MPHGK Chapter 2

Alex and Rhett had moved in together.

Well, it was called moved in together, but in fact, the two dragons just connected their floating island together. They still had their own separate caves. To be fair, they placed their caves together, and in the middle, they created a mountain then dig out a public area to form a ” One living room with two bedrooms” layout. Slair’s cabin was located at the center of the public area, neither closer to Alex nor closer to Rhett.

『Come here, Baby, call me 「Daddy」~~ you must be calling me daddy, right? As for the blue dragon with no male temperament, just call him mommy !』 Rhett laying in front of Slair; his giant body took over all the space near the little cabin.

Alex walked over, pick up his tail by mouth and pull him back: 『Stupid fire dragon, Slair must be calling you「Mommy」! I heard that humans think blue is a more masculine color; therefore, without a doubt, he thinks you are a female! If he did not call you Mommy, Do you think I will allow you to stay this close to me ?』

『You are not him; how did you know he does not call me Daddy?』 Rhett bit back angrily, his mouth was sparking with flame again.

Slair was baffled. He looked at two dragons, then looked at himself:『So you are both males? Then who is my daddy, and where is my mommy? Why do I look different from you?』

Alex and Rhett were shocked.


Dragonmaw had the ability to sound out the Dragonic syllables; however, being able to make sound was way different from being able to understand the language. Humans were very smart, but there was still a huge difference between the Dragons and Humans. Dragons were able to pronounce human language without magic transformation, but there were only a few of the dragons able to pass the level four certificate of Human language. Dragons usually speak broken human language– For Draconic, it was common to pronounce a word with multiple syllables at the same time, and simply change the frequency, or the volume ratio of the syllables would normally mean another word. — This made the dragons have a hard time to understand how humans talk, of course, it was harder for the humans to understand Dragonic. It was challenging to Human’s ears and brains when they listen to Dragonic. Mostly of humans can not even tell the difference among words, even a Dragonmaw -「They all sound like howls 」, as he might say. Therefore, for a Dragonmaw, it was outstanding if he could imitate the dragon’s voice to say a few words. Until this day, there had not been a single human able to fully understand the weird language of Dragonic.

『Oh God, Slair, you can understand! You can understand what we were saying?!』

『Of course, I could, my inherited memory told me, every baby dragon was able to talk when they broke out of the shell. However, it seems like I am very weak…』Slair stared down at his hand, then turned around trying to reach his back, 『Don’t have wings, color is strange too… Am I an abandoned egg? Is it because I am bound to be a dragon with a disability? Are you the ones who found me?』

Alex and Rhett exchanged a look; both of them seems surprised.

『Babe,』Alex crouched down carefully, gently caress Slair’s head. He remembered that humans used this gesture to comfort each other.『 You are very healthy, and wonderful, why would you have thoughts like that ?』

Slair’s eyes were full of tears:『Do not lie to me.』

Rhett moved his head over:『But Slair, you are a human! You are not a dragon, of course, you don’t have wings!』

Slair seems to be more heartbroken. He opened his mouth wide open in surprise, and all the tears starting to drip from his eyes wet his soft and fair face. He did not make a sound, but the despairing look on his face broke Alex’s heart. The blue dragon was full of rage, drags the red dragon outside the cave by his tail.

『Alex, What the heck are you doing! This is the second time you touch my tail today. I swore that only female dragons could touch it!』

『You stupid dragon! Have you read the Human Cultivation Manual at all? Did you really get a permit to raise a human?! Human, a very sensitive and smart creature, is different from the Rocky Breasts, which you could chew like a grinding stone! We are so lucky to own a Dragonmaw as a pet, not to mention that even the Dragon Emperor doesn’t have the honor to own a Dragonmaw that understands Draconic. Now, the Dragonmaw thinks he is a baby dragon– we need to guide him with reason and caution, grooming his mind without causing any psychological problems; instead, you tell him, hey, you are human! Look what have you done, you idiot!』


After heard the phase 『Psychological problem』, Rhett is getting nervous too: 『Oh no! I have forgotten everything! Help, Alex, what should we do? He is just a kid. Psychological problems could easily affect his life! Ah, God, what if he suicide?! I heard that if humans with a serious psychological problem they would… 』

Alex could not hold his anger anymore and slap Rhett with his paw, order him to stay outside, then go back to check on their poor little Human.

