MPHGK Chapter 7

Alex and Rhett laid silently in the cave.

Rhett did not know how they manage to get home. He felt his mind went blank. The castle they made for Slair was still packed in the box. However, seeing that box would only make him feel extremely dazzling. He looked at the blue dragon next to him helplessly, Alex was always the one with the solution, and he wished that Alex could inform him all of this was just an illusion. If he closed his eyes then open them again, the tiny human would be back.

However, Alex asked 『Rhett, would you ever raise another human?』

『… No, never again.』 Rhett hear his voice answered,『Are you…』

『Me either,』 the blue dragon said,『So, are we still going to live together?』

Rhett opened his mouth in surprise. There was no sound coming out of it. He had never thought about this question, just like he never thought he would lose Slair. In his mind, living with Alex was normal.

At this moment, Alex stared at him with sky-like eyes. The blue dragon’s tail slowly getting close to him; in the end, the two tails were tangled together.

『Even without Slair, I still want to live with you.』


If the blond prince, Grieve, was angry when he saw Slair falling from the sky and landed on the twin lotus dedicated to his teacher. It made Grieve furious when Slair was backing away in fear, pulling out the petals under him and throwing them aside after a glance.

「Tell me your name, Son of Robert!」 his eyes almost burst out flames, and the tip of his sword almost cut through Slair’s skin.「My name is Grieve; pick up your weapon and fight with me. Well, if you win, I won’t hold you accountable for ruining the twin lotus.」

Slair was terrified. His whole body was in pain, and his magic power was utterly exhausted in the long process of descent. There was nothing on hand that could be called a weapon. Yet, even he had one, how could he win again, Grieve?

「Choco, help!」 He asked for help from the scaled horse lying on the ground.

Choco dragged hard to stand up from the ground. . It approached Grieve, sniffed, then recognized that he was its owner. It licked his arm pleasedly, then carefully pushed away the sharp sword pointed at Slair’s throat with a hoof in trying to save the friend who had been feeding it delicious treats.

「I do not know any Robert, and I don’t have a weapon. I accidentally fell here,」Slair raised his hands carefully,「Please don’t kill me.」

Grieve did not believe a word he said. He only saw two people with black hair and green eyes, one was Robert, and another was the boy standing right in front of him. He clearly remembered that Roberts used the strange object and instantly took the life of his brave father and gentle mother. Robert was a jackal, and his son was not trustworthy. Seeing the person wore clothes woven with gold threads, decorated with gorgeous gems. Without a doubt, Robert must live a great life and be even more decadent than his father, the former King of Klein.

But the 《Book of the Dragon》 said that the hatred of the fathers shall not be passed down to their innocent children. Grieve was not even ten years old when the incident happened, and the boy must be younger than him. Therefore, the boy should not be paying responsibility for that incident. However, Grieve was not going to let him go so quickly.


「DEDRESS」 Grieve ordered.

「What ?」 Slair’s eyes widened, and look at him in disbelief. Slair’s eyes widened and look at him in disbelief.

「Did you not hear what I said? Take off your clothes. Take off your clothes. Unless you tell me that your Adam’s apple is fake and you are indeed a woman, then you don’t have to do that.」

Slyer was trembling with anger, but he glanced at the sword pointed at his neck and closed his mouth. The gold thread woven clothes slowly fell to the ground, and Grieve would not even allow him to keep his underwear. In the end, the poor young man barely covered his body with his hands. His eyes were full of tears of humiliation, and he looked at his former idol with bitterness.

As a result of the falling, Slair’s body was covered with bruises, and some of the places were bleeding. It was very miserable. Grieve flicked one of his feet in the pile of Slair’s clothes, and after making sure that there were no suspicious items, he threw him a piece of the cloth for him to drape and then tied his hands and feet with a rough rope.

「What are you going to do?」 Slair struggled in vain,「I have never done anything to you…」

Grieve plugged his mouth with another piece of cloth and pointed to the shattered twin lotus on the ground: 「You provoked me first, son of Robert. I gave you a chance to fight, and you refused. Now you are my captive. Let’s go, I still have things to ask you.」

He threw Slair on Choco’s back and led his lost scaled horse to the inn.


『Good afternoon, Mr. Alex. 』

A visitor came to the floating island. This is a green dragon; Alex knew him. He was a young dragon who worked at the image crystal store.

『I am here to deliver an image crystal. I remember you left a message, saying that if there was any image crystal with Grieve’s appearance. I must send you a copy, even if it is a possible image of Grieve. This is the film that just arrived, there was a scene with him in it, according to human experts, it is Grieve, although I can’t tell the difference…』

The green dragon rumbled on and on, then saw Alex peeked his head out of the cave:『Thank you very much. However, I don’t need it anymore.』

『WHAT?』 The green dragon was furious. 『 We have been working very hard to check every single image crystal for you, and now, we found the one you want and deliver it to you. You just said you don’t need it anymore? At least pay the reward that you promised us, Right?』

『Please give me a second.』

Alex turned around to get the gold coin, then Rhett poked his head out:『No, let’s keep it』

『Rhett, Slair was…』The blue dragon sighed.

『That’s Slair’s wish after all.』 Rhett took the image crystal from the green dragon and placed it in front of the gold castle inside the cave.

Alex touched Rhett’s head. Then, feeling the heavy atmosphere in the cave, the green dragon took the money and flew away quickly.

『Let’s watch it for him.』 Rhett turns on the image crystal and fast-forwarded to the scene marked by the green dragon.

Then they were stunned.

It was just a flashing shot. It could be seen that a human with blonde hair was holding a scaled horse, and there was a black-haired and green-eyed teenager on the back of the horse. His hands and feet were tied up, and his body was only covered with a piece of coarse cloth. The majority of the skin that was exposed was covered with bruises.



Dragon Forum -> Discussions ->The Sea of learning

【 Help 】 How to pass Level Six Human Language, Level Five Human Transfiguration, and Level Four of Human Conservation as quickly as possible?

Same as the title, emergency, waiting anxiously online! I have no foundation, and my roommate passed Level One Human Language. Please help us, we want to pass the exams as soon as possible, it would be best if it could be done by tomorrow!

№.0☆☆☆The Declaration of Flames☆☆☆

Shocking. It’s gonna take years, right?


Just the Level Six Human Language exam could stop a bunch of dragons… Assume that OP and OP’s roommate are geniuses and pass all the exams on the first try. The OP will need to take the exam slowly from level one. Human Language exams hold three times per year, then OP will need two years to finish all the exams; Human transfiguration could skip levels. However, Level Five Human Transfiguration was not so easy to pass. It needs to be able to fool other humans, and you must have human common sense, especially the weight of your transfigure could not be wrong at all; As for Human Conservation Exam, that thing is just all up to luck.


Are you crazy? The only way to finish them by tomorrow is to defeat the Dragon Emperor himself then changed the Dragon Laws.


Bruh on floor 2, you could skip level for Human Language Exam now. However, it is not as simple as Human Transfiguration Exams which allows you to enroll for any level of exam. For Example, if OP bearly pass Level one, then you could only enroll in the Level Two exam; If your score is high enough, you would be able to enroll Level Three Exam; If you got a close to perfect score, then you could go straight to enroll Level Four Exam. Therefore, the fastest possible situation for OP to finish the Human Language Exams will take one year.

As for Human Conservation Exam, you need to enroll in courses first. Then, your teacher will give you a recommendation of which level you should be tested. If you are bad at it, then you could only take the exam from level one.


Oh, why do dragons care about exams? Such a waste of time, how nice is it to sleep?


Where does the floor above me came from? If you want to sleep in your cave, no one is stopping you from doing so.

№.6☆☆☆Study is Meaningful☆☆☆


Why are you in such a hurry, OP? The life span of a dragon is so long. Why are you trying to rush through the certification process? Did OP’s egg or baby dragon fall into the wild human preserve? Then you have nothing to worry about, just send an application to the search and rescue team, and dragons will be sent for the rescue.

№.7☆☆☆Slowly Gently☆☆☆

No, that was not the case. It was my pet human that fell on the land, not a baby dragon. Unfortunately, the search and rescue team does not care about pets.

№.8☆☆☆The Declaration of Flames☆☆☆

Hey, I have seen OP in the pet forum next door… if it is not a fake name, then I am sorry, OP. But, unfortunately, if a human fell from such a high distance, there will be nothing left by now…


Yes, stop wasting your youth. OP is lovely and sincere about his pets, but it was not lovely to spam the post.


Hopefully, OP could take this opportunity to learn something, but it is really pitful to hold this kind of hope… Restraining yourself, OP.



№.12☆☆☆The Declaration of Flames☆☆☆

@Blue is the BEST, Hurry and take your roommate home.


Oh, poor OP, he does not have a good head, and he still encountered things like this.


……You Dummy. Stop browsing the forums and come back here. I have bought all the reference materials for the exams.

№.15☆☆☆Blue is the BEST☆☆☆

End of Chapter

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