MPHGK Chapter 1

Alex was a young male blue dragon. His scales shone like a beautiful sapphire, and his eyes glared like the clear sky.  He decorated himself with gold coins that he kept for many years and examined his appearance with a water mirror for the 101st time before heading out. After making sure that nothing was out of the order, Alex spread his wings and flew to Gilt’s pet shop anxiously.

『Gilt, Gilt!』 before Alex landed on the ground, he shouted 『I did it, Gilt, I got the permit for raising a pet human! I am going to raise the cutest human !』

『Congratulations, my friend.』 Gilt peeked his head out from the back of the shop,『 But rules are rules, I must check your permit. Come here, take a walk around my shop when I check your permit. I have many cute humans here, you will have a hard time picking one.』 Gilt was an earthy dragon, his bloodline was not very pure. However, his business acumen was astounding.

『Okay, Gilt. I am so happy.』 Alex took out a rune stone under one of his wings and gave it to Gilt, the shopkeeper.

This was not Alex’s first visit to the store. He had been buying pets from Gilt since he was just a young dragon. At the outer layer of the store, there were creatures like rocky beasts, picky-ball turtles, and many other tenacious breeds. But today, Alex did not even lay a glance on those creatures. He ran straight to the innermost layer of the store. Over there were the most popular pets among the Dragons — Humans.

『What kind of human should I pick?』 Alex talking to himself joyfully, 『They do not have humans with blue hair, but brown hair or blond hair humans are cute too. The eye color better be blue, and I want his skin to be lighter in color…』

Humans here were mostly children. That was not surprising. If you did not raise humans from a young age, it would be hard for them to live with dragons. Humans were gregarious animals. Therefore, most humans in the store was locked together in small groups… However, there was one exception.


Alex went over and looked at that human curiously. There was a human resting in a crystal box; he was about seven years old, with his eyes closed and holding a rune stone in his hand. He had black hair, and skin as white as milk. His body was dressed in a robe woven with golden threads, dotted with shining gems, but the light of the shining clothes could not conceal his own brilliance at all. The moment Alex saw him, he felt that his heart had been hit.

(That kind of clothes were not very comfortable for the humans, but it was obviously in line with the dragon’s aesthetics.)

『So cute! Gilt! No matter what color his eyes are, I want him!』

『You have good tastes, Alex』Gilt returned and gave back Alex’s permit. 『He has green eyes. Black hair with green eyes, the famous “Jadeite” species. What is even rarer is that he is a “Dragonmaw.” Do you get it, Alex? If you really fell in love with him, then I am afraid my friend, with all the gems that were on you right now, there will be none left when you leave. 』

『Of course, I understand what it means, I want him! I am willing to pay no matter how many gems he costs!』 Alex was trembling with excitement. Oh my God, a Dragonmaw was the rarest species to be found. It was necessary to know that the human throat could not speak Draconic. It was the same no matter how many generations of breeding. It was only possible to obtain such precious species after specific magical training. When Alex thinking about teaching a cute pet human to talk, he felt that his heart was floating in the air.

As Alex was about to hold up his human, a mad red dragon rushed in, pressed his paw fiercely, then yelled at the shopkeeper:『GILT! I remember that you promise to notify me as soon as the “Jadeite” arrives! You lost my last Jadeite, and you promised to replace it for me. I have been waiting and waiting, but you never contact me, and it turns out that you are secretly selling it to other dragons!』

Rhett, the red dragon, was very angry. Some sparks spilled out of his mouth, and the temperature of his skin gradually rose. This made Alex very unhappy.

『Don’t act like this, Rhett, I did promise you to replace it. But what you had lost is an ordinary Jadeite, and this one is a Dragonmaw. The price of these two species is not at the same level.』 Gilt carefully guarded the crystal box containing the human to the two dragons fighting will injury the innocent human inside it. 『Look, this little cutie’s name is Slair, and this is his pedigree. Both of you could take a look for yourself — “Dragonmaw” is the attribute ranked before “Jadeite.” No shopkeepers will replace a Dragonmaw as a normal species to you, dear Rhett.』

The young blue dragon nodded and slapped Rhett’s paw away: 『Yes, you rude intruder, I am the owner of this human now.

He carefully left up the crystal box with Slair in it and held his head closer to observe his pet human. The red dragon, Rhett, was ignored, he let out an angry bellow then rush towards Alex.

At that moment, Slair opened his eyes.

He was a Dragonmaw, and he was surrounded by dragon’s magical runes since he was a child. The rune engraved on the stone hanging around his neck contains all the magical experiences of an old dragon. Slair often held it, let his mind enter the world of dragons, and learn the secrets of magic. He had seen the image of the dragon countless times — they are powerful and beautiful creatures. Slair, who was enclosed in the equipment for cultivating Dragonmaw, always thought that he was a baby dragon inside of an egg, and now, he finally broke out of it. What caught his eyes were two giant dragon heads, one blue and one red.

『Daddy, Mommy !』He shouted joyfully.


Book of Dragons:

Dragons wave their wings, then there was the wind;

Dragons spit out the flame, then there was the sun;

Dragons’ glance at the sky, then there was the moon and the stars;

Dragons’ scales fall on the ground, then there were plants and animals;

Dragons’ words spread into human’s ears, then there was wisdom in the world. Ones who obey the dragons, the truth would always stand by his side.

End of Chapter

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