MPHGK Chapter 3

Slair had a strong thirst for knowledge. As a specially cultivated Dragonmaw, he had never felt any maternal love or friendship. For his entire life, he traveled in the Rune World of dragons as a bystander, learning everything about the world.

Although Grieve was only a figure in the image crystal, for Slair, this was the first human he knew- Prince Grieve was nine-year-old now and was two years older than Slair. The documentary bought by Rhett covered all the classic clips of Prince Grieve’s life up to the current year. He had grown from a tiny baby to a small warrior. He could shoot an eagle in the air with just one arrow and face an experienced person in swordsmanship. He even ventured into the mountains by himself, hunt down the beast that caused chaos in the mountain village, and then dedicated the beast’s skin to his mother as a mattress.

The documentary made Alex and Rhett trembled with fear.

In their opinion, the blond boy was not any stronger than Slair- okay, he might be a bit stronger, but he was just a human. Look at his fragile, small arms, and his delicate neck! If he got injured, no human medication could save him! His father was so careless when Grieve is only one year old, the King celebrate his birthday with a grand banquet- he surrounded his beloved son with sharp weapons. Grieve was crawling among them, touching the bow over here, then patting the sword over there, and even drooling on the axe…

『How could he treat his cub like this ?!』 Rhett covered his chest in shock,『 He should have his Human Cultivation Permit revoked! The cub will get hurt!』

『He is a human and that is his son.』 Obviously, Alex could not accept it either, but he is more rational than Rhett,『This is how wild humans are, and we cannot interfere with them, Rhett』

Finally, Grieve in the picture accidentally got injured, and blood was coming out of the wound. It dripped on the weapon, but all the adults present laughed. The King cheered loudly and picked up his son, then threw him into the air and caught him.

The eyes of the two dragons almost popped out of their sockets, but Slair thought it was so cool.


『Dad, Daddy』that is how he called the two dragons who raised him,『What are these humans talking about? I do not understand.』

『……』This is Alex, who was close to passing level one human language but not quite.

『……』This is Rhett, who did not pass level one human language.

Seeing both giant dragons turned their heads embarrassedly, Slair realized that they did not understand human language either. He asked Alex for human language textbooks and studied while watching the documentary. When Slair finished the film, he had become a fan of Grieve and enthusiastically ask Alex to make a small sword out of metals. He intended to become a warrior just like Grieve.

『Slair, my honey, who do you like the most, Dad or Daddy?』

『I like Grieve the most. Both Dad and Daddy are tied for second place.』

Once again, Alex dragged Rhett outside. Then, the familiar sound of fighting started outside of the cave.

『Let you buy the documentary! Let you buy the documentary! Can’t you pick something else?!』

"The Book of Dragons":
Dragons said, men must be brave and women must be persevering;
Dragons said men who died heroically would be rewarded with honor;
Dragons said women who raised their offspring selflessly would be affirmed by him;
Dragons said men had to pick up weapons from childhood and bleed on weapons;
Dragons said women should only cry for their husband and children;
Dragons said, men and women must have mutual affinity before they could unite;
Dragons said any union results in infertility are not in accordance with the truth. 


Dragon forums -> Discussions -> Pet lovers

【Tangled】I am the OP of the last Dragonmaw post, my child had set a record again. He had learned the human language by watching a documentary.

Oh my god, oh my god! There are no heavenly principles! My happiness has no bounds! My baby is sooooooo smart, but I felt blown away by his IQ… Is he really a human…

I have not yet passed my level one human language test, as my baby has already spoken fluently in both Dragonic and Human language. TAT

Oh, one more thing that worries me, after my baby saw the documentary, he has been fascinated by the blond boy in the film. He is his idol, imitating that blond human waving knives and playing with spears. It makes me worried sick just by watching, and the blond boy is always his favorite person, QAQ! Please send help. How can I snatch back the heart of my human child?

№.0 ☆☆☆The Declaration of Flames☆☆☆

It’s you AGAIN! Wasn’t last time embarrassed enough for you? LMAO, someone bought a Dragonmaw who knows how to speak Dragonic without training! Now, in such a short amount of time, he learned how to speak human language? Hahahahahahahaha, who are you trying to fool here? It would be more trustworthy if you said you had stolen a high IQ baby dragon.

№.1 ☆☆☆LOL☆☆☆

Because of people like OP, the price of the Dragonmaw was hyped over and over again!

Do you really love your humans?

The cultivation process of a Dragonmaw is very, very anti-dragon moral! Ordinary humans could live freely according to their habits, raised by their mother and living with other children. It was pitiful when they are taken away one after one when they were sold in the pet shop. However, they still enjoy a normal childhood, and that is how they learn to speak human language. Even getting lost in the wild, they will still have a possibility of survival.

Dragonmaws were locked in a magical vessel since they were an infant! They would not get released until the cultivation was successful, then they’re sent directly to the pet store. Dragonmaws only have the throats that can speak Dragonic. However, their ears are still like other humans that could not distinguish Dragonic vocabulary. My uncle bought a Dragonmaw, and he still didn’t know how to speak Dragonic at age 40. Since he missed the opportunity to live a normal childhood, he could not speak the human language either. As the Dragomaws grew up, it’s harder for them to learn a new language or get along with other humans! Most of the Dragomaws had severe psychological problems, and the worse ones will develop mental illnesses. Just because some dragons want to hear their human say the word 『Master』! What a shame! If you want to communicate with humans, learn the human language!

№.2 ☆☆☆I am a Proud Scientist☆☆☆


LMAO, this is the OP again. The fish is respectable.

№.3 ☆☆☆I won’t get Jabaited☆☆☆

I trusted the last post, but when I saw this post, I am sure he’s capping!

№.4 ☆☆☆Humph☆☆☆

Let’s be gentle guys, maybe OP does have a Dragonmaw, but he has serious delusion. I will recommend Dr.Black Dragon, the is the best doctor for OP’s illness.

№.5 ☆☆☆=w=☆☆☆

You don’t believe me? FINE, I am going to take a big move. Huh, open your eyes wide and have a good look at my cute baby Slair’s photos:


№.6 ☆☆☆The Declaration of Flames☆☆☆

Oh my Dragon Emperor, HOW CUTE!

№.7 ☆☆☆=w=☆☆☆

Oh my Dragon Emperor, HOW CUTE! +1

№.8 ☆☆☆=O=☆☆☆

Oh my Dragon Emperor, HOW CUTE! +2

№.9 ☆☆☆=口=☆☆☆

Although I did not believe OP that human is so CUTE, lick, lick, lick!

№.10 ☆☆☆-w-☆☆☆

What are you doing, you idiot? Did I allow you to post our baby Slair’s pictures?

№.11 ☆☆☆Blue is the BEST☆☆☆

Oh wait, some knowing dragon has shown up, hey the floor above, should you take OP to see a doctor?

№.12 ☆☆☆-w-☆☆☆

His brain does need to be checked by a doctor.

№.13 ☆☆☆Blue is the BEST☆☆☆

Oh, poor OP, another dragon goes insane because of humans. I would say all the humans should be killed.

№.14 ☆☆☆=-=☆☆☆

Where does the floor aGolden coat, come and ban his IP!

№.16 ☆☆☆-w-☆☆☆

Floor 14’s post contains extreme rhetoric, banning IP. The OP is spreading false information. This post will be locked then deleted.

№.17 ☆☆☆ShinyGoldBlingBling☆☆☆

End of Chapter

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