do with the giant squirrels…

    Looking forward to seeing how he'll interact more with Grieve and other humans 🙂

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  2. Hahahaha! I’ve said this recently, but poor Slair! It’s a hard thing to realize that people are raising cute and fluffy things for food when you aren’t raised in that environment. Your dragon parents wouldn’t ever eat you though!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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    1. When I first came to the US and I got some live crabs for my host family to enjoy. Their kids are befriending the crabs all afternoon until they realize those crabs were dinner, not pets. At the dinner table, they cried for those poor crabs and refuse to eat them. As their parents and I enjoyed the delicious meal. I imaging that’s how Slair was feeling about those squirrels.


      1. That is spot on! If those kids just had a bite they’d gobble the rest up though. Crabs are delicious! It reminds me how my dad’s job as a kid on the farm was to raise the baby ducklings. They’d follow their “mom” around all spring and summer and become food come fall. The babies are so cute, per my dad, but, and with a rub of his stomach and a grin, they tasted soooooo good!

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