Slair sits in the beautiful crystal cabin blankly. He touched the stone hanging on his neck and saw the beautiful world of dragons again. When he opened his mouth, there were no flames; When he said the familiar spells, nothing happens– He thought that by memorizing all the fascinating spells in his mind, he would be able to use them once he gets out of the “shell” …

However, he was just a human, and humans could not use magic.

The huge disappointment had crushed Slair’s heart. He felt like his life had been sentenced to death. He walked back into his crystal cabin and hid under the quilt. Tears gradually wetted the pillow, and finally, the child started crying loudly.

Alex walking outside the cabin anxiously. He took out delicious cupcakes, shiny gold coins, delicate toys, and beautiful clothes, but none of them could lure Slair out from his cabin. While he was trying to cheer Slair up, he had to use his tail to prevent Rhett from rushing in. How exhausting. In the end, the helpless blue dragon used the magical rune to call Gilt. However, when Gilt heard 『My child understands Dragonic』, he let out a loud laugh and ask Alex to call him back after he woke up from sleep or sobered up from drunk, then cut off the magic connection.

『Praise the dragon emperor, it is so hard to raise a human, and I was complaining about the human Cultivation Permit Exam being too hard. In my opinion, the test should be harder. 』 The blue dragon felt soon he would cry with Slair,『Daring Slair, please stop crying, if anything happens to you, my heart will break into pieces then dead with you.』

At the moment, Rhett broke in once again.

『What do you want to do now ?!』 Alex stared at him furiously,『LISTEN! Slair is crying』

『I come with a solution!』 Rhett raised his front paw and wave at Alex『Look, the “Wild Human Documentary- The Klein Empire.” Although I don’t understand why the little guy cries when he found out he is a human, but maybe this will be beneficial for him to see how humans live?』

Alex thought this might be a solution, so he agreed. Placing the image crystal in front of the crystal cabin, as the melodious music started, Slair gradually stopped crying.

Kids were curious. Slair crawled out of the quilt and peeked his head out of the door. He found his cabin was surrounded by gorgeous lights. Everything was marvelous like magic — No, it was magic. The scenes quickly switched from dragons’ house to the land, he saw the entire land as he was sitting on the back of a dragon, then the land moved closer and closer, the scene took him on the ground, this was a human kingdom– it was a happy little country, their King was wearing a golden clown and holding the Queen in his arms.


Then they started to remove their clothes. The Dragon commentator started to explain everything in the documentary :

『Human, a fascinating petite creature, uses two legs to walk upright. They are fragile yet steady, acting as a leading role in many parts of the land. Many dragons had asked me, surprised, that how could humans live independently without the dragons– All I want to say is, humans are tougher than we think. Here is the Kingdom of Klein. Their King is mating with his Queen. Unlike the dragons, humans have a higher reproductive rate, our main character for the movie, our cute little Prince Grieve, is conserved during this mating…』

The camera zoomed into the Queen’s abdomen. The author of the documentary used some unknown method to film the whole development process of the child inside the mother’s womb. Slair was fascinated by the process, watching the little embryo divided and grew, then the heart forms from the cells, gradually, the head and limbs start to form. With a loud cry, the Queen gently hold the cute little prince in her arms, crooning a lullaby to help him sleep, feeding him with her breast milk. The King was standing right behind her, naming his child.

『Human females are amazing. They have to go through a painful pregnancy of nine months, the abdomen will bulge in the later stage that affects their daily life, and childbirth is even more dangerous. Wild human females have a very high mortality rate because their fetuses are relatively large. It is almost unthinkable for our dragons. After all this hard work, the baby will be born. Please follow me, let’s see how this fragile life is able to overcome one difficulty after another as he grows up … 』

The mystery of life had conquered Slair. He was completely immersed in the documentary about wild humans and forgot all his troubles. Alex patted Rhett on the shoulder happily and was pleased to find out that the red dragon was not completely useless.

End of Chapter

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