LMT Chapter 1

Shit, he actually slept with the stupid Lin Qi.

Xu Yi woke up, feeling weight on his waist. Lin Qi slept next to him, laying on his side, and hugging him from behind, His hands on his waist under a quilt. Xu Yi gently took away Lin Qi’s hand, making sure that he was not awakened by the action, then slowly say up.

Xu Yi was not worried about Lin Qi’s sleep quality but was afraid that Lin Qi would wake up and see they slept in the same bed. Xu Yi lowered his head and looked at himself. There was no piece of clear skin on his body. Lin Qi was so fierce last night, like a wild beast. He ate him so much that there was nothing left.

Oh, fuck the dog — No, it’s get fucked by the dog.

Xu Yi moved his body cautiously, stepped on the floor with his feed, and tried to stand up. But his legs were soft, and some indescribable liquid flowed down the gap between his legs, it felt sticky and was uncomfortable.

He uttered another silent curse.

However, he did not even dare to take a shower in the bathroom here. Instead, he hurriedly put on the clothes scattered on the floor, and left the hotel room with his legs unnaturally clamped. Before he left, he opened all the windows and let the pheromone smell in the room dissipate.

He drove his car and rushed home.

He ran up to the bathroom in a hurry. His parents saw him acting strangely, but did not questioned him. He just rushed to the bathroom and tidied up. It took him a long time before he came out of the bathroom.

Finally, he returned to his room and thrown himself onto the bed, closing his eyes. Even though he did not want to recall what happened, the events were automatically played in his mind like a revolving lantern.

Coming home during the Chinese New Year, Xu Yi usually went to Uncle Lin’s house next door with his family as guests. The two families have a good relationship, except Xu Yi and Lin Qi did not see eye to eye since they were young. However, the disagreement between the kids did not affect the communication of the adults. Not to mention the holidays, the two families often spent time around each other on weekdays.

Since the two families were very close. Xu Yi and Lin Qi often see each other. However, the situation has improved a lot after the college entrance examination. Although, it was not like their relationship was getting better. Still, they have filled in their dream college in two different directions. One in the South and the other in the North, with thousands of miles apart. They would not have a chance to see each other even if they wanted to. The only time they met each other is during the summer vacation or winter vacation. But, even if they met, they did not acknowledge each other and tried to see who was better at pretending not to see the other person.

Last night, Xu Yi went to Uncle Lin’s house with his parents, Lin Qi was not home. Uncle Lin said that Lin Qi finally came back from school but did not spend time at home. Instead, he spent most of his time with his high school buddies. Xu Yi thought that Lin Qi probably did not want to see him, so he hid away. However, he did not want to see Lin Qi either. It saved the two people from restraining the urge to roll each other’s eyes in front of the parents.

The parents played mahjong, and Xu Yi played games on his mobile phone while watching the Spring Festival Gala replay. During the Spring Festival, the adults often played mahjong all night long.

It was about three o’clock in the morning, and the Spring Festival Gala was over a long time ago. Xu Yi thought he would slip back to sleep first. Just as he was about to leave, he heard Uncle Lin answered a call. It was from Lin Qi’s classmates, saying that he was so drunk that no taxi on the road would pick him up, so his family had to pick him up.

Uncle Lin was about to get up. Father Xu pressed him down and said, how could you leave when we were still enjoying the game? Then, he threw a car key at Xu Yi, order him to pick up Lin Qi.

Reluctantly, Xu Yi took the car key and stood up.

He drove to the entrance of a nightclub in the city and saw an extravagantly dressed up boy holding Lin Qi.

Lin Qi was so drunk he started giggling when he saw Xu Yi: “A Yi is here.”

Xu Yi frowned, lifted Lin Qi’s collar like it was garbage, opened the back door of the car, and threw Lin Qi inside. The boy stood at the side of the road with tearful eyes. He said: “Please take care of Brother Lin Qi…”

Xu Yi didn’t even bother to give the boy a glance. Who wanted to take care of this drunk? It would be nice if he will send Lin Qi home alive.

Xu Yi closed the car door with a bang, walked around to the front, sat in the driving seat, fastened his seat belt, and getting ready to leave. Lin Qi leaned in restlessly behind him, trying to wrap his hand around Xu Yi’s neck across the seat.

Lin Qi said:” Yi, Yi…”

“Stop chanting my name.” Xu Yi frowned.

“I want to call your name…”

There was no reasoning with a drunk, Xu Yi tried to throw Lin Qi back to start the car, but Lin Qi directly suffocated a big move.

He released his pheromone.

A robust black tea scent filled the entire car in an instant, and Xu Yi felt soft all over. Lin Qi was almost crawled to the front. He leaned against Xu Yi, got close to his neck, and began to lick and bite unruly.

Fuck, Xu Yi did not feel so well. How could there be Alpha so contemptible to released their pheromone when they got drunk.

Xu Yi did not see the boy standing on the side of the road with his mouth open so big that he could put an egg in it. Xu Yi did not know that before he came, the boy pestered Lin Qi and wanted to go to the hotel with him. Lin Qi rejected very determinedly. The boy thought Lin Qi was not interested in Omega, but he did not expect that Lin Qi started to estrus after Xu Yi came.

The boy cried and ran away.

The overwhelming pheromone enveloped Xu Yi, and he could not resist it.

