MPHGK Chapter 6

Generally speaking, if a dragon has raised humans for more than ten years, the level of his Human Language will always be significantly improved. However, Alex and Rhett were the exceptions because Slair could speak better Dragonic than Alex’s and Rhett’s Human language. Furthermore, since Slair loved exquisite things, their craftsmanship rose to the point where they could despise any dragons.

During this Gold Coin Festival, Alex and Rhett brought a gold castle for humans, it was gorgeous and shiny, and it was a secret gift from the dragons to Slair. All the dragons at the scene were fascinated by it. Some of the dragons who were good at human transfiguration into human forms on the spot and ran into the gold castle for a visit.

Entering from the gate, you could see a vast hall with a pair of crystal chandeliers hanging on the top. Once it lights up, the light spots like water patterns were sprinkled on the floor. There were paintings of fishes on the wall with magic runes as their scales. Those magic runes allowed the fishes to move along with the water. Walking past the hallway, it felt like you were walking in the ocean.

Further down and step on the raised dragon-shaped pattern at the center of the floor, nine fountains would emerge around you, encircling you. The golden spiral staircase in the front was covered in emerald green vines; small diamond-shaped red flowers were blooming on it. Up the stairs, there was a corridor full of portraits that connect to various playrooms.

On the third floor, a kitchen, a dining room, and a study could be called a library. There was also a substantial open-air platform with a built-in swimming pool. An exquisite small umbrella propped by the pool has become a perfect decoration. To ensure that Slair could find a place to rest, there were bedrooms on every castle floor. The bed was big and soft, super comfortable at first glance. However, the most unique was the bedroom on the top floor, which occupies one floor under the pillows. There was a switch, click it, the surrounding became transparent, and the bed and furniture seem to be suspended in mid-air.


『Oh my god, this is wonderful, your pet human must be so happy! But he must be lonely living in such a large castle all by himself, don’t you think about buying a few more humans to keep his company?』

『Yeah, yeah, humans are easily felt alone.』

『NO WAY』Rhett raised his head proudly,『Our baby Slair does not like other people to take our attention.』

『Wow, you must have a good relationship. I am so envious that none of my humans allow me to touch them. Please share your experience with me !』

『Speaking of experience, all you need to do is make him feel your unconditional love…』

In the afternoon, even the Dragon Emperor himself was attracted by this gold castle. He was a giant golden dragon. He had long blond hair that shone like gold and amethyst eyes when he transformed into his human form. After getting permission from the two dragons, the Dragon Emperor took a trip to the castle. After he came out, he shook his paws with Alex and Rhett and then drew out a gold medal. The Emperor had rewarded them with the 『Best Craft Award』on the spot, with a bonus box of gems.

Such honor made Rhett rise with excitement and could not calm down anyhow. Smoke was constantly spraying from his nows. As he flew home, the smoke drew a grey trajectory in the air.

『I am so happy, Alex! What do you think, would Slair babe would enjoy the castle?』

『He would love it for sure. 』 Alex tried his best to keep his cool, but his up and down flying patten betrayed him.『 He is seventeen years old, and humans at his age could no longer live in that little crystal cabin. This is just perfect.』

When they were about to arrive, they packed up the castle with a box, smiled at each other, and went into their caves: 『Slair, Slair, have you been a good boy?』


No one answers.

Alex checked the cabin, and Slair was not there.

『I know the kid will sneak out to play, but he used to come home when he saw us from a distance.』 Rhett said,『I will go find him.』

『No, not you, I should be the one to do the meticulous work. How many times has Slair been under your paws, and you missed him. You stay here. Maybe Slair will come home by himself.』

Rhett wanted to protest, but he closed his mouth when he remembered that one accident when he took Slair into the lava bath, almost killing Slair. He closed his mouth. Alex was indeed much better in this regard, and it won’t take long for him to pull the naughty boy from the hiding place.

But this time, he waited and waited, and Alex did not come back all night. Finally, the red dragon could not stand it anymore. He rushed out of the cave and flew up high. He found the blue dragon on the cliff.

『What are you doing here, Alex? Where is Slair?』

『He is gone.』

『You did not find him?』 Rhett said, 『Let me help you』

Alex turned around. Rhett was shocked to see the tears in the blue dragon’s eyes. Rhett was shocked to see the tears in the blue dragon’s eyes.

『I asked the golden feather vulture on the mountain wall, the electro deers in the forest, and the entomophagous tree across the cliff. They all said Slair was riding Choco and accidentally fell from this place…』

Rhett pokes his head out — this is where their floating islands are connected. There was a massive gap in between which you could see the clouds and the land down below.

Rhett was a fire dragon. his was the first time his heart was cold as ice.

 Last note: Humans’ life span was way shorter than the Dragons, and their bodies were very fragile. Before you brought them him, there was one thing you must keep in mind. They will leave you one day.

                  –《Human Cultivation Manuel》

End of Chapter

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