The dragons were the origin of all magics. Draconic was the best language to communicate with elements. Draconic characters could record anything with just one symbol. Those symbols were full of magic, and only those who met all the criteria set by the writer could read them. Every full-grown dragon owned a floating island, and they could control it to move or stay above the land or ocean as they wished.

To the people of the land, the dragons were a living miracle, a messenger of God. So, they worshipped the dragons. They sincerely believed in the dragons. They recorded all wise words said by the dragons and all the stories related to the dragons into a book, and they named it The Book of Dragons.

As for the dragons…

『That’s Enough! You impulse fools! How many times do I have to tell you humans are weak? Our tails could batter hundreds of poor humans to death, and you fools put a forbidden spell at the wild human settlement! What? You try helping your beloved human to fight? ENOUGH! Because of us, human civilizations have been destroyed at least five times, FIVE TIMES! No more excuses! From now on, any dragons who didn’t have a Human Language Band 6 Certificate, a Human Transfiguration Band 5 Certificate or a Human Conservation Band 4 Certificate will not be allowed to visit the Wild Human Preserve! THAT IS IT!』

Dragon Emperor, a Famous Human “Chef”


XXChef (XX厨): An ACGN Term used to disrespect the diehard fan. It first appeared on Japanese 2ch and used to diss people with childish comments. In ACGN, it was used to describe people deeply in love (simping) for someone or some object and they would not take any negative comment toward that someone or object.

End of Chapter

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