MPHGK Chapter 5

Time flew.

It has been ten years since Alex and Rhett connected their floating islands together. At first, the two dragons were displeased with each other, then gradually became good buddies who would rub their tails together. This time, they decided to participate in the centennial Gold Coin Festival together. The Gold Coin Festival was an important traditional festival for the Dragons. It was also a good day for them to show off their wealth and hook up with their future partners. Since too many dragons would attend the festival, it was not suitable to bring delicate pets along. Alex and Rhett warned Slair thousands of times, asked him to stay in the cave, and did not run around until they returned.

Slair agreed, but as soon as the two giant dragons, one blue and one red, disappeared into the sky, he whistled happily and ran out of the cave.


An adult scale horse sprang out from the nearby woods, sticking out his tongue and licking Slair.

「Choco, take me to the mountain!」

Choco is the name Slair gave to the horse, and it was exactly the one that Grieve tamed. During the conflict, no one cared about the poor little thing. Eventually, it was taken away like a piece of relevant evidence by the dragon in charge of the investigation. The dragon who made the prohibited pinball gun was punished. However, the dragon had no idea how the gun got to the human continent. In the end, the scaled horse was sent to the pet shop. After Slair learned that the horse was Grieve’s mount, he traded it for a painful price with Rhett- rubbing Rhett’s scales for a whole month.

The scaled horse was a foodie. Slair used half of his delicious desserts provided by the two dragons, successfully won Choco’s friendship. Although in Choco’s heart, Grieve was still his master, Slair was his friend. What’s wrong with occasionally gave a friend a ride?

The wind blows on the face. Slair closed his eyes and felt the surging air. He put his right index finger on the runestone hanging around his neck and let it explained everything about Anemo spells in his ears. A magnificent picture was unfolded in his mind, and there were red, blue, yellow, and green light spots flying swiftly.
The red Pryo, blue Hydro, yellow Earth had been spinning around him steadily, and only the green Anemo still flying aimlessly like fireflies.

This was taming.


Slair learned this from the story of the scale horse. The Dragons and some monsters that had inherited the dragon bloodline were natural magic users. Their bodies are born with magic elements for them to use, and magic is imprinted in their blood like instinct. However, like humans, they need to learn and tame magic elements– Those magic elements floating in nature would not obey a human’s order for nothing. Therefore, he must tame them just like how Grieve tamed the scaled horse. As a Dragonmaw, Slair had been living with the dragons for all his life. There are many magic elements inside his body, but they do not respond to his calls.

  Pyro was the first element to surrender. Slair tried to stare at the fire all night long, and of course, to no avail. However, one day, Rhett wanted to sneak into his bubble lava bath, and he forgot Slair was resting on his back. When the human realize the hot magma was pouring towards him, at that moment, the fear turned into courage, and faith surrounded him by the Pyro elements. The fire around him expressed defeat, and the magma slightly retreated from his body.
Before Slair ran out of mana, Rhett had realized his mistake. Later the poor red dragon was beaten off by Alex, and his scales fall all over the ground. But Slair did not say anything about magic. He realized that taming elements were hazardous. Obviously, the dragons who loved him to death would not allow him to do so.

The second element yield to Slair was Hydro. One day, Slair had a secret adventure with Choco to the middle of the lake, and he told Choco to drag him up if he drowned. After choking himself hundreds of times, he finally felt the water flow driven by his mind. At that moment, his mind was immersed in the world of magic and completely forgot that he was still suffocating. Before Choco found that something was wrong, Alex screamed and fished Slair out. The two dragons thought he would commit suicide, and the lake bathing tradition was almost canceled due to this incident.

The third element that responded was the Earth. Earth is a gentle element. After possessing Pyro and Hydro elements, Slair’s magic power increased day by day. He practiced magic on the ground barefoot. The water and flames throbbed at his fingertips. The Earth felt his joy and responded to his calls.

Only the mischievous Anemo was still playing the game of chase with him.


「Grrrl~」the scaled horse’s hooves were strong, he quickly climbd to the top of the mountain. Here is where Alex’s and Rhett’s floating island connected. There were gaps between the mountains and mountains. However, it was nothing to the dragons. Choco often played jumping games here. Slair felt the wind on his back and tried to use magic to catch these playful Anemo elements.Unlike the gentle Earth, Anemo elements were not as easy to communicate with. Slair had thoughts that perhaps the Anemo would answer his call if he was in fatal danger. However, he cherished his life and was unwilling to find a high ground to challenge the limit.

But some things just happen, even you don’t want it to. Choco was hopping, and it accidentally jumped onto a loose rock. As soon as it stepped on it, the rock broke. The poor horse “chirped” in panic, rubbing his hooves on the mountain wall, trying to slow down the dropping trend. You must know, under the rocks was not a valley, nor a river, but a gap between floating islands. If you fall, you will fall to the continent. At such a high distance, you would die no matter what.

Accompanied by a sudden sense of weightlessness, the mischievous Anemo elements rushed toward Slair frantically. Those elements were like cold cats, they often dismiss you, but sometimes they would stretch out their paws. However, it was not a great moment. With Clair’s magic power, he could use Earth spells to change the shape of mountains to save himself. However, all the magic power was swallowed by the Anemo elements.

Grieve presented a pair of pure white twin lotus in front of Karl’s tomb. Humans regarded this flower as a symbol of the Dragon God and used it for almost all the activities. Grieve Klein was nineteen years old this year. He hid his surname and lived far from his hometown. Just as his father, the former King of Klein, and his teacher’s expected, Grieve grew into a warrior with superior martial arts, pious belief, and abiding by the 《Book of the Dragons》. Grieve hadn’t found a new mount– He swore an oath that before he beheaded Robert and Henry, he would not tame another mount.

After finishing today’s prayer, and as Grieve stood up, he heard the wind and loud screams above his head. He instinctively drew back and then saw a scaled horse with a black-haired boy「Paj」falling in front of him and crushed the lotus dedicated to his teacher.


「OU—OOU—OUCH!」 Slair got up from Choco’s back with tears in his eyes and rubbed his legs. Fortunately, there was no broken bone. Without magic, it was unrealistic to fly back to the floating island. His heart sank when he thought about how anxious and sad Alex and Rhett would be after discovering he was missing.

Unlike Klein, there were many people with dark hair colors. However, pure black hair was still scarce. . Grieve looked at the boy, shocked. The boy had emerald green eyes, pure white skin, and a lean body, and he seemed to be riding the horse he tamed years ago– So much alike, this person, he must be Robert’s son!

When Slair left his head up, he found Grieve, whom he had been thinking about for ten years, standing in front of him, with the sword in his hand against his neck.

  《Book of Dragons》:
  Dragons, the world's creator, their wings were wider than the sky, their paws were bigger than the Earth.
  No one could see his full view but only worshipped him in parts.
The Dragon God took out a pair of Artifacts from the end of his tail. 
  They were hard as gold and covered in spikes,
  When the Dragon God was happy, the spikes would turn into petals, called the twin lotus.
  The Dragon God's Twin Lotus stirred the ground, 
  then there were mountains and valleys.
  The limitless liquid was pouring from the heart of the lotus, 
  then turned into flowing rivers and oceans.

End of Chapter

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