MPHGK Chapter 8

「Yo, Golden Lion, where did you snatch a beauty back? 」

The person who spoke was a warrior with a big beard. When he saw Grieve walked in with dying Slair in his arms, he thought the petite white figure was a woman. Most of the people living in the area called Wall were deserted warriors who could only fight against monsters. Women were scarce, and there were even fewer beautiful women. The beard men licked his lips, already thought about how much it would cost him to trade a night with this beauty overnight.

Grieve glanced at him:「This is a man.」

The big beard spit his wine out:「A man? Are you fucking kidding me? Even the proprietress of the inn has thicker and darker arm than his!」

A glass rotated out the room and hit a big beard at the head.「 Your arms are dark! My arms are thick because I got the strength! 」

「Don’t get angry, beautiful Enya,」Grieve gave the proprietress a gentle smile,「You are the morning star of Wall, friend of the warriors, and this guy is just my prisoner.」

The proprietress Enya drew up her hair: 「Your lips are sealed with honey. Come on, strong boy, what do you need from me ?」

「This reckless prisoner destroyed the twin lotus for my teacher, beautiful and kind Enya, you must be willing to go to get another one for me from Priest Kurt」 Grieve lowered his head embarrassedly, and put a few silver coins on the table,「I would also like to get two pieces of white bread, a plate of pancake, a bottle of hard liquor and fever medications. 」

Enya glanced at the prisoner in his arms. The child was very good-looking, but he was obviously suffering, and his face was flushed with fever.

「I will send the medicine and food up in a while. As for the twin lotus, you might need to wait until tomorrow. You can take the kid back to the room first.」

「Thank you, beautiful Enya!」 Grieve said happily, holding Slair up the stairs.

「Grieve said the boy is just a prisoner, but he is really kind to him.」 Enya looks at the back of the blond boy’s back and says, 「He never drinks outside of the holiday season. I am afraid the hard liquor was for the kid’s fever, right?」


Slair felt that today must be his unlucky day.

Although he has achieved two of his wishes – Meet his idol in person and tame the Anemo elements, but look what had happened! There was magic to maintain a suitable temperature on the floating island. Still, there is nothing in the mid-air; he desperately controlled the falling speed of Choco and himself. As a result, he stayed in the cold air for too long, and his body was almost frozen. Even so, when he landed, he fell sturdily. Then he was forced to take off his clothes, and that damn cloth did not provide any warmth. Also, the hemp ropes on his hands and feet hurt him. Then we were thrown on the back of Choco like a bag. Every single step Choco took would bump him in the stomach, and he quickly threw up the little food left in his stomach.

And then Grieve realized he had a fever.

Since when Slair, who was held in the palm of the two dragons, suffered such pain? After that, he had not to get sick much, and even when he got sick, Alex would take him to the pet hospital as quickly as possible. After that, experienced dragon doctors could cure him with a pill or magic, and he was never bothered by illness for long. But now, his magic exhausted, body aches, fever, chest tightness, and far away from the blue dragon and red dragon who loved him. Although Slair was angry with Grieve and did not want to cry in front of him. But when Grieve put him on the rugged and rusty wooden bed and hurt his wound, the tears appeared in his emerald eyes unsuspectingly.

Grieve tested the temperature of his forehead with his hands and wiped his cheeks with a cloth soaked in cold water. The angry Slair bit Grieve’s hand, but he did not have much strength at all. Grieve easily opened his mouth.

「You are sick, son of Robert. I will not embarrass a patient.」 Grieve said,「Why would your father send you to deal with me? You are so weak. Does he not have any other sons to send for the mission?」

「I don’t know any Robert」 Slair swore that if he still had his magic, he would shot flame from his eyes, 「I said, I fall on your flower by accident.」

「It’s twin lotus」 Grieve corrected him, 「You destroyed a holy twin lotus.」

「Isn’t that just a kind of flower?」 Slair said,「Stop calling me son of Robert, Alex, and Rhett are the ones who raised me.」

As Grieve was about to say something else, Enya brought the things over. The food looked not bad, but the potion exudes a terrible smell, the liquid inside had a weird dark green color, and some unknown dark objects were floating.

Enya left quickly. Grieve helped Slair to sit up, scooped up the potion with a spoon, blew it, and handed it to his mouth:「Come on, take medicine.」


Grieve helped Slair to sit up, scooped up the potion with a spoon, blew it, and handed it to his mouth:「Come on, take medicine.」

Grieve frowned:「You are acting like a child. Well, since you do not want me to call you son of Robert, as least tell me your name.」


When he said the word 「-er」, Grieve picked up the bowl and poured the medicine into his throat at lightning speed, then covered his mouth mercilessly with an iron liked hand. Choosing between being choked to death or swallowing this damn thing, Slair angrily chose the latter. After confirming that Slair indeed swallowed the medicine, Grieve finally let go.

Slair fell on the bed with an expression of hopelessness. His mouth was filled with that strange and terrible taste. He refused to think about what those things were.

Grieve thought it was funny. He picked up a piece of white bread, spread a precious little honey on it, stuffed it into Slair’s mouth, then wiped him with the liquor. His prisoner whimpered and let him do whatever he wants; seem like he had resigned.

「Dad, daddy, I am going to die,」Slair thought sadly,「I love you the most, I don’t like Grieve anymore, please let me go home…」

End of Chapter

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  1. Poor Slair! I get why Grieve is acting like this, which isn’t even cruel really as much as it’s more than our pampered little dragon prince can bear, but it’s still unfair. It’ll sort itself out eventually!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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