The pheromone matching between Xu Yi and Lin Qi was 100%

Xu Yi felt that his estrus period would be triggered by this person. He struggled to keep his consciousness and used his greatest strength to push Lin Qi away. Just such a simple action made him pant…

He was really PANTING.

Xu Yi breathed like a stranded fish, but what he inhaled was Lin Qi’s pheromone.

Then his pheromone smell came out.

In the narrow enclosed compartment, the taste of black tea and milk blend together.

The taste of Xu Yi’s pheromone is milk, and he has hated it since his puberty. Although he thought he was handsome and cool, even though he failed to differentiate into Alpha, how come even his pheromone tastes so slimy? Therefore, except for the differentiation of the estrus period, he smelt his pheromone scent. Every time before his estrus period, he would put on inhibitors in advance, just to not smell this disturbing scent.

And now, Lin Qi destroyed everything.

The physical reaction of his body became more and more not ignorable. Finally, Xu Yi smashed the steering wheel. He failed to push Lin Qi, who had been sticking to him, so he had to use the last bit of mentality to drive the car to a nearby hotel and got a room. After entering the door, he rolled together with his childhood friend.


Xu Yi did enjoy the process. After all, it was 100% matching; how could it be uncomfortable? Even if this was the first time, even if Lin Qi was fierce as a wolfdog, Xu Yi did not feel much discomfort. If he had to say it, he had a pleasant night.

But the thought of physical happiness, Xu Yi felt that he was mentally tortured. How useless was him, losing to desire…Fortunately, at the end of last night, Lin Qi wanted to mark him. So he used the last trace of senses fiercely rejected.

After waking up the next day, Xu Yi could not stop thinking about it. Why did it have to be Lin Qi among anyone he could be in bed with? How was he going to face him again?

Xu Yi did not manage to figure these questions out during that short time, so he chose to run away.

Lin Qi was so drunk last night. It might be he did not remember what happened…Xu Yi turned over and buried his head in the pillow until he was suffocated.

…But what if he remembers?

Xu Yi thought about it over and over again. If Xu Qi kept the memory, he would pretend to be experienced and say something like — We just slept together for one night. We were adults. It was nothing.

With mixed thoughts in his mind, Xu Yi fell asleep in a dazed manner. After tossing all night, he was really exhausted. He slept until evening. Mother Xu called him in the middle but could not wake him up.

When Xu Yi woke up again, it was already dinner time. He was awakened by the smell of the food. He changed his clothes, got up, then went downstairs to see a large table full of people sitting around it. So right, they when to Uncle Lin’s house yesterday, and today it was the other way around.

Lin Qi is also here.

It might be an illusion. Xu Yi felt that Lin Qi was staring at him, but when he met Xu Yi’s gaze, the man naturally turned his gaze elsewhere.

Mother Xu asked Xu Yi to sit down and served him a bowl of rice while saying: “I asked him to pick up Xiao Qi last night, and he did not take him back. This morning, he came back by himself then slept all day…”

Xu Yi screamed silently, “Oh No.” He subconsciously glanced at Lin Qi.

The current situation is unknown. Xu Yi dared not to speak first.

Mother Li said: “My boy did not come back home until noon, I asked him if he saw Yi last night, and he said no.”

Xu Yi was listening carefully. His eyes lit up as he heard the word “NO.”

Xu Yi began to lie calmly: “Yes, I went to the place his friend mentioned yesterday, and no one was there.”

“Then where have you been all night?” Father Xu asked.

Xu Yi’s mind was turning very fast. He immediately thought of the excuses to make the lie perfect: “Later, my friends came to me, and I went out with them. We played until dawn, and I forgot to tell you.”

Lin Qi did not say a word during the process.

He woke up in the hotel this morning. When he first woke up, he was a little confused. In his memory, he seemed to sleep with someone last night. It was said that a drunk person might not be able to perform personnel affairs. Still, there is nothing impossible under the damn influence of pheromone. He vaguely remembered that he made the other person cry. The more that person cried, the more vigorous he became. But after waking up, there was nothing, not even the smell of pheromone, as if he had a dream.

But he honestly didn’t know who the other party was. After waking up, he tried to recall it, not knowing why he thought it was Xu Yi. However, thinking of this answer, he laughed at himself again. How could it be possible that Xu Yi hated him to death? How could he sleep with him? He might be thinking about Xu Yi too much.

However, at the thought that he might sleep with someone else, Lin Qi felt nauseous.

After he got home, his mother asked him whether he saw Xu Yi and after he said no, his mother said Xu Yi went to pick him up last night.

Because of this sentence, Lin Qi broke free from the self-loathe of “I slept with someone.”

So he really did with Xu Yi…

Typically, if his parents ask him to visit Xu Yi’s house, he would definitely find excuses. Yet, today, he almost can’t wait to come. He wanted to confirm with Xu Yi.

But after hearing what Xu Yi said, Lin Qi began to be at a loss again.

He casually looked at Xu Yi’s appearance, but he could not see anything out of order. Since it was winter, and there was so much thing as heating in the southerners’ house. Everyone present was wrapped up tightly. Xu Yi was no exception, wearing a down jacket and a scarf like everyone else.

There was no way he could ask Xu Yi to take off his clothes and let him see whether there were hickeys, right?

Hi~ o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

This is a mini novel series with cute couples,

But there were ABO and pregnancy elements Σ(☉▽☉”a

So please be aware before you read more chapters.